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The Best Hair School in Utah | The Barber School

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Being a barber has become a popular career choice again, now that more and more men of all ages are happy to experiment with their appearances. If you grew up remembering fondly the old barber’s shop where your granddad used to get his regular grooming trim, chances are that the same shop is now home of a new and dynamic barber team. The revival of the barber industry comes as no surprise to the enthusiastic trend followers. Ultimately, barbers provide a unique service to men that can’t be matched when you visit a hair beauty salon. You need a professionally trained barber to give the quality trims and cuts that modern men need. 


A barber’s career is a suitable and exciting path for people who enjoy socializing with clients and working as a team. You have the opportunity of making quick money throughout the day, but more importantly, your touch can transform people. A hot towel shave and a simple trim can boost someone’s confidence to new levels! Besides, in a busy community, the barber’s shop offers a haven of peace and comfort to individuals who tend to suffer from loneliness. Did you know that barber’s shops play a significant role in looking after the most vulnerable members of society, such as our elders or low-income individuals? You’d be surprised by how much you can achieve for your community as a barber! So if you can picture yourself in a creative hair care profession, you need to look for the best hair school around. And you’re in luck because that’s precisely what the Barber School is about: Producing the most successful barbers in record time. 

What makes the Barber Hair School unique?

We hear you. Why should you choose the Utah Barber School rather than any other hair school? The answer is simple: We, at the Barber School, are not afraid to dream big. We aim to become the finest barber training hair school in the world. Dreaming is not everything, we know. But that’s why we give ourselves the means to turn our dreams into reality. High expectations mean hard work, but we are pleased to say that our hard work pays. The school achieves over 98% pass rate for the state board hair school examinations, which we attribute fully to our unique teaching methods. 


At the Barber School, the students’ career is the top priority of every instructor. Every student receives a full kit with an iPad at the start of the program, which is key to review the teaching material and boost your learning. At the end of their hair school training, a lot of new barbers lack the confidence gained through experience. But at our hair school, things are a little different. Practice makes the master, and our instructors know that you need all the practice you can get to be ready to hit the barber’s shops as soon as you’ve graduated. Students here learn on real and live clients every day. So during your 6-month program at the Barber School, you get to perform trims and haircuts regularly until you’ve fully mastered what it takes to become an exceptional barber. 


At the hair school, the instructors are carefully chosen to teach students only the best of barber techniques. The promise to every single student is that your instructors are seasoned barbers who have years of practice and experience to share. In short, there is no way you are going to meet instructors who have attended a cosmetology school. We only trust people with authentic barber’s shop experience to elevate your hair career to the next level. Ultimately, theory can only get you so far. Practice, and especially with some of the best barbers the country has to offer, is what makes a difference for the student. The best way to learn from the masters is to walk in their steps and let them guide you as you practice your cuts and trims. That’s why a lot of barber’s shops want to hire our graduates after the exam. They know our students have a steady and experienced hand! 

What hair skills are taught? 

At the Barber School, you learn all the best techniques and tips used by master Barber Tim Hite during his long and successful career. Tim Hite is not only one of the most experienced Master Barber instructors in the world. He is also a mentor to our school. His techniques are well documented, and they are at the heart of a barber’s job. Indeed, while the trends may change and evolve, the principles of what makes a quality cut remain the same. Therefore the skills you learn at the hair school will accompany you throughout your career. Proof is they are still part of Master Hite’s long career, even after spending over 60 years in the barber hair industry. In other words, the hair skills we teach will let you style and trim all hair in your barber’s shop. You will find yourself going back to them in one year, two, five, ten, twenty years with the same pleasure and success. Good technique is just like good tools; it never goes out of fashion. 


Through your journey with the hair school, our students learn classic barbering methods, including the free hand artistry, which plays a big part in cutting hair as efficiently and masterfully as possible. As a barber, you want to be quick and precise, and that’s why we focus on Hite’s free hand artistry! But more than just hair cut, students also discover the delicate art of facial trims and scalp treatments. 


If you remember Charlie Chaplin shaving a client in his barber’s shop to the sound of the Hungarian Dance no.5, you’ll be pleased to discover all the secrets of the men’s grooming techniques, including hot lather shave and facial hair trim. At an age where men are letting grow their beards and mustaches again, it’s essential for a good barber to understand how to best care for their clients’ facial hair. Let’s not forget the iconic hot towel shave, which some of your youngest clients will experience for the first time in your own barber’s shop! 


The hair school also includes basic style cuts for women’s hair, along with the more traditional men’s cutting styles, such as the Pompadour, the Buzz, the Curly, and the clean and short Military cut, to name but a few. 

Tell me more about the hair school class

We, at the Barber School, understand that not every student is the same. While some of our students apply immediately after their last year of high school, others are also working full-time when they apply to the Barber School. That’s why we insist on kitting every single one of our students with an iPad to help them learn at their own pace and review the training material provided when it best suits them. The full program requires 1,000 hours for graduation – as well as passing the state board hair school examinations. Therefore, we propose our students a full-time teaching program that lasts 6 months, and a part-time program that includes evening hours for a duration of up to 12 months. 


The hair school accepts students of all ages. Yes, that statement includes professionals who are already working in a hair salon but want to brush up their skills with barbering techniques. However, to be accepted through the registration process, the Barber School needs the students to provide evidence of high-school academic skills. Therefore, students should possess one of the following certifications: 

  • General Education Development, GED, certificate
  • High school diploma
  • Credential for secondary school completion issued by the state for our students who have been home-schooled


Students of the hair school class get to explore the many cutting methods used by Master Barber Tim Hite in his career. But the class doesn’t only train students to become Master Barbers. They also teach you how to run a barber’s shop business. Entrepreneurial skills are detrimental to the success of your barber’s career, and that’s why the class includes business workshop sessions from financial management to interview and recruitment best practices. 

How much does it cost? 

Every student who meets the registration criteria, aka every student who has evidence of high-school academic skills, can apply to the Barber School. The registration fee for the application is a one-time $50 fee that is non-refundable. However, depending on their financial situation, students can apply for financial aid. 


For students who are new to the process of post high school education, it is important to understand how to make the most of the financial aid available and when to ask for it. Ideally, the hair school recommends that prospective students apply for financial assistance before completing the registration process. The typical Federal Student Aid is the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The deadlines for the financial programs vary every year, so it’s best to keep track of when you need to apply. The FAFSA provides an answer within 7 to 10 days, which is why it’s crucial to complete your financial aid application before registering for the hair school. We recommend our students start the registration process when they have received a definite answer from the FAFSA. 


Once the registration is sent, we encourage our prospective students to arrange for a personal interview. During the interview, our advisor will review with each prospective student their eligibility for a grant and how much money they can expect to receive from student loans for the hair school program. As such, the true cost of our barbering program will entirely depend on your student loan and your financial support. Additionally, there is no denying that students who work during the day and attend the part-time program will not face the same campus and maintenance costs as full-time students who choose to stay on the campus. 


Because space is limited at the hair school, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible. 

Some FAQ About the Barber School

Who is Tim Hite? 

Tim S. Hite has been a mentor to the Barber School for many years. Master Barber, with over 60 years of experience, Tim Hite is an inspiration for every aspiring and professional barber. He has trained more barbers than anybody else alive. But, more importantly, he is a true believer that when a barber invests time in mastering the right cutting techniques, said barber can ensure a long and successful career. Trends might change, but techniques don’t. That’s precisely why Tim Hite is Utah State Len’s Hair Styling Champion and Barber of the Year. His masterful techniques are second to none. Our hair school shares his knowledge and helps students achieve high-quality barbering skills. 

Can girls apply to the hair school too?

The Barber School doesn’t discriminate against students. We welcome prospective barbers, male, female, and gender-neutral, and teach every single one of them with the same passion and dedication. 

Similarly, the hair school combats any other form of discrimination, including age, race, origin, religion, and financial status. However, we have a registration policy of first come first serve, so we strongly encourage prospective students to apply as soon as possible. 

The class is already full!

Our classes start every month. While there is no guarantee that you will get a free seat next month, the regular schedule allows future students to prepare. 

Additionally, we run our program at a full-time or part-time training. 

Can I get my mustache trimmed?

Yes, you can. Our hair school has a policy of regular hair cuts and trims practice, which means that we welcome clients on appointment and as walk-ins. For $1, you can get a mustache trim. Our price list for clients of the student barber shop ranges from $1 to $5, depending on services. We also provide haircuts for all genders and ages and dedicated scalp treatments. 

We recommend regular visitors to come back and check on their favorite barbering student. You’d be surprised to notice improvements in their techniques and behaviors in a short period! 

How do I find a job?

At the end of your training, you have every skill you need to start your own barber’s shop. If life as an entrepreneur isn’t for you right now, most of our graduates can find a job in a partner barber’s shop. 

More questions? Head to the Barber School’s homepage to find out more! 

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