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The Different Types of Ice Cream Available Today

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Did you know, Americans spend around $20 billion on ice cream?

We simply can’t get enough of this delicious cold snack. But, do you know what you’re gobbling down when you eat ice cream?

There are now hundreds of different types of ice cream in the world. In this article, we’ll look at just a few of the tasty options available to you every day!

1. Vegan Ice Cream is Saving the Planet

We now know that reducing how much dairy we eat has a huge impact on the planet. If you also avoid eating meat, you’re severely lowering your carbon footprint!

As a result of consumers waking up to the effects of climate change, we’re seeing a rise in the number of people following vegan diets.

That means more scrumptious vegan ice cream flavors for everyone to enjoy! Vegan ice cream is usually made with a milk alternative, such as almond, soy, oat, or hazelnut.

Ben and Jerry’s has a huge range of options that are simply delicious. Even if you’re a staunch meat-eater, it’s worth giving these products a go!

2. Gelato is Italy’s Greatest Gift

This yummy treat is made using more whole milk than cream, unlike hard ice cream. Furthermore, no eggs are used in this process.

During the process of making gelato, there is no air whipped into it. As a result, it is thick and extremely decadent.

Furthermore, it is much lower in fat than many other options and doesn’t contain any stabilizers. But, anyone who has tried it will know how thick and tasty the result is.

3. Sorbet is Great for the Lactose-Intolerant

Do you struggle with dairy? Thankfully, you don’t have to give up ice cream completely!

Aside from vegan ice cream, another delicious option is sorbet. It is made without using any animal products, just fruit puree and water!

This snack was created in Europe. It has links to Turkey, Italy, and France. It’s perfect for a hot day when you want a lighter treat to enjoy in the sunshine.

4. Hard Ice Cream is the Classic

Finally onto the classic ice cream that most Americans know and love – hard ice cream! This lip-smacking goodness has sugar, eggs, cream, milk, sweeteners, and stabilizers.

There are hundreds of different flavored ice creams in the world from chocolate to rum and raisin. Are you a strawberry fan or do you prefer buttered pecan?

It’s one of the best snacks to provide if you’re hosting a summer party. Check out this ice cream catering company for some great ideas.

There are Many More Types of Ice Cream

These are just four different types of ice cream. But, there are so many types of ice cream that you’ll lose count before you try them all.

Are you a sorbet savourer or do you guzzle hard ice cream by the pint? Whatever you prefer, we’ve never lived in a better time to love this tasty snack.

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