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Aquatical – Friends With Fish Proudly Announces New Website and Blog

New blog offers integral first-hand information on fishkeeping and its many benefits. 


Ottawa, ON, 10 February 2021Aquatical – Friends with Fish announced the launch of their brand new website featurin an informative blog on fishkeeping. Here, individuals can learn about fishkeeping and all it entails. They are seeking to share their love of fishdom and all things related. With regular posts, the site hopes to help acquaint their readers with first-hand information that will help them better understand what fish care requires.

James Book, a representative of Aquatical, recently spoke on the website’s launch, “We are so pleased to be able to put this information into the hands of fish enthusiasts. Our blog will be updated on a regular basis and will feature hands-on information that can be used in fishkeeping at all levels. From filtration to choosing a fish bowl, we have you covered. We look forward to the feedback we will receive from our readers.”

Keeping fish requires a certain level of knowledge and materials. While some fish are easier to care for than others, taking a concerted approach to proper care is important. Having a source of information to follow will help new fishkeepers to avoid the pitfalls that sometimes occur, such as improper pH balance and fish illnesses. Because some fish are fragile in nature, it is wise to consult with a professional before purchasing any new fish so the individual will fully understand the requirements for care.

“Fishkeeping is an old pastime that has been slightly fading from public interest. We hope with our website, we will be able to spark new interest in fishkeeping and encourage individuals to take on this practice. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back and watching a beautiful aquarium in action. We want to help our readers keep their tanks and bowls clean and healthy for all of their fish friends,” says Book.

Fishkeeping has evolved over the years and the small bowl has now given way to massive aquarium tanks. There is a range of options for those just getting started on fishkeeping so it is imperative research is done. Most fish professionals, including Mr. Book, recommend individuals start off small, with fish that are easy to care for. Generally speaking, Goldfish are one of the easiest to provide care for, though there are other fish that fit the bill as well.

About Aquatical Friends with Fish

Aquatical is a website and blog that was created by fish lovers for fish lovers. From beginners to more advanced fishkeepers, the site offers information for all skill levels. They provide first-hand knowledge that will help individuals to effectively keep all types of fish. Visitors are treated to sound information that can be used to wisely approach fishkeeping. The site owners seek to help individuals learn from their own mistakes so they can be avoided. They welcome all new visitors to their site and look forward to helping them receive answers to the many questions they have.

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400-150 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON K1P 5J4
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