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Best Immigration Law Firms: What to Look For

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Are you or a loved one in need of an attorney to assist you with a United States immigration matter? Are you among the more than 800,000 immigrants looking to apply for naturalization in the country each year?

Whether you are applying for U.S. permanent residence or naturalization, seeking asylum, or attempting to obtain a temporary U.S. visa, you need an experienced immigration lawyer on your side. Read on to learn about what to look for in the best immigration law firms!

U.S. Immigration Specialization

The top immigration law firms are the ones that specialize in U.S. immigration issues. The legal world has a vast array of different practice areas but the immigration niche especially unique.

There are immigration laws and procedures that change often. You need an attorney that’s experienced in assisting in the wide variety of immigration processes out there and understands how the law impacts your rights.

Clear and Consistent Communication

The attorney-client relationship is built around open and honest communication between the parties. An attorney is your advocate in and out of court and the other forums in which the attorney is helping to protect your rights. You will need clear and consistent communication during any of the immigration processes at play.

Speak with law firms you are considering about how their attorneys communicate with clients. Will the attorney you speak with be the one who handles your case? What is the primary form of communication between firm and client?

You want to ensure that a law firm’s manner of communication will help put you at ease throughout the representation.

Track Record of Positive Results

The immigration law firm you pick should have a track record of positive results in their past immigration cases. A lawyer cannot ethically guarantee a specific result in your case, but you want a firm that gets results and has a reputation for success and integrity.

This will give you peace of mind that you are hiring a firm that will drive your immigration matter through the process. This will help your case get through the system more efficiently and provide you with confidence your case will not come to a standstill, fall through the cracks, or otherwise be forgotten.

Putting Clients First

A law firm’s success revolves around treating clients with care and respect. An immigration law firm in Chicago should show you its dedication to putting its clients first.

This devotion to client service will allow you to have a smooth experience. It will also make you feel more comfortable as you navigate your U.S. immigration status.

You should avoid hiring an attorney who will not take the time to answer your questions now or give you and your case the respect it deserves.  You need to be assured your matter will receive the attention required to maximize all chance of your goals being reached, and success achieved.

The Best Immigration Law Firms in Chicago

The best immigration law firms in Chicago will have experience handling cases like yours. They will also have attorneys and staff members who are passionate in helping resolve your citizenship, green card and visa issues.

Attorney Richard Hanus is a first-generation American and is passionate about helping businesses and individuals overcome the complicated legal and procedural hurdles our U.S. immigration system presents.

Contact The Law Offices of Richard Hanus to discuss your immigration matter today!

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