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The 5 Most Essential Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports supplements are big business. As our understanding of the importance of both nutrition and exercise has increased, so too has the industry that has sprung up to support it. 

In 2016 the sports nutrition supplements business had grown to be worth $11.9 billion, and it shows no sign of stopping. 

Visit any supplement store and you will see a whole range of supplements for athletes, ranging from generic to specifically tailored to certain sports or needs. But for those looking to get started on a proper sports supplements routine where do you start? 

Keep reading for the 5 supplements everybody should be taking. 

1. Whey Protein

Protein is a crucial component to any supplement routine and should be the first athletic supplement you look for. 


In short, protein is what builds muscle. When you workout your break your muscle fibers apart. That’s the pain you feel after a good workout. Using protein helps the muscles grow back faster and thicking, helping you gain muscle and train more frequently. 

There are a great range of proteins to choose from but EHP Labs are a great place to start. 

2.Omega-3 Fish Oils

While there is a lot to be said for everybody using Omega-3 fish oils, they are also one of the best supplements for athletes. 

What makes them so useful?

They have been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity which in turn has led to a reduction in muscle breakdown. 

3. BCAAs

Branch Chain Amino Acids are a vital item on any list of sports nutrition supplements because they are the only amino acid that is used by muscles for an energy source. 

When your BCAA levels are low your muscles will ache and feel sore. Most athletes will take BCAAs before their workouts to help increase their performance, and often again post-workout to aid their recovery.

4. Green Tea Extract

Whether weight loss is your main goal or not, weight management is an important part of any sports supplement strategy, and green tea extract is a must-use ingredient. 

Green tea is known for its ability to boost both metabolic rate and the breakdown of fat.

5. Taurine

Yes, it’s in energy drinks, but that doesn’t make them a valid athletic supplement. Taurine is an essential amino acid, supplementing with it while taking part in an exercise regime is important. Taurine plays a role in sustaining a healthy metabolic rate while also impacting other bodily rates, such as insulin sensitivity 

It has also been shown to be a key ingredient in longevity.

Find the Sports Nutrition Supplements that Work Best for You

With so many different options and brands to choose from, shopping for sports nutrition supplements can often be rather overwhelming. 

The trick is to look around and after a while, you will know what works for your body and what doesn’t. The best sports supplements are the ones that give you the results you need. There is no better advice than to listen to your body.

For more advice on health and exercise check out some of our other posts. The more you can educate yourself on your health the better positioned you will be to make the right choices. 

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