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Attic Mold In Your Bergen County Nj Home?

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What if you need mold removal in your Bergen County NJ home? You may be wondering if attic mold is dangerous? How can this hurt me and my family.  Afterall, it’s just up in our attic.  We don’t live up there.  We just store our extra stuff in the attic.  You know, Christmas decorations and things we have no room for.  Well, the straight up answer is YES! Attic mold in your Bergen County NJ home can cause health problems such as allergies all the way up to mental impairment. To put it bluntly, mold is not something you want in your home! You may be wondering; how did this mold get there?  Can I just take care of this by myself without the help of a certified professional mold removal company?  Or do I need a professional mold remediation services help?

Case Study Attic Mold Removal in Fair Lawn NJ    

Take the case of Mary G from Fair Lawn NJ. She called us because she was selling her home and the buyers home inspector found mold in her attic.  She was in a panic telling us that her buyer wanted an $8,000.00 credit on the sale of her home.  After talking her off the ledge we scheduled a mold inspection and testing for her Fair Lawn NJ home. When our companies certified mold inspection and testing professional arrived, he sat down with her.  She explained the predicament she was in and asked for help.  Our mold inspector then went up into the attic and found some dark mold like staining on one section of roof sheathing.

So, he continued looking around searching for the source of the problem. Mary’s soffit vents were not covered.  The bathroom and dryer vent exhaust vents were exiting to the outside of her home.  He found two large gable vents, so that was not it. No trees in the back yard blocking the sun. He then checked if there was an attic fan. Indeed, there was. He then proceeded to take a swab sample of the roof staining to send to the laboratory company for analysis. On the way out he discovered something. It seems that next to the light switch was another switch.  When he turned it on the fan miraculously went on.  Bingo!

Mary’s Fair Lawn NJ Attic mold remediation services were a result of inadvertently turning off the attic fan. Now that the source of the problem was found our companies experts were able to inexpensively correct her mold problem for $1,500.00.  Needless to say, Mary was thrilled.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is whether you are from Fair Lawn NJ or any other county in the Tri-State area, Certified Mold Removal Inc. is the company to help.  Our company experts have been servicing the residents of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Westchester County and Staten Island New York, and Fairfield County Connecticut since 1995! If you suspect a mold problem in your home, call our experts now at (201) 773-1466 or go to our website


There are many reasons why you need mold removal and remediation services in your Bergen County NJ home.  The most common reason is poor ventilation. Your home may have been constructed without soffit vents or they were covered over with insulation at one point.  This is a definite no-no.  These soffit vents run along the eves of your roof. They also allow airflow to the inside of your attic.  They extend the life of your roof, and the airflow helps prevent mold growth on your roof sheathing.

A homeowner won’t even know they need an attic mold remediation companies services until they sell their home.  This is when the buyers home inspection company usually catches it. Then you need to call a certified mold remediation company like Mary G from Fair Lawn NJ did, to assess the damage. Bergen County NJ’s own Certified Mold Removal Inc. has been helping homeowners with this type of problem since 1995! Call (201) 773-1466 if you suspect you have the need for expert mold remediation services in your home.

Have you been up in your attic lately? Most people never venture into this part of their home.  Attics can easily require expert mold removal and remediation services for 2 primary reasons.  Poor ventilation and roof leaks.

Attic Mold Removal Caused By Roof Leaks

One of the most common causes of mold in Bergen County NJ attics is a leaking roof. If you see dark staining or discoloration on your plywood roof sheathing, the rafters or joists, facia board, along your chimney and such, it may be a roof leak.  Another sign is when the damage is concentrated in one specific area of your attic.  You may even see rusty nails in that area.

A roof leak will also cause the insulation below to get wet.  This causes mold growth on the fiberglass insulation. Don’t let a roof leak cause you to need certified professional mold removal services in your Bergen County home.  By inspecting regularly, you can avoid this type of problem like the one Mary G from Fair Lawn NJ had.

Mold Remediation Caused by Bathroom or Dryer Vent Exhaust Issues

At Certified Mold Removal Inc., we always find the cause of your attic mold remediation problem. Sometimes it’s your bathroom exhaust fan vent, or dryer vent exhaust pipe dumping hot moist air into an attic.  This will cause you to need expert mold remediation services in your Bergen County NJ home.  These exhaust vents are supposed to exit to the outside of your home. You can bet on having an attic mold remediation problem when they are not!

If you see this, you should have it fixed immediately. Professional certified mold removal services are costly. You can avoid calling in the experts by acting quickly when you see a problem like this.

Undersized or Missing Gable Vents

Gable vents are those large decorative vents on the two ends of your attic.  It is important to note that they are not there for show.  Their purpose is to allow for proper airflow in your attic.  If your home does not have them or they are too small this can cause a need for expert mold remediation services.

Many Bergen County NJ homes are very old.  If your home is pre-1960 you may not have sufficiently sized gable vents. This can be the cause of your mold remediation service needs.  Call Certified Mold Removal Inc. if you suspect this problem in your home! We can perform a certified professionasl mold inspection and testing of your attic the same day. (201) 773-1466

Ice Damming Causes Mold Abatement

What is ice damming and why should I be concerned. Often one of our clients has a large number of tall trees on one side of their home. While beautiful, these trees will often block the sun from reaching the roof. In cold climates like Bergen County NJ, a shady roof in winter can cause the need for expert mold remediation services. Ice will form under the shingles on the roof sheathing itself. This is a common cause for professional mold removal and remediation services.

Broken or Missing Attic Fan Causes Mold in Fair Lawn NJ

If you do not have an attic fan you are opening yourself up to needing an expert mold removal service companies help. Attic fans draw in cooler air from outside and push hot air to the outside.  This eliminates moisture and thus prevents your Bergen County NJ home from having a need for expert mold removal and remediation services.

At Certified Mold Removal Inc., we often find no attic fan or a broken one in a client’s home.  Or in the case of Mary G from Fair Lawn NJ, the switch could be turned off.

RSo, remember to call Certified Mold Removal Inc., if you need professional certified mold removal and remediation services in Bergen County NJ.  Call us now at (201) 773-1466

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