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Business Card Etiquette: How to Work the Room at Your Next Event

Do you want to make sure that people remember you after you meet them at a business event?

You need to do more than just hand them a business card and walk away. Studies have shown that about 8 billion of the 10 billion business cards printed every year get thrown out within one week after they’re handed out.

You can limit the chances of your business cards ending up in the trash by following proper business card etiquette. Here are four tips that’ll help you work the room at your next event with your business cards in tow.

Make Your Business Cards Memorable

Business card etiquette begins long before you even show up at an event. It all starts when you order a fresh stack of business cards to bring along with you.

Your business card should not just be a simple white business card with black lettering on it. It should be something that stands out when it’s placed next to other business cards.

This Adobe Spark post explains how to create business cards that are out of the ordinary.

Avoid Giving Everyone a Business Card

When you have a pocket full of business cards at an event, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and hand them out to everyone. Do not do this!

You’re better off being patient with your business cards and only handing out a few during an event. It’ll prove that you’re making an effort to connect with others instead of just slapping business cards into their hands.

Create a Connection Before Handing Someone a Business Card

Speaking of connecting with others, your goal at any business event should be to form connections with those who might be able to help you in some way. You’ll need to put in some time and effort to do this.

Strike up conversations with people at an event and talk to them about what they do. If you think that you could benefit from having a business relationship with them, give them a business card and tell them that they should feel free to reach out to you at any time.

A person is a lot more likely to save your card if they remember having a long conversation with you. They’re also more likely to reach out to you in the future since they’ll already feel a close connection to you.

Ask for Business Cards from Others

In addition to passing out your own business card to other people at an event, you should also ask people for theirs. It’s only right that you take a business card from them if they’re taking one from you.

Use the business cards that you collect, too. It never hurts to drop someone an email after an event just to say hello and, “Nice to meet you.” It could go a long way toward building more of a business relationship with them later.

Keep Business Card Etiquette in Mind at Your Next Event

There are far too many people who show up at events and start throwing their business cards around like they’re confetti. Steer clear of doing this by following the proper business card etiquette.

It’s the best way to make a name for yourself while networking with others. You’ll come across as a more genuine person when you take this approach.

Browse through our blog to find more networking tips that you can use at your next business event.

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