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7 Tips For Choosing the Right Article Writing Service for Your Needs

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If you struggle to find new leads for your up-and-coming business, you aren’t alone. Indeed, 63% of marketers agree that generating traffic is the top priority in today’s oversaturated online marketplace.

How can you scoop up a customer base before the competition monopolizes the space? According to 78% of consumers, content creation is the solution you need.

Yet, producing weekly content can be a severe drain on your resources— and your energy. That’s where a professional article writing service comes in.

Want a foolproof strategy that will make leads come to you instead of the other way around? Then check out this guide to choosing the right article writing company to help your business grow.

How to Choose the Right Article Writing Company

As a small business owner, you’re too focused on growing your company and your revenues to worry about writing articles for the company blog. Still, you know the benefits of using content in your marketing strategy are too good to pass up. Benefits like:

  • Generating 67% more leads
  • Saving up to 62% on marketing costs
  • Appealing to the 84% of consumers who want to interact with your brand via content

So, how can you harness all the pros of content marketing without having to DIY it? By outsourcing your content writing needs to a company that specializes in high-quality SEO articles. Here are our top 7 tips for doing just that.

1. Make a List of Top Contenders

It may be tempting to type “article writing service” into Google and go with the first choice that pops up, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. After all, Google doesn’t rank companies based on quality or even reputation.

Instead, we recommend making a list of top contenders.

Compile your list using recommendations from colleagues and friends or customer opinions on forums like Reddit and Quora. You can also find curated lists of the top article writing companies published online, lists written from first-hand experience.

2. Ensure Your Chosen Company is Reputable

To start narrowing down your list of top contenders, check that your chosen company or companies are reputable. Customer reviews can help here.

Search for reviews published online or ask for opinions from people you know who’ve used the company’s services. You may also want to run a Better Business Bureau search for reviews and complaints left about the article writing company’s business ethics.

Better yet, ask for customer referrals. Give the customer a call or send an email asking for an honest review of their experience.

3. Ensure Your Chosen Company has Experience

Once you’ve verified an article writing company’s reputation, you’re not finished yet— you’ve got to make sure the company has experience in your business’ niche.

This means making sure your chosen company:

  • Offers the type of writing services you need
  • Works with freelance writers with expertise in your niche.

Here’s why these two things are so important: hiring an article writing company to do your website’s copy means you might get that informative tone typical of blog articles rather than the persuasive one vital for copywriting.

Similarly, imagine a writer who doesn’t understand the language of and trending issues within your niche. How do you expect that writer to speak your audience’s language or appeal to their needs? How do you expect to connect with your audience at all?

To avoid these problems,  check out the business website and:

  • Read the writing samples they offer
  • Browse the company blog
  • Request test articles or a trial run

Alternatively, we recommend asking the company about their experience with article writing in your niche directly.

4. Customer Service is Everything

Today, 76% of customers say it’s easy to take their business elsewhere when they get poor customer service.

So, don’t feel bad if you don’t want to work with a company that leaves you hanging or, worse, doesn’t respond to your communications at all.

Customer service is the difference between a company that’ll make it right for you and one that you’ll spend countless hours and dollars negotiating and even fighting to feel recognized.

Bottom line: don’t settle for a content company that doesn’t treat your business like you do.

5. Cost and Turnaround Time

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time for the easy stuff. Eliminate any stragglers on your prospective content company list using your must-have article price and turnaround time.

While you want to make sure the article writing service is within your budget, don’t scrimp on cost unless you also want to sacrifice quality. Also, choose a company who’s estimated turn around time works for you to avoid lengthy delays in getting your content live.

6. Ask About Revision Services

Want to know an insider’s secret?

Any article writing service you work with should offer revision services. If your articles don’t come out the way you envisioned, you can (within reason) ask for a revision or rewrite.

The thing about revisions, though, is that some companies will charge you for them.

Other companies offer revisions and rewrites free of charge. Keep in mind that some companies put limits on revision requests, though. For example, that you can’t ask for a rewrite that’s outside the scope of your original article request.

7. Ask About Customer SEO Success Rates

Here’s one last tip: you’re hiring an article writing service to churn out results, not to waste your money. That’s why you should make sure your chosen content company has proven results to back up their claims.

Ask the company for customer SEO analytics to prove their services can provide the results you need. If the company claims they don’t use SEO analytics, run the other way. Because if they aren’t concerned about other customers’ results, you can guarantee they won’t be worried about yours.

The Article Writing Service Your Business Needs

Choosing the right article writing service for your small business is no small decision. Armed with these 7 tips, though, you can feel confident you’ll find the content company your business needs.

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