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How to Create a Strong Promotion Strategy for Your Financial Website

Marketing can be a touchy area when the service you provide is the management of people’s money and investments. To compete online, financial institutions need to use high-quality digital marketing tactics. This starts with a strong promotion strategy for your website.

Reaching new clients today means delivering quality information that entices your target audience. Simply having an online presence isn’t enough. It needs to be dynamic.

If you’re a newcomer to the digital marketing world, you’ll need some initial help. Let’s look at few tactics to get you started.

Content Marketing Is Key

Marketing is really just about reaching people and telling them what you do and what you know. Right now people crave online content, so this is a great way for you to reach the public. Your online promotion strategy should start with creating fresh and informative content.

A great way to do this is with a blog. Adding a blog to your site allows you to deliver new content on a regular basis and displays your industry expertise to potential customers. Intrinio offers a data feed and blog articles for developers and investors in the financial industry.

The news is filled with current events that affect the financial sector. This is your opportunity to create articles and opinions that showcase your professional awareness.

You should also think about what knowledge the consumer seeks and create posts that answer these questions. These could be tips or FAQs that establish trust and consumer confidence.

Search Engine Optimization

Online content marketing is useless if nobody is finding you. Optimizing your website content and blog articles with keywords and quality links are essential for a successful promotion strategy.

Your content should include language your customers would use to search for financial services. It should also make clear what exactly you do and where you’re located. This helps search engines rank you appropriately.

Obtaining quality backlinks to your website will also improve your online presence. If you have longstanding clients or vendors, ask them to link back to your site from theirs.

Provide Informative Video Content

Video marketing has become a great way to reach a target audience and deliver relevant content. You can also add video to blogs, put it out on social media and even include it in email newsletters.

The inspiration for your videos can come from the content you’ve already created. Expand on things that the consumer wants such as financial tips and FAQs. Video also provides a great opportunity to inform the public about what you can offer along with your general business principles.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

People are accessing the internet and interacting online through their smartphones more than ever. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on great online exposure.

Talk to your web developer about providing mobile optimization.

A Successful Online Promotion Strategy

There’s no better alternative than providing quality content to potential customers. Spreading your expertise should be the foundation of your online marketing strategy.

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