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The 5 Best Printing Papers To Upgrade Your Projects

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Most people are used to going to the stationary and getting their files printed on the cheapest and most common paper option (usually Bond paper). It’s the type of paper that we’re used to seeing around the office and that everyone uses to print business papers, letters, and all sorts of documents.


When it comes to printing aesthetic and design pieces, the paper you choose is one of the most important elements for your final product. The thing is that with so many paper options available in the market, it can be a real struggle to pick the best one for your project. No more. ThunderBolt Paper is here to help you choose the ideal paper for your needs. Let’s talk more about the top 5 printer papers that you can choose.

1. Linen Paper

Linen paper tops the list because of its elegance. It’s a sophisticated textured paper that will give a premium quality to your prints. It’s perfect to print your invitations, certificates, business cards, greeting letters, posters, and all sorts of upscale stationery. One of our best sellers is the White Linen Cover #80. Our clients love its looks, its durability, and its tactile appeal.

2. Bright Paper

This type of paper allows your photos, images, and text to look brighter and with higher quality. Its thickness is similar to bond paper, hence it can be used in any type of printer. One of our customers’ top choices is the 50 Confetti White paper. It makes their texts stand out and gives them a fun touch.

3. Translucent Paper

Translucent paper is a great option to give your prints an artistic twist. It’s smooth, so it prints perfectly with laser printers. It’s also compatible with inkjet printers; the difference is that you need to let the ink dry so that your final product turns out as perfect as you imagined it. You can use out Soft Off-White paper for card overlays or give your projects a three-dimensional feeling.

4. Parchment Paper

For projects that want to send out natural, vintage, or rustic vibes, parchment paper is the one. It’s easy to print with laser or inkjet; with either option, you’ll obtain high-quality results no matter how dark the tone of your paper is. Additionally, all the parchment papers at ThunderBolt Paper are acid-free and made out partly of recycled materials.

5. Fiber Paper

Fiber paper is the ideal type of paper to make different DIY projects that include handwriting, scrapbooking, stamping, and other crafts combined with printed images. It has the perfect look to make your cards and letters look a lot more professional. Each of our different fiber paper options has the power of evoking a different vibe for your project. For example, you can choose the Birch Fiber paper to print invitations for a garden event or go for the Balsa Fiber paper for a more earthy look to invite your friends to hang out at night around a bonfire.


Now that you know some of our most popular papers, which one will you choose for your next printed project?

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