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Black Jew Wealth Coach: Philadelphia’s Top Wealth Coach

Black Jew Wealth Coach’s financial coaching business focuses on real estate investors, tradelines, credit repair, mentoring, and funding.


Philadelphia, PA, August 22, 2023— One Philadelphia man is dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence. Brandon Gardner, who goes by Black Jew Wealth Coach or Black Jew, is a tried and true investor who empowers others on their path to financial success.

After achieving a notable amount of financial success in investing, Black Jew decided to share his wisdom with the world, and thus started his financial coaching business.

“I am passionate about financial literacy and investing, and with my company I hope to provide people with the tools they need to build a solid financial foundation that will last generations,” Black Jew said.

The real estate investment world can be intimidating at times with the many aspects surrounding money, but don’t worry, Black Jew Wealth Coach will provide you with all the services needed to succeed! He has created a series of ebooks relating to the various aspects and topics of the real estate world. Black Jew has got you covered on topics such as real estate investing, the importance of real estate, and how to acquire real estate using the bank’s money.

Are you serious about becoming a real estate investor? With his ebook on real estate investing, Black Jew can set you up for success based on his real life experiences. His methods are tested and proved to be more than effective.

Sometimes, reading an ebook isn’t enough, which is why Black Jew Wealth Coach also provides a mentoring program. With the mentoring program you will receive personal insights and guidance from Black Jew, guaranteed to build your wealth.

Black Jew provides coaching to help you improve on credit repair, tradelines, financial literacy, and real estate investing.

Black Jew realizes that everyone is in a different financial situation. With this in mind, he will come up with a mentoring plan that is personal and completely custom to your financial goals and needs.

So what are you waiting for? Visit for more information or to book a consultation.

About Black Jew Wealth Coach:

As a real estate investor and wealth coach hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Brandon Gardner has achieved extraordinary heights in his career. He has grown his real estate portfolio and other businesses to over a million dollars, demonstrating his profound understanding of wealth creation. Black Jew’s personal experiences have shaped his mission to educate and empower individuals about the power of real estate, good credit, and leveraging other people’s money (OPM) to build cash flow. He firmly believes that it’s not about how much money you make, but what you do with it. With his company Black Jew Wealth Coach, he hopes to share his knowledge with his clients and help grow their assets.

Contact Information:

Brandon Gardner
Black Jew Wealth Coach
2929 Arch St.
Suite 1700
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(657) 577-9358
[email protected]

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