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Traditional vs Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Springfield Missouri

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The thought of water line replacement and repair is often accompanied by the ugly mental images of dug-up driveways and destroyed landscapes. And that’s just the process of getting to the pipe, let alone the time and cost of repairs. Thankfully, there are less invasive alternatives. Let’s compare two methods of pipe repair plumbers in Springfield Missouri use: the traditional and trenchless methods.

For most sewer replacements, excavating and digging up the old sewer line is the best solution. Sewer re-lining has a higher fail rate and is more expensive than replacing the sewer line. At United Plumbing, we do all our excavating work ourselves. Many other plumbing companies in Springfield Missouri hire an outside source to perform their excavating while they lay the pipe in the ground. Having the ability to perform our own excavation work allows us to provide you with the most affordable sewer line replacement in a timely manner.

Our excavators can perform the backfill and smooth out the excavation site to a point where you should not be able to tell an excavation was performed after the grass grows back. We also offer to re-seed and straw the yard to make that happen quicker. The weather can play a huge role in how the backfill goes. If we have had recent precipitation and the ground is saturated, the yard ends up looking far worse than if we are able to wait until the ground is dry. This is also true if the ground is saturated from a water service line with a significant leak.

For water line replacements, we own a piece of equipment called a “puller”. This allows us to perform trenchless excavation on water service lines. When we pull a new line, we only have to dig one or two small holes depending on the length of the line and where the line penetrates the home. The puller breaks the existing water pipe in the ground while simultaneously putting the new 200 psi polyethylene water pipe in its place.

The advantages of this method for water line replacement are numerous. First and foremost, it is significantly less invasive than the traditional method. There is no extensive digging or destruction of the home or surrounding land, it’s faster, long-lasting, and often less expensive to boot.

Our puller only works on certain pipe materials so it’s not an option for every home. But it is a wonderful tool for people who have irrigation systems, extensive landscaping, and water lines that run under concrete driveways/walkways.

If you are ever in need of water line replacement in Springfield Missouri, it’s your decision which method to utilize. It is also important to note that United Plumbing can only offer trenchless plumbing where property conditions allow. We would be happy to examine your situation and determine what would work best for you. Give us a call any time, day or night.

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