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Take The Spotlight: Workplace Bulletin Board Ideas

You’ve got a great looking bulletin board at work. But it’s totally empty.

Now what?

It can be frustrating to figure out how to effectively utilize a bulletin board at work.

And sometimes it feels like you can’t even start working until you figure out what should be on the bulletin board.

It’s like trying to navigate without a map!

And if you are using the bulletin board to help others in the office be informed, motivated and organized, it can be equally frustrating to not know the best ways to utilize it.

Not to worry – I’ve got your back. In this post, I’ll go over some great workplace bulletin board ideas and strategies.

That way, you’ll be able to up your bulletin board game, and then really get to work.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more!

First, Some Basics

Before I get into the details of how to organize content on a bulletin board for work that will be effective for your co-workers and employees, let’s talk about more holistic basic strategies for bulletin boards. Then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how to maximize your bulletin boards with some cork tiles.

Clear It Out!

It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes you’ve got to dig down before you climb out.

Take everything off the board. It’ll help clear your brain out and feel like a fresh reset.

But it’ll also give you a chance to look at the board itself. You don’t want to keep using a board that is in need of replacement. And if it needs some minor repairs, you can take care of that before you put stuff back on.

You can also take a look at the aesthetics of your board. Would it be better served if you put a solid color fabric across the whole thing? Don’t discount the connection between nice aesthetics and productivity!

You can also use this time to take inventory on what accessories you have too many or too few of. How many magnets and thumbtacks do you have?

Put Things Back On!

If this is a bulletin board for solo use, then this is a quicker process. But it’s also the most important. So be deliberate and organized as you rehang things.

If you are using the board for mostly inspiration, then pick the most essential bits of inspirational material and give them clear real estate on the board. But perhaps not in direct line of site.

You don’t need distractions for when you are feeling in the flow of work!

If you have more functional needs like a contact list put it in a position where you will be most likely to see it when you are on the phone. Or if you have a schedule that oversees your whole day, give that some prime real estate at your eye line!

Label Different Areas

This is especially important if there are multiple people (like family members or co-workers) who are using this board.

You can designate sides or quadrants of the board for specific people. That way when they look to the board, they won’t have to search around the whole thing to find the relevant items for them.

You can also label areas of the board as more important or more urgent than the other areas. That way you can look to that area more frequently because you know how important the things there are.

Line Things Up!

Nobody wants to end up with a crick in their neck just from looking at a bulletin board. So be sure to hang things parallel to the ground. That way you know you won’t have to constantly be looking over at a weird angle.

Your neck and your shoulders will thank you!

Office Space

Utilizing an office bulletin board takes a little more finesse. But there are easy to implement methods of organizing them.

You’ll basically want to apply the same strategies as above, but now the areas of the bulletin board will be a little more work and office specific.

The Un-Fun Stuff

One of the areas of an office bulletin board should be for the mandatory and boring stuff that everyone needs to have access to.

This includes things like safety procedures and emergency exits, holiday closures, new HR policies, and the details of any upcoming staff meetings or company events.

Handy Info

This area is a little more fun than the previous one, but nothing too exciting. It’s information that’s important for everyone to be aware of.

This could be anything from a local map showing some great lunch spots, to health tips about how to best sit at their desk, to the location of snacks in the office.

It could also talk about upcoming workshops that people might want to attend, as well as relevant articles and products that people might be interested in.

The Fun Section!

Okay, I know that “looking at a bulletin board” isn’t probably on your list of fun things you love to do.

But, this section of the board is at least fun in terms of bulletin boards!

You can use it to post about things like new hires, so people will be able to make them feel at home when they start.

You could also post about fun initiatives the company is doing, like wellness challenges and field days.

And it could also be a space where people can post about things they are selling. Or maybe for people looking for a roommate or a new apartment.

You could even be quirky and make a little communication center where people can post little notes of positivity to other co-workers.

Workplace Bulletin Board Ideas That Work!

Hopefully, this has given you the ideas and inspiration you need to get your home office or work bulletin board up and running in a more efficient and fun fashion.

And if you are looking for more workplace bulletin board ideas, or have any questions, be sure to contact me today! I’d love to go over your ideas for bulletin board magic!

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