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How to Get Your Luxury Spa on Top of Google

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Your luxury spa deserves to be the popular go-to spa for your area, to be noticed and found whenever someone searches for your services. Along with standard marketing, the internet is critical for the exposure to new clientele. Here are some basics to get your spa seen on Google. You can do most of these things for yourself, or, if you’re not internet savvy or just don’t have the time, hire an expert to help you. It’s worth the investment to grow your business by using Google and get your luxury spa on top of Google.


Start simple- Good Website Design and SEO- Whether you use an easy setup on WordPress, or have a site designed for you, making sure your website aligns with Google is important. Google will ‘go through’ your site and rank you according to relevant content that would be of interest to searchers. You will need to use ‘keywords’ such as your city location, type of spa and services. For example, “luxury spa in San Diego, offering massage, manicures, facials and body treatments for busy women.” These types of words are called SEO keywords and will help Google determine your relevance to the things that searchers type into search, and bring your business up for them to find. SEO stands for search engine optimization. You are now optimized for your potential clients to find the things about you they want to know and click on you. Also make certain that you are optimized for mobile devices. This means that your site will be easy to view and navigate when someone is on the mobile phone as well.

Claim your business on Google My Business- This is an easy step in getting your spa location and services set on Google and ranking. Once you put in your relevant information, Google sees that you are a real business with a location address. When people post Google reviews and rate your business, it can raise your ranking on Google for your potential searching customers to see you more frequently. Be aware of all the places your luxury spa is listed and check that the details are correct for your hours, services, location and phone.

Links- Having relevant and trustworthy websites link to your website can really help your Google ranking. Consider trading website links with other businesses that offer complementary services to your spa. Local wineries, chauffeur services, wedding related services and restaurants just to name a few. Sharing the promotion of your luxury spa business is a great way to grow on and off Google. Offer them a link on your site and reciprocate the potential rank!

Good reviews on Google, Yelp, AngiesList and other review sites including FB reviews on your social business page can all increase how you look on Google. Yelp reviews often rank above all service businesses and can show you are a leading spa in your area, so ask your customers to take the time to give you a good review.

Going Deeper- Utilize Google analytics – The keywords and keyword phrases that we discussed previously, should be used in your luxury spa pages content, page titles, meta descriptions, the linking anchor text, as well as accompanying images with keyword descriptions. Google analytics offers tools to help you identify these keywords, and other long-tail key phrases that relate to your business and can help you compete against others in the same business.

Google also tracks your click through rates from when people search and how often they click on your site link. If you have the right wording in your description and site, that makes people want to click on you, then your luxury spa rankings will improve and you will be seen more often because Google thinks you are important to its searchers.


Social Media Sites- Why They Help

When someone Googles the name of your business, they will find your website link, but they will also see your social channels in the results. If your luxury spa is actively engaging on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, these links to your social media accounts will show up on Google, reinforcing the opportunity for visitors to find out more about you. More places will allow for more potential links on Google.

These are just a few of the many ways you can start to get your luxury spa on top of Google. With a little effort, ingenuity, a good wordsmith and a good web design, you are on your way to being the ‘seen’ luxury spa in your city, where popularity on Google can translate into popularity in your luxury spa!

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