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Discount Disney World Tickets 2019 Guide: Get Cheap WDW Tickets!

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There are 2019 Discount Disney World tickets available throughout the year if you know where to look. With a recent policy change, Disney World ticket prices will differ based on the time of year and expected popularity.

Cheap Disney World ticket prices will vary alongside the gate ticket prices. In this guide, we will help you to compare all the prices for discount Disney World ticket prices so that you find the best deal. Even discounts of 5%-10% will be substantial when traveling with a large group!

We’ve done that work for you and have all of the options for discounted Disney World tickets.

Let’s dive into this guide to cheap Disney World tickets and help you save some money with our Walt Disney World discounts!In this planning guide:


Disney World Discount Tickets 2019

In the following sections you will find our massive guide to discount Disney World tickets. The information is extremely helpful covering every aspect of how to save money on Disney World tickets, but I wanted to give you the important info.

discount disney tickets

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Check out the Get Away Today website for information on all discount Disney World tickets. These discounts are exclusively available to Mickey Visit readers.

When comparing pricing to the official Walt Disney World tickets make sure to consider that Disney World tickets do not include the 6.5% Florida ticket tax in the price listed on the website. Our recommended cheap Walt Disney World tickets reseller does include tax in their listings. See official Disney World prices that include tax in one of the sections below.

You must purchase through the private links on this ticket page to access the lowest prices on Disney World tickets. Going directly to the Get Away Today website will just load their regular Walt Disney World ticket rates.

Disney World Ticket Pricing Changes

Walt Disney World has changed the formatting for the ticket options as of October, 16th 2018. The biggest change we’ve seen is the move towards seasonal pricing for Walt Disney World tickets which is meant to spread attendance out throughout the year by offering lower prices in non-peak season but you can expect to pay more during popular times of the year.

All Walt Disney World tickets, including multi-day, will be subject to date-based pricing and different lengths of valid use when purchased on October 16, 2018 or after.

When you purchase the new seasonal tickets you will first select the date and the number of days you would like to visit. After the information is selected, there will be the option to change ticket type (1 Park per Day, Park Hopper, or Park Hopper Plus) or add on the Flexible Dates Option.

The Flexible Dates Option allows guests to begin using their ticket any day from now through December 31, 2019 with 14 days to use the remaining days from then. The price will vary depending on the price of your ticket.

  • Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel will notice their tickets’ lengths of valid use corresponds to the number of nights they are staying.
  • For example, a 5-Day 1 Park per Day Ticket for February would cost around $75 to upgrade with this option while it would cost only about $33 if that ticket were for a higher priced date in June.

Once tickets are purchased, guests will be able to modify them via My Disney Experience. This includes changing dates and/or extending ticket length. Additional fees may apply for tickets of higher value, although no refund will be given if tickets are changed to a lower cost date.

  • Keep in mind that any FastPass+ selections made before you change your tickets will need to be reselected once ticket dates or lengths have been changed

As usual, tickets are nonrefundable although the price paid for a wholly unused ticket can be applied to a new ticket purchase after expiration date.

The Disney Parks Blog provides a nice introduction video to how purchasing these tickets will work along with an infographic (seen above) to help guests see the impact of this change.

So now what do we do with all that information? The biggest thing to understand is that the time of year you visit will impact the cost of your tickets. If you visit during a peak time of year then you can expect to pay higher prices. But if you visit during a typically less busy time of year, you can expect to pay lower prices on tickets.

And with using date specific dates comes understanding how many days after their start date they are valid for. We’ve put together a chart below that will help you see how long tickets bought separately (packages work a little differently) will stay valid for so you can play your vacation effectively.

1-Day Just the date you select
2-Day Any 2 days within 4 days after the start date
3-Day Any 3 days within 5 days after the start date
4-Day Any 4 days within 7 days after the start date
5-Day Any 5 days within 8 days after the start date
6-Day Any 6 days within 9 days after the start date
7-Day Any 7 days within 10 days after the start date
8-Day Any 8 days within 12 days after the start date
9-Day Any 9 days within 13 days after the start date
10-Day Any 10 days within 14 days after the start date

*Park Hopper Plus tickets add one extra day to the validity period for tickets.

The length of time your tickets are valid for work differently when you book a Disney World Vacation Package. The length of time you can use your tickets is determined by the length of your stay. So for example, if you have a 2-day ticket but your length of stay is 5 days- your ticket valid period is extended for the duration of your stay offering you more flexibility. But if your length of stay time is shorter than the period of valid use offered in the chart above, you get the longer length of time between the two options.

Additionally, now all the Walt Disney World tickets won’t charge price per park any longer. The prices are now reflected by day- not by which park you choose. This will come to a relief to some guests that may have been frustrated to note that the 1-day Magic Kingdom ticket prices were typically higher than the other parks.

So with all that in mind, it is now a better deal than ever to book with our trusted travel partner and book a Walt Disney World package!

And booking with a travel agent or directly through Walt Disney World makes things easier for guests in terms of figuring out how to navigate these changes. Leave it to the experts!

How much are Disney World tickets?

Below are the full prices Walt Disney World ticket prices you will pay when purchasing at any Walt Disney World ticket booth. Theme park tickets are subject to tax in Florida. The tax has been included in the prices below.

Note: this pricing has now been updated as Disney World has moved to seasonal ticket pricing so we studied the ticket prices and put in the minimum to maximum range you would expect to pay for each type of ticket year round. Keep in mind that the ticket price will be lower during less popular times of year. And you will pay the higher end of the range during peak times of the year like summer, holidays, and spring breaks.

Walt Disney World Ticket Type Adult (Age 10+) Child (Ages 3-9)
1-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $109-$129 $104-$124
1-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $164-$184 $159-$179
1-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $189-$209 $184-$204
2-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $202-$237.36 $191.36-$228.16
2-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $265.56-$302.36 $256.36-293.16
2-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $290.56-$327.36 $281.36-$318.16
3-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $292.05-$342.49 $278.77-$329.22
3-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $359.70-$407.49 $346.43-$394.22
3-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $382.05-$432.419 $368.77-$419.22
4-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $371.04-$433.44 $354.24-$416.24
4-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $446.04-$508.44 $429.24-$491.64
4-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $471.04-$533.44 $454.24-$516.64
5-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $388.08-$451.30 $370.58-$434.00
5-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $463.08-$526.50 $445.58-$509.00
5-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $488.08-$551.50 $470.58-534.00
6-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $398.41-$464.40 $380.41-$446.40
6-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $473.41-$539.40 $455.41-$521.40
6-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $496.40-$564.40 $478.40-$546.40
7-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $412.43-$475.88 $393.99-$457.44
7-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $482.63-$550.88 $464.19-$532.44
7-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $505.79-$575.88 $487.34-$557.44
8-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $419.44-$487.10 $400.56-$468.22
8-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $495.38-$562.10 $476.50-$543.22
8-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $519.44-$587.10 $500.56-$568.22
9-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $429.77-$495.85 $410.46-$476.68
9-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $503.26-$570.98 $483.96-$551.68
9-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $528.26-$595.98 $508.96-$576.68
10-Day 1-Park Per Day Disney World Ticket $437.89-$504.32 $418.19-$484.62
10-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Option $515.14-$579.32 $495.44-$559.62
10-Day Disney World Ticket with Hopper Plus Option $537.89-$604.32 $518.19-$584.62

Walt Disney World Discount tickets pricing goes up 1-2 times per year, so the best time to purchase your cheap Disney tickets is the moment you lock in the dates for your Disney World vacation. Walt Disney World ticket prices increased February 11th, 2018.

Discount Walt Disney World Tickets 2019

No Discount Disney World tickets are available when purchased in advance from the official Walt Disney World website or by directly calling Disney World. They feel that there is no need to offer discounts and have made the only way to get cheap Disney World tickets by booking through an authorized ticket reseller.

I negotiated a deal on behalf of our readers to secure the absolute lowest prices on Walt Disney World tickets. They have worked with Disney for over 28 years and have fantastic customer service! On top of that they guarantee our readers the absolute cheapest Disney World tickets anywhere.

Exclusive Discount Disney World Tickets For Mickey Visit Disney Deals Subscribers

Get Away Today will often provide exclusive discounts on hotels, transportation, tickets, and more to subscribers. While the best prices on Disney World tickets are listed on this page, we don’t share the best hotel or transportation rates publicly. Once you purchase your tickets, be sure to subscribe to our Disney World deals email to receive discounts and promo codes for shopping, dining, transportation, and hotels surrounding your Disney World vacation.

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Discount Disney World Ticket Packages

Often the cheapest Disney World vacations come when you purchase your Walt Disney World tickets and hotel as an all inclusive Disney World Package.

When you book both your discount Disney tickets and hotel with Get Away Today, you will receive our exclusive low prices on discount tickets AND extra Disney World hotel bonuses included with your Walt Disney World vacation package.

See all discount Disney World tickets and hotel package information here.

How many days do you need on your discount Disney World tickets 2019?

Unlike our guide to discount Disneyland tickets, I don’t have a definitive answer to how long you should visit Disney World. Below I attempt to cover the varying lengths of stay you should consider for your Walt Disney World vacation and where you can find the cheapest Disney World discount tickets.

disney world discount tickets 2018disney world discount tickets 2018

Picking which ticket type and how long to stay is a crucial part of planning your vacation. Vacations to Walt Disney World can vary greatly. Depending on what you decide to do, you could be in the parks for seven days straight or you could never set foot in the parks and enjoy your on property hotel pool the entire trip. Most people choose to find a happy medium between these two points.

I highly recommend you develop your entire itinerary for your Disney World vacation before you purchase these cheap Disney World tickets. The right type of ticket will depend on what you want to achieve during your trip and when you choose to visit Disney World (see our Disney World crowd calendar here).

Let’s dive into the important decisions you need to make about your Walt Disney World tickets:

  1. How many days should you visit Disney World? Definitely plan to visit Disney World for longer than one day. Not only does are no Walt Disney World discount tickets available for 1 day, there is just too much to see in Walt Disney World to accomplish it all in one day. The longer you visit Walt Disney World, the cheaper it is per day. After four days, additional days cost less than $20- depending on the time of year you visit. The longer you can stay, the more of Disney World you will be able to see and experience at a leisurely pace. The least amount of time I recommend for a Disney World vacation is five days. This is the absolute minimum to experience every park at least once, plus one extra day to return to enjoy things you missed. There are so many great experiences at Walt Disney World in 2019.
  2. Do you want to be able to park hop? Park hopping is defined as going between multiple theme parks during one day. For example, you may want to start out the day at Animal Kingdom, but then head over to Epcot for dinner and the night time show. You have to chose whether you want to be confined to just one park all day or if you want the option to switch around during the day.
  3. Do you want to be able to go to the Disney water parks? If you are at all interested in enjoying the two Disney World water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, during your stay, be sure to add the Water Park Fun and More option to your tickets. Purchasing the add on is less expensive for a single trip than purchasing separate Water Park tickets as long as you have the Magic Your Way Park Hopper ticket. If you have the one park per day Magic Your Way ticket, then purchasing the Disney World Water Park Fun and More ticket add on is less expensive than individual tickets if you plan on visiting two or more times. When you are deciding how long to visit Disney World, be sure to remember that the water parks require at least half a day to experience. You can easily spend 2-3 full days enjoying the water parks.

The optimal Disney World vacation is built off of a week long break where you purchase a seven day pass and enjoy a leisurely pace. Start off your day early in the morning at one of the theme parks, then head back to the pool, and then perhaps return to one of the theme parks for dinner.

All of these add ons can be purchased easily through Get Away Today, the company providing the best Disney World discount tickets anywhere.

When do Walt Disney World Ticket Prices Go Up?

For the last couple of years Walt Disney World has raised their prices every February. You can see the updated current dates and information on the Disney ticket price increase here.

Typically the ticket price increases range from about $5-$50. The 1 day tickets always have the highest percentage increase.

You never know when Walt Disney World will increase their ticket prices once again. Purchase your Walt Disney World tickets now to lock in the current gate prices. Tickets that are unused do not expire. Once you have your travel dates locked in, lock in the current cheap Walt Disney World ticket prices.

All of this too overwhelming? Free Discount Disney World Ticket Concierge Planning Service

Rather than attempting to understand the complexities of the Walt Disney World discount booking process, why not get help from a team of veterans who you can trust? Request a quote from Get Away Today and work with their top travel agents who are trained to get you the best discounts available on Walt Disney World vacations.

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Types of Walt Disney World Tickets 2019

There are a number of different types of Walt Disney World tickets. Throughout your Disney World planning you will see the term Magic Your Way Disney World ticket thrown around. Magic Your Way tickets are defined by Disney as tickets that give you entrance into the theme parks for a number of specific days (this category does not include any year long Disney World Annual Passes). All of the Walt Disney World ticket types that are sold in the United States expire fourteen days after first use.

1 Day Disney World Tickets

Disney recently changed their ticket pricing to be based on the day of attendance. During expected slower times of the year, you can expect to save more money on your tickets. During peak times of the year, you can expect to pay higher ticket prices. Walt Disney World Peak tickets make up dates in the height of summer, spring break season, and the busy Disney Christmas season from the beginning of Thanksgiving all the way through New Year’s Eve.

These tickets expire on December 31st of the year after you purchase the Walt Disney World tickets. So, if you purchased a ticket in 2017, it would expire on December 31, 2018.

Sadly, there are no cheap one day Disney World tickets available to the general public.

Two Day and Longer Disney World Tickets

The Magic Your Way Disney World tickets are all based off the amount of days you want on your base ticket to enter one of the four main Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom).

The lowest priced Disney World tickets for two days and longer can be purchased here. (This is a private link that loads discount Disney World ticket prices only available to Mickey Visit discount Walt Disney World readers.)

The base ticket allows you to visit any one of these theme parks for a day, with unlimited in and out privileges.

You may upgrade your tickets to include the Park Hopper option which would allow you unlimited in and out privileges for all four theme parks in the course of a single day. The Disney World tickets with the Park Hopper add on are most helpful for people who plan on staying four days or longer and want to jump around in the later days after already having spent a full day at each Walt Disney World theme park.

You may upgrade your ticket to a Park Hopper ticket any time within the fourteen days after your first day of ticket use.

The other add on is the Water Park Fun and More option. This option allows for entrance into one of the “extra” special Walt Disney World experiences including the two water parks and and other activities like a round of golf. See our full section on the Disney World Water Park Fun and More tickets below.


Park Hopper Walt Disney World Ticket

Adding the Park Hopper option to your Walt Disney World ticket allows you to go to all four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) on a single day.

When you use the regular base Walt Disney World tickets you still have access to all four theme parks, however you can only visit one park per day. Whichever park you enter in the morning is the only theme park you can enter that day. With the Park Hopper option for your Disney World ticket you can come and go between parks as much as you please.

Keep in mind that switching between parks at Walt Disney World can be somewhat of an ordeal that can take around an hour. During my trip, we would generally switch parks after going back to the hotel for an afternoon nap or swim. This is a great way to skip all the lines at one park in the morning and plan to enjoy dinner in a different Walt Disney World theme park later that night.

You can see all of the lowest priced discount Disney World Park Hopper tickets here.

Park Hopper Plus Walt Disney World Tickets

The Park Hopper Plus tickets give you the ticket options to experience all of the below Walt Disney World attractions:

  • one day admission to Typhoon Lagoon water park
  • one day admission to Blizzard Beach water park
  • one round of golf at the Oak Trail nine hole family walking course. Does not include clubs or pull cart. Children’s clubs are free. Reservations are required. Ask your Disney hotel concierge for free cab ride coupon when you head to the course. You may only play one round of golf per day with the Water Park Fun and More ticket.
  • access to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, not including any event ticket cost
  • entrance to the DisneyQuest indoor arcade and experience. This option is not being promoted currently as DisneyQuest is rumored to be closing sometime soon. For the time being though, you can still use these Water Park Fun and More tickets for entrance to the attraction.

Purchasing the Park Hopper Plus Option Walt Disney World ticket will provide you with an equal amount of admissions to the experiences listed as the amount of ticket days you have to the four main Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom). The only exception is that a one day Disney World ticket with the Water Park Fun and More ticket add on includes two entrances to the attractions listed below. Note that all Walt Disney World tickets expire fourteen days after the first use meaning that if you purchased a seven day ticket, you would literally have to visit two extra experiences on top of your visit to the Disney World theme park to use all of your tickets. Disney understands this, which is why the price does not increase very much as the length of stay increases.

Adding the Park Hopper Plus option to your Walt Disney World tickets is generally worth it. However, the value really depends on where you spend your tickets.

Each admission or round of golf counts as one tick of your total, no matter how many things your experience in one day. You will only be charged one ticket when going in and out of the same water park on one calendar day. Thus, you may go to the water park in the morning, head back to your hotel for a break, and then return in the afternoon all while using the same entrance ticket. Switching water parks would force you to spend two ticket clicks.

Take a look at the cost for entrance to the attractions when you purchase admission separately from your regular ticket.

  • Blizzard Beach: Ages 10+ for $60, Ages 3-9 for $54
  • Typhoon Lagoon: Ages 10+ for $60, Ages 3-9 for $54
  • DisneyQuest: Ages 10+ for $47.93, Ages 3-9 for $39
  • Oak Trail Golf Course: Adult 10+ for $40, 17 and under for $21 (per round)
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports: Adult 10+ for $15.00, Ages 3-9 for $10.00
  • Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf: Adult 10+ for $14.00, Ages 3-9 for $11.00
  • Winter Summerland Miniature Golf: Ages 10+ for $14.00, Ages 3-9 for $11.00

As you can see above, the add on to your Walt Disney World ticket is absolutely worth it if you will be visiting one of the water parks, DisneyQuest, or the Oak Trail Golf Course two times or more.

You can start your trip with the Park Hopper Plus Walt Disney World ticket at any of the attractions listed above or one of the main four theme parks. Your ticket will be valid fourteen days from the first use regardless of where that first use is.

You can access the lowest priced cheap Disney World tickets with the Park Hopper Plus option by purchasing via our private discount Get Away Today links on the page.

Disney does not sell tickets for more than 10 days. While the official policy is to suggest you purchase multiple tickets or a Walt Disney World Annual Pass, I have a better solution. You are not required to use your Disney World tickets consecutively. Your tickets are valid for 14 days after the first use. If you are going to take a long vacation, why not explore some of the other areas around Disney World. You can spend multiple days just exploring all of the hotels and riding all of the awesome Disney transportation (monorail, boats, buses). Another option is purchasing tickets to Universal Orlando to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other attractions.

Important ticket information on old Walt Disney World tickets

The “No Expiration” Disney World ticket option is no longer available. However if you previously purchased a Disney World no expiration ticket for your child (this was discontinued in 2015) and they are now over ten years old, this ticket will be upgraded free of charge to an adult Walt Disney World ticket. See one of the Guest Relations windows for a free ticket upgrade.

What age are kids free at Disney World?

Children under the age of three are free at Disney World. You are not required to purchase any ticket for them.

If a member of your group is under three years old you do not have to pay for tickets, dining, or have a FastPass for them. No ticket is required even if your child is turning three during your Walt Disney World trip. No proof of age is required for this free entrance.

Why Buy Walt Disney World Tickets in Advance?

Purchasing Walt Disney World tickets in advance is necessary to setup your FastPass+ reservations for your entire vacation. With the new FastPass system, the reservations for attractions sell out quickly–well before the same day. You can only make these reservations once you have purchased your WDW tickets and registered them with the My Disney Experience website.

If you wait to purchase your Walt Disney World tickets until you actually arrive at the resort, not only do you miss out on the opportunity to save money on tickets, but you don’t get to schedule FastPass for all of the attractions you want to experience. This will invariably cause you to miss out on some of the top Walt Disney World attractions.

Bottom line: Buy your Walt Disney World tickets in advance. Buy discount Walt Disney World tickets here.

Walt Disney World Group Ticket Discounts

When you travel to Walt Disney World with a large youth group or organization group you will likely qualify for a special discount group ticket rate.

When you are planning your group Disney World vacation, fill out our form for helpful Walt Disney World VIP service. The agents at Get Away Today will help you find the lowest possible discount group ticket prices and make sure your trip is unforgettable. Fill out the form here>

cheap discount disney world ticketscheap discount disney world tickets

Walt Disney World Annual Passes

If you plan on visiting Walt Disney World for longer than eleven days during one trip (within 14 days of each other) or eight or more days for two trips or more over the course of one year, you will likely save money by purchasing one of the Disney World Annual Passes. These passports include not only entrance to the theme parks, but Disney World discounts on dining and hotels.

The Walt Disney World annual pass is good for 366 days from the day you first use the pass as your Disney World ticket.

If you plan an annual Walt Disney World vacation, consider planning your second vacation a little earlier so that you can have one purchase of an annual pass cover your tickets to the Disney World theme parks for two trips. Attempt to have both Walt Disney World vacations within the same 366 day time window.

Even for shorter vacations, you should look into purchasing a Walt Disney World annual passport for one person in your group. There are quite a few Disney World discounts only provided to passholders.

Types of Disney World Annual Passes

There are nine types of Disney World Annual Passes. Some of these tickets have discounted which are listed in the Florida discount tickets section below.

  1. Platinum Annual Pass: This Walt Disney World Annual Pass includes unlimited admission to all four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios), parking at all theme park lots, custom Magic Band, and free PhotoPass photo downloads. And the standard Walt Disney World Annual Pass benefits listed below.
  2. Platinum Plus Annual Pass: With this Walt Disney World Annual Pass you have unlimited access to all four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), access to both water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), access to the DisneyQuest arcade, option to play golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course (only cost is the green fee, and reservations are required. Call 407-WDW-GOLF), access to the ESPN Wide World of Sports, parking in all theme park lots, customized Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and all of the standard Disney discounts that come with a Walt Disney World annual pass that are listed below.
  3. Disney Water Parks Annual Pass: This Disney World annual pass provides year long access to the two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) during all normal operating hours.
  4. Disney Premier Pass: This pass provides unhindered access to both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. You get all of the specials and discounts included with the Walt Disney World Platinum Pass plus admission to Disneyland in California with free parking and subscription to their Backstage Pass Annual Passholder Magazine and Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.
  5. Disney Gold Pass: This ticket includes admission to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but is blocked out on certain days. The pass also includes free parking, custom Magic Band, free PhotoPass downloads, and all other discounts listed below. This discount Disney World ticket is only available to Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club Members.
  6. Disney Silver Pass: This ticket includes admission to all four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but has block out dates. Parking, a custom Magic Band, and the other Disney World discounts listed below are included with this pass. Sadly this discount Disney World ticket can only be purchased by Florida Residents.
  7. Disney Weekday Select Pass: This Disney World ticket includes access to all four Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but has all weekends blocked out as well as other dates. Also included with this cheap Disney World ticket is a custom Magic Band, parking, and the other Disney World discounts listed below. This inexpensive Disney World ticket is only available to Florida Residents.
  8. Epcot After 4pm Walt Disney World Pass: This ticket provides access to the Epcot theme park after 4pm on every day of the year. Also included is free parking, a custom Magic Band, and other cheap Disney World discounts and benefits. This cheap Disney World ticket is only available to Florida Residents.
  9. After 2 pm Water Park Annual Passport: This cheap Disney World ticket provides access to both water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) after 2 pm in the afternoon. This pass includes none of the discounts or benefits listed with the other Disney World Annual Passports. This cheap Disney World Annual Passport is only for Florida Residents.

See all of the Walt Disney World Annual Passport blockout dates and more information on exclusive Walt Disney World discounts on their official website.

If you want to purchase one of the Walt Disney World annual passports with blackout dates, but your vacation falls on one of the listed blackout dates, there is a solution. You can purchase a regular ticket to Walt Disney World and then upgrade that ticket to the Annual Pass on the last day of your vacation.

Annual Passport Walt Disney World Discounts and Deals

To enjoy your Walt Disney World discounts from your Annual Pass, you must present a valid photo ID and Annual Passport at time of redemption.

  • Passholders receive quarterly newsletter called the “Mickey Monitor” which features news and updated Disney discount information. This is only sent to the U.S. and Puerto Rico. You can also read the newsletter online.
  • There are special Walt Disney World hotel discounts throughout the year. These vary based on season and popularity. Passholders will be notified of discounts when they are available.
  • Parking is included with your Walt Disney World Annual Passport. This is a nice discount off the cost per trip to the parks.
  • Annual Passholders receive a special discount on Walt Disney World dining with discounts of 10-20% off. These discounts vary by restaurant. Check in with the restaurant directly for information on current Annual Pass discount.
  • There is a 10% off discount for Annual Passholders at all Disney Parks and Resorts owned merchandise locations throughout the resort. To generalize, this discount does not apply to many of the shops in Disney Springs. Often these shops will have their own set discounts for Annual Passholders.
  • There is a 10% off discount for Alamo Car Rentals all throughout the United States. Be sure to note you want the discount before completing the purchase.
  • All of the sports and recreation experiences at Walt Disney World have varying discounts for their tickets when you have an Annual Passport.
  • Walt Disney World Annual Passholders receive a 15% off discount for spa treatments at any of the official Walt Disney World Resort hotels. The treatment must be over $45 dollars for the discount to apply.
  • There are discounts for Annual Passholders and their guests when purchasing tickets to the Walt Disney World Water Parks (Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon).
  • Annual Passholders will receive access to discount Disney tickets for special events on off nights. You will likely receive information on discount tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.
  • With you Annual Passport you will receive a 15% off discount on all guided tours of the Walt Disney World Resort.

In summary, if you are purchasing anything at Walt Disney World, ask for an Annual Pass discount. Almost all services offer some sort of benefit to passholders.

Where to buy 2019 discount Disney World Annual Passes?

Annual Passes to Walt Disney World can be purchased at a variety of places. Make sure that you go to one of the locations listed below that sells Disney World ticket vouchers rather than one that sells active Annual Passports. The Walt Disney World ticket vouchers will not be activated until the first day you use your new Disney World Annual Pass, while the active Annual Passports have their clocks ticking from the moment you purchase them.

When you purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Passport in advance you will be given a plastic card that is your ticket voucher that must be exchanged for the actual Annual Passport. To activate the passport you will need to provide a ticket finger scan and show photo ID. This finger scan will be associated with your Disney World ticket and be required for entrance to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

When you activate your Disney World Annual Passport, make sure to confirm that the expiration date is 366 days from the date you are activating the pass. Sometime the system will glitch and mess up expiration dates.

  • Online at the official Walt Disney World tickets website. There is a $5 Disney World tickets mailing fee required with this purchase.
  • You can call Walt Disney World ticketing directly at 407-WDISNEY and have the ticket vouchers sent to you ($5 mailing fee) or have them waiting for you at the Walt Disney World tickets Will Call window (this option is free).
  • Disney Vacation Club Members can purchase Disney World Annual Passports from DVC Member Services with a $5 mailing fee.
  • Many Disney Store locations throughout the United States will save you a Disney World ticket voucher that you can redeem for your Annual Pass when you arrive at Walt Disney World.
  • You can purchase active Walt Disney World Annual Passes when you arrive at the Disney World ticket window.
  • All Guest Relations windows at the four main theme parks and water parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon) or at two Disney Spring locations (Marketplace or West Side). These windows will sell you active Walt Disney World annual passports, but ticket vouchers are available by request.

The Premier Pass (with access to both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida) which must be purchased in person at a Walt Disney World ticket booth or Disneyland ticket booth.

Definitely purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Passport before leaving for your trip so that you can start planning with the My Magic + app. You can use the app by entering the code on your ticket voucher. So, make sure to purchase the voucher early before your trip so that you can start securing FastPass+ reservations and dining reservations.

Another reason to purchase an Annual Passport ticket voucher in advance of your trip is to avoid any price increases. Walt Disney World typically increases ticket prices yearly. It is always a good idea to purchase your tickets once you have a trip confirmed. Walt Disney World Annual Passport vouchers can be redeemed years after purchase and not have to pay any upcharge even if the price has gone up substantially. Currently the expiration date on ticket vouchers purchased to be exchanged for Walt Disney World Annual Passports is 2030. If for some reason you don’t redeem your voucher for tickets before then, the voucher will turn into a gift card and can be applied to a future purchase.

disney world ticketsdisney world tickets

Other Discount Disney World Ticket 2019 Options

AAA Disney World Discount Tickets 2019 and Annual Passes

AAA provides discounts on most Walt Disney World ticket types. You should be able to purchase tickets in advance at your local AAA office. The tickets available range from 3-7 days. The Walt Disney World cheap tickets differ based on location.

Auto Club South, a member of the AAA family, offers an additional discount on Walt Disney World Annual Passes and discount Florida Resident tickets for all AAA and CAA members. This discount can save you big money on your Annual Pass. For more information on how to secure this discount ticket voucher, call the office at (407) 351-5610.

Disney Vacation Club Discount Disney World Tickets 2019

Disney Vacation Club members get discounts on their Walt Disney World Annual Passports.

These passes are available to Disney Vacation Club Members and their immediate family living within the same household. Only eight family members per Disney Vacation Club Member.

Disney defines immediate family for the purpose of cheap Disney World tickets as:

  • Spouse/Registered Domestic Partner
  • Parent/Step Parent
  • Mother-In-Law/Father-In-Law
  • Child/Step Child
  • Brother, Sister/Step Brother, Sister
  • Brother-In-Law/Sister-In-Law
  • Grandparent – Grandchild

All adults must present a driver’s license showing they live in the same household. These tickets can be purchased via Disney Vacation Club member services.

Florida Resident 2019 Disney World Discount Tickets

To purchase a Florida Resident ticket, you must have proof of Florida Residency. The tickets are actually linked to a finger scan to prevent you from transferring the tickets to people who don’t live in Florida.

For those who have a home in Florida, but don’t have their primary ID with the Florida address, you can usually present some other proof of residence within the state along with your ID. Timeshares are not considered residences.

There are several types of discount Disney World tickets exclusively for Florida residents.

These cheap Disney World tickets for Florida Residents include:

  • One day ticket for the regular front gate price, but with a discounted Park Hopper upgrade.
  • Discounted ticket for three days with the ability to add the Park Hopper or Water Park Fun and More option to the ticket for cheap.
  • Discounted tickets for four days with the option to upgrade to Water Park Fun and More or Park Hopper ticket for a very discounted ticket price.
  • Discounted Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver, “Epcot After 4” and Weekday Select Annual Passports are available for Florida Residents.

Blockout dates apply to all the cheaper Disney World ticket discounts listed above. Be sure to check the terms and conditions on for all of the updated information on discounts.

Discount Disney World Tickets 2019 Costco

Some Costco locations carry exclusive discounted Walt Disney World tickets. Occasionally Costco will have a certain amount of tickets to push and will put them out on the floor of their stores.

When these discount tickets are gone, there is no telling when they will be back in the stores. The Costco website does have information on purchasing Walt Disney World tickets, but these tickets are more expensive than the Get Away Today rates we recommend above.

Discount Disney World Tickets 2019 Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club and other wholesale resale stores will have special discount Disney World tickets on occasion. These cheap tickets will just pop up on the floor. The Sam’s Club store also has a travel division, but this functions just like a regular travel agency and can’t get you any exclusive deal.

The best deal you can get from Sam’s Club is through the purchase of discounted Disney gift cards. For example they may sell a $100 gift card for $97. These savings can add up over the course of your vacation.

Get Away Today still typically beats the Disney World ticket prices from Sam’s Club, but it is always worth checking.

AARP Disney World Deals and Discounts 2019

The AARP works with Expedia to provide senior discounts to many tourist destinations. The prices that they have secured for Walt Disney World are not a worthy discount.

I frequently get questions about whether the AARP discount tickets are a good discount. Sadly, they are not. The Get Away Today discount tickets rate is much lower.

Discount Walt Disney World Tickets 2019 For UK and European Union

There are specific discount Disney World tickets for people living in UK or European Union. These specific discounts can only be purchased by residents of the EU or UK and are not available to US citizens.

The tickets are very unique because they include much longer ticket lengths of stay. There are international Walt Disney World tickets available for 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days. These are all an effort to capture the international tourist market.

These cheap tickets can not be purchased at Walt Disney World and must be purchased in advance on the UK website.

Purchase these longer length of stay tickets on the official website here.

The value of the special international tickets varies greatly based on the fluctuating exchange rate. Remember to always compare discount ticket prices because often the lowest priced tickets can be found via our partner Get Away Today. Make a direct comparison by comparing both ticket prices to US dollars.

WDW Military Discount Walt Disney World Discount Tickets 2019 MWR

The Walt Disney World Resort is proud to honor veterans and the military. They offer discount military tickets to all active and retired military personnel, plus Department of Defense civilian employees. The cheap tickets also apply to all dependents in the group they are traveling with.

When using the military discount tickets, Disney Cast Members will often check your ID at the gate. Tickets may be given to all members of a group so long as at least 50% of the group qualify for the discount military tickets, meaning they are active, retired, or dependent. Entrance to the Walt Disney World theme parks may be denied if valid identification is not provided with the use of the discount Disney World military tickets.

You can purchase the military and Department of Defense discount tickets here:

  • Discount tickets can be purchased on the local military base in the tickets and services office.
  • Cheaper Disney tickets can also be purchased with a Military ID at the Shades of Green military operated resort located at Walt Disney World.
  • Certain branches of the government have access to the same discount Disney World tickets when purchasing through their human resources departments. Your success will vary.

Walt Disney World Ticket Discounts for Teachers 2019

For teachers who are members of a union in the US or Canada…

You may have access to extremely discounted Walt Disney World tickets.

Be sure to check in with your teachers union for special teacher discounts for Walt Disney World. The discounts will vary depending on what your union has decided.

The Swan and Dolphin hotel also offers a special Walt Disney World discount code for teachers. Just request the the special teacher rate when you call the hotels at (888) 828-8850.

Walt Disney World Ticket Discounts for Law Enforcement

While Walt Disney World does not offer any ticket discount for law enforcement, police or firefighters, the Swan and Dolphin hotels on Walt Disney World property do have special discounts.

While the Swan and Dolphin are not Disney owned, these hotels provide an incredible experience and have nice discounts available. Request the law enforcement discount, for both police and firefighters, when you call (888) 828-8850.

College Student Cheap Disney World Tickets

There are discount one day Walt Disney World tickets for University of Central Florida students, faculty, and staff. These tickets are significantly cheaper than other sources.

There are limits for the amount of discount tickets that can be purchased each month. College students can purchase tickets at the SGA Discount Tickets Center located in the Student Union building. Purchase your cheap tickets in advance because the discounted Walt Disney World tickets sell out quickly. See all info here.

Discount Disney World Tickets For Youth Education Series

Throughout the year Disney offers a program called the Disney Youth Education Series or YES for short. The program includes Walt Disney World tickets and educational classes on topics ranging from marine biology to leadership. All of the classes are taught at the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to the awesome classes, everyone who is traveling in the party gets to purchase cheap Disney World tickets.

While discounts vary for each Walt Disney World ticket type, this can provide a fair discount for those who want their children to enjoy learning while visiting Disney World.

Take a look at the official Disney Youth Education Series classes offered here.

Once you take a look at the options for the Disney Youth Education Series, fill out the form to receive information on the special group discounts Get Away Today has reserved for Walt Disney World tickets.

Corporate and Government Agency Walt Disney World Discount Tickets

Disney does provide discount Walt Disney World tickets to large corporations and government agencies. You should check with the Human Resources department for more information.

Disney Corporate Sponsors almost always have huge discounts for their employees on Disneyland tickets, or can even give away free Disney World tickets. If your company has done any large corporate sponsorship work with the Disney Parks or The Walt Disney Company, definitely check to see if you get special cheap Disney World tickets.

Word of caution: Always remember to compare these tickets to the Get Away Today discount ticket prices. I negotiated the lowest possible prices on tickets available to the general public. Often the tickets from Get Away Today are cheaper Disney World tickets than any corporate discount.

Timeshare Free Disney World Tickets 2019

Some websites promoting free or cheap Disney World tickets may be offering the tickets as a way to get you to come hear their timeshare pitch. Companies that are participating in this discount Disney tickets “promotion” will usually have a disclaimer at the bottom of the website explaining that the tickets are being used to “solicit sales” of the timeshare resort near Walt Disney World.

Many timeshare resorts will provide discount Disney World tickets or even free tickets in exchange for listening to a pitch to purchase a timeshare unit. Be careful! Our family fell into this trap in Hawaii where a travel desk on the main walking street had fantastic discounts on tickets for attractions all over the area, but right as we were finishing up, she said the ticket deals were only good if we went to a timeshare presentation. We went to the presentation, but that was ninety minutes we’ll never get back.

Caution: Fake Cheap Disney World Tickets 2019

There are scams out there that will attempt to sell you fake tickets to Walt Disney World. If you see tickets that are going for extremely low prices, chances are the website is not actually selling real discount Disney World tickets.

NEVER buy Walt Disney World passes from any online store that does not have an affiliation with Disney.

Clear Warning Signs For Spammy Walt Disney World Ticket Websites:

  • Do not purchase tickets if Disney is in the base URL ( www. discount walt disney world tickets .com ) Disney does not allow their affiliated resellers to have Disney in the URL of the website. Authorized resellers will typically have a fun name and then have Disney tickets written in the url after the slash mark ( www. get away today .com / walt disney world cheap tickets)
  • If you are required to pick up your tickets the morning of your vist, the tickets may have already been used. Never purchase used cheap Disney World tickets.
  • There are no one day Walt Disney World discount tickets available to the general public. Do NOT purchase a discounted one day Walt Disney World ticket.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets with cash or a debit card. Both of these payment methods are untraceable. If you are required to use either method to pay for your cheap Walt Disney World tickets, DO NOT purchase your tickets from that seller.

eBay and Craigslist are frequently filled with these type of fake discount Walt Disney World tickets. Be careful and avoid ever purchasing tickets from these websites. Each year news stories come out about people who fell for the scam and purchased “cheap Disney World tickets” on these sites. DO NOT USE THESE TICKET SITES!

Sometimes scammers will shoplift real Walt Disney World tickets from the Disney Stores. These tickets will look perfectly real when presented to you, but they have not been activated yet.

If any of the above information appears to be true, run away from these non-Disney approved discount ticket websites. They are fake and spammy.

Resale sites like Get Away Today, our recommended partner with the lowest prices on Walt Disney World tickets, have a very low profit margin.

Info on Lost Walt Disney World Tickets 2019

As soon as you have your Disney World tickets in your hand, take a picture of the back so that if you lose your tickets you will have all the necessary coding and information for Walt Disney World guest relations to void your old tickets and print new Disney World tickets for you. This is especially important if you purchased discount Disney World tickets because the receipt from the cheap ticket resellers will not be able to pull up your ticket information, while a receipt from a purchase of Disney tickets from a Disney ticket booth can pull your ticket information.

Even though Disney is not officially obligated to replace your tickets, they will almost always replace them for you. If you lose your tickets inside one of the theme parks, remain in the park and proceed to the guest relations office where they can assist you. They will be able to void your old Walt Disney World tickets and replace them. If you already exited the parks, ask a Cast Member where the Guest Relations window outside the park gates is.

Even if you don’t have a photo of your Disney World tickets as suggested above, Walt Disney World Guest Relations can help you replace your tickets if you have any receipt or paper with your ticket information encoded on it.

Lost Walt Disney World Annual Passports can be replaced easily by bringing a copy of your photo ID to any Disney World Guest Relations window.

One final thought on lost Disney World tickets…

If you find your tickets after previously reporting that they were lost, be sure to tear them in half and throw them away. Accidently using the old tickets for entrance into a Disney World theme park will lead to a massive headache filled process with Disney Security as they question you on where you got tickets that were reported missing.


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