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This collection of royalty-free chillout music tracks deliver a thoroughly produced mixture of sounds and are skillfully crafted, designed and orchestrated. An elemental collection of expressive, mellow, smooth and fresh downtempo background music songs.

Blend any of these tracks into your lounge projects, TV & radio commercials, web applications, film cues, or any production that require an entirely new style and scent of sound – no matter what the character.

Chillout Royalty Free Music: Beach Breeze

A great tune that familiarizes you with popular mood music is “Beach Breeze”. Presented upfront is straight-forward and instrumental clarity, without any particular buildup or isolated parts, this vacation getaway of a track embarks a kind of utopian atmosphere. Your ears get a very laid-back vibe with a rich pallet of bass, elegant sax, and bright guitar strums. The guitar and strange swirls bring about a sense of sun dizziness to the mix.

The elements set up a type of tropical seduction, relaxing in a hammock, mellowing out with the summer breeze on an island with an umbrella drink-type vibe. A saxophone is executed particularly well to encompass that Chillout/lounge style, while not being piercing or overpowering, just buttering over quite flavorfully. It feels like you’re at a party or an after-party at that. The bass tones are unquestionably sensual and though this nicely crafted tune could use a bit more island-like dynamics such as congas and waves rushing in, it manages to accomplish the mood it intends for.

Chillout Stock Music: Enigmatic World

What a sound this is! Starting off with retro-80s sounding synth keys for its introductory mark, the short buildup takes a form that is bittersweet and bubbly. Behold an elegant work, a positive jam where synth swells pulse out and neighbor buzzy bass touches. It holds a solid beat with a sensual dimension and there are a bit of Deep House characteristics going on as well. What makes it oh so special and tactile are these particular sonic textures working together.

A track like “Enigmatic World” is something you could easily fall in love with. The easy-listening yet ever so prominent synthy note-bends offer an intriguing fluctuation gliding over a downtempo-friendly beat. It is a piece that sounds unique, it’s circular, it feels like a smooth summer night, emotional, hot, wet and loungey. You do get some nightclub vibes from this thing but what it extrapolates is a pretty feelgood vibe throughout like a friend at that to uplift a sad soul.

Chillout Background Music: Frails

A thick and heavy bass line merges in at the beginning of this blissful production, acoustic and electric guitar dynamics stand out, crystal clear and immensely so while melodious tingly warm and lush notes hit your ears with some interesting flavor. A track as “Frails” is something very melodic but astoundingly sweet. You could almost compare its immaculate sweetness to a piña colada, a freshly sliced orange with an imperial red toothpick-umbrella to give it fulness and presentation.

While the track evolves quite elegantly, keeping to a particular lane, there’s more of a bright sound at work that one can come to appreciate. But of course, with much emphasis on the melody, those underlying almost Spanish-like acoustic bits are just so juicy, awe-inspiring and downright addictive all around. One of the more upbeat, magical, balmy and delicate sounding works of Toxic Audio Labs. It sustains a very well executed movement, a qualitative tone, and an engaging range of sound. Tunes this beautiful move the mind and heart through time itself.

Chillout Royalty Free Music: Deep Ocean

What you hear is an exciting and fresh composition, nothing falling stale or dull in this color of sound but it is pretty solid in terms of rhythm. While refining a playful exotica, hard-hitting yet smooth dynamics make themselves ever so present here. Nifty and warm guitar tones infuse beautifully alongside an involved beat. Sensual bass and lush effects are soon accompanied by an awesome oceanic organ.

This organ gives the track an undoubtedly good times vibe, almost a bit like a scuba-diving experience, dolphins passing along, and on the wavy watery surface, the sun may be setting while palm trees are likely to dance dizzy in the breeze. Perhaps you aren’t entirely sure that you get the sensation of being deep underwater, but “Deep Ocean” is what listeners may likely coin an ocean of joy. A warm familiarity encircles the track quite satisfying, purely pleasurable in tone and range, cool and suave if you will, for it could also lend a sort of mental impression of day surfing.

Chillout Stock Music: Moon

A flawless track that is quirky, feels inventive and compellingly psychedelic at times. Mysterious vibes give a mood and mental impression of wandering around a night café. A stimulating listen for its unique and interesting sound, slightly beachy and scenic, making for a good sense of comfort infused with these alien synth effects. It’s almost like a beautiful melting canvass in a sense. It sounds really cool in how it is executed from start to end.

While being suave and refreshing, “Moon” is able to communicate its idea with a sense of humor, spacey ambient in the formula, loungey and not boring. It is also a bit similar to the works of Shpongle. The strange vox sounds, for instance, give off a kind of alien feel whereas the rhythm on the track is pretty contemporary with a nice jazzy time signature, smooth cymbals, well-punctuated hits without any tom-foolery. It makes for an interesting combination. I would also add that the background intricacies complement the bass tones exceptionally well.

Chillout Background Music: Summer House

The percussion section, like sunshowers, all hits down quite lush and soothing and pulls the track forward, giving you a sense of movement, and a bit of imagery like standing from a balcony of a tropical beach house in the Philippines, while perhaps a champagne glass remains left on a table, half-drunk from the night before. Though it may sound cliché or overused, elegantly peaceful is a phrase that may come to mind when listening to “Summer House”.

A track like this feels very easy-listening, electronica-inspired and signature chillout in its groove, pace, and tone, none-elementary or lackluster, but paints a picture and possibly suggests something as such would probably fit nicely into a compilation mix neighboring mood type tracks like “Cantoma – Overtime”, “Sting – Windmills Of Your Mind”, or “Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby”, among others that share in a kind of mood, not necessarily the same genre. However, parts of it seem to stand on its own while the intricacies, brass, bass, and guitar melodies infuse in this fresh production value, cohesive, tame and chilled.

Chillout Royalty Free Music: First Off

Lean back and take in the scenics with something healing to the ears that is “First Off”. Coming in with a Hip or trip hop-ish angle for its takeaway introduction, soon you’re listening experience is met with intricate Brazilian sounding percussion accompanied by claps, exotic bass and it is pure consciousness from there. Something to serenade your sweetheart with, a tune that could be heard at a tiki bar on a long stretch of white sand as the sun is about to set.

Structurally, it is classy and well arranged, it sounds like being lost in a summer dream, paragliding over secluded islands under the clearest blue sky, for it could also pose great to escape this stressful world and find peace reminiscing of good memories. A tune as such evokes different memories and emotions in different people. Incorporated in here, trumpet scales to leave you tickled pink, a faint delay on the final accent that relinquishes and sets in again like sunshine in your heart.

Chillout Stock Music: Prologue

This track has a real charm! One so good that it is a bit difficult to put into words. And with its exploratory sound, it’s simply awesome. Short and long bass notes, an excellent little arrangement of synth, electronic layer, and all-around natural flow of instrumentation, there is an inspiring feeling associated with it. What you may find oh so pleasing, calming rhythmic ticks and taps, all-embracing warm sound unraveling beauty, intersections of softness and endearment in the fold.

Something like “Prologue” could pose to be a qualifier listeners coin as a personal favorite without a doubt. A haunting feature of delaying piano keys unfurls in the background of the track with a bit of reverb, lush-quiet but sharp and they play an integral role in the arrangement. There isn’t much to dislike here. The melodies bend, slide and contour in ways so interestingly. It’s peaceful, relaxing, dainty, pretty and particular, and ultimately sweet-sounding almost as if a flower had sound.

Chillout Background Music: Sweet Dreams

What’s not to like here? By some coincidence, you find here something lush and magical. This sleepy number entails a kind of starry trail that takes you away for a while. Inoculating plucking endures ever so gentle on the ears where subtle keys have a likeliness of bringing goosebumps or tears. The track “Sweet Dreams” has quite a unique pace, motion and the horn swells evoke an almost happy feeling, maybe a tad ceremonial or celebrational but very relaxed.

A gentle wind swooshes in giving the listener a sense of distance and altitude while parts of the instrumentation get pretty quiet. Ultimately bass and synth notes, horn section, all being pretty well-balanced, nifty how they jump in together to play their parts as a substantial component and well given for the song pertain to a nice contrast of quiet. It is elements as such which offer much beauty, color, and character to the composition at large. If you’re into mellow music, this is another unforgettable one! A highlight tune, super endearing sweet-sounding, a cozy feeling like none other.

Chillout Royalty Free Music: Womb

Tracks like “Womb” pose ideal in their formula for what particularly makes us so calm and okay with everything in life. There is a sort of charm associated with this, nothing intoxicating and not necessarily meditative but thick and exciting. A pumping bassline marks for a wonderful introduction here, retro vibes lift-off and it feels like flying to a degree. Nostalgic characteristics unfold beautifully, synthy excellence is at hand where these little notes envelope sleepily, dainty and heightened, not bleeding out to you but typically relaxed.

Structurally, it is not bad of an arrangement and though it stays in a particular lane, there is a sense of productivity with the piece in the sense that it could stand alone for ideal study music. But, wouldn’t want to kill the spirit of the song by adding too much interpretation. Everybody will have a different opinion, but one thing is for sure, it does not disappoint.

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