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Sun Is Shining: 5 Signs That You Need Residential Window Tinting in Orlando

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Are you looking for 5 signs that you need residential window tinting in Orlando? If that’s the case, we’ve got your back!

The average temperature of a summer day in Orlando, Florida is about 87 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s just the average. The days can reach highs oo over 90 degrees.

These summers are hot and long, and if you don’t have tinted windows, they can be miserable, too. But do tinted windows really make a difference?

The short answer is yes.

We’ve put together this guide to help you recognize the signs that mean you need residential window tinting in Orlando.

So let’s get started!

1. You Have a High Energy Bill

About 30% of your home’s energy (and sometimes more depending on the condition of your windows) leaks out of your home through your windows. In other words, every time you turn on the air conditioning in the middle of a hot summer day, about 30% of that cool air is escaping your home.

That means you’re wasting a lot of money.

Window tinting creates an extra barrier between your home and the outside world. It also reflects the sun’s UV rays away from your house.

Since these rays can’t get inside, your home will stay cooler during hot days. This means you won’t have to run the air conditioner as much or for as long. Because of this, your energy bill will start going down, too.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your energy bill every month, tinting your windows is a good way to do it. You might have to invest more money upfront, but the savings will help the window tinting pay for itself in the long run.

2. You’re Tired of Dealing With Glare

When sunlight shines through your windows, it also glares off every reflective surface, such as mirrors, TV and computer screens, wood floors, smooth tables, picture frames, etc.

This glare can get in the way of everyday activities and chores. Since glare makes it difficult to see what’s on a screen, it can make it hard to work or catch up on your favorite TV show.

But that’s not the only problem with glare.

It can also cause physical discomfort, including things like:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Pain and tiredness of the eyes

Window tinting keeps too much sunlight from getting into your home. Because of this, it also prevents glare from bouncing around on reflective surfaces as well.

If you’re having trouble staying productive when you work from home or you’re tired of closing the blinds every time you turn on the TV, you should tint your windows. You’ll be able to enjoy your home and the natural light from your windows at the same time.

3. You Want to Protect Your Health (And Your Funiture)

Too much sunlight in your home isn’t just annoying. It can also be dangerous. If you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays, you can end up with serious health conditions, including skin cancer.

And this doesn’t just happen when you’re outside.

Since the sun shines into your house through your windows, you are at risk of developing these types of conditions in your home, too. Tinting your window stops these harmful rays from getting into your house, which will keep both you and your family safe.

Too much sunlight can also damage other items in your house, such as your furniture. It can cause your furniture to fade and wear out faster than normal, meaning you’ll have to spend more money to replace them.

When you tint your windows, you’re protecting yourself and your possessions—and you’ll save some additional money at the same time.

4. It’s Too Hot in Your House

Summer is hot, but it shouldn’t turn your home into an oven. If you’re tired of sweating every time you walk into your home, you should consider hanging window tint.

Remember, window tinting keeps UV rays out of your house. Because of this, it will also keep your house from getting unbearably hot.

This means you’ll be comfortable in your home. You won’t have to put your head in the freezer or take cold showers to survive.

5. Safety Is Your Top Priority

Window tint puts an extra layer over your windows. This extra layer actually reinforces the strength of the glass, making it harder to break. In some cases, it can prevent the glass from shattering into dangerous shards if it does break.

This can benefit you in a number of ways.

First of all, it will make it harder for potential thieves to break into your home. Since window tinting also makes your windows darker, robbers also won’t be able to see into your home as well, which might deter them from taking action in the first place.

Tinting can also keep you and your family safe from accidents. If one of your kids breaks the window with a ball, it won’t shatter, which will reduce the risk of them getting hurt.

If you want to keep your family as safe as possible in your home, you should invest in window tinting.

Signs You Should Install Window Tinting in Orlando

Orlando gets a lot of heat and a lot of sunlight. Investing in window tinting in Orlando can save you money on your energy bill, make your furniture and other items last longer, and keep you safe and healthy.

But you should try to tint your windows on your own.

The process isn’t difficult, but it is tricky. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you can end up damaging your windows or, at the very least, creating hundreds of bubbles over the surface.

It’s a better idea to leave this job to the professionals instead.

Need some help tinting your windows? We can tint all the windows in your home at an affordable price.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Winter Park Tint today to learn more!

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