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Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas: How to Maximize Storage and Style

You don’t have to tone down the style just because you have a small bathroom. Instead, show guests your ability to curate the perfect space.

Low on small bathroom vanity ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are tips on creating an elegant small bathroom.

1. White, Gray, or Black Vanities

Otherwise known as a triple-threat for sophistication and popularity. These colors adapt with any bathroom style as they are neutral, useful if you move homes or plan to re-paint the bathroom.

White makes space appear larger which is important when you’re tight on space. Note that if you choose a black vanity, match it with a light color for the countertop for the full effect.

2. Open Storage

When browsing through vanities for small bathrooms, consider the most popular trends in bathroom design. Nowadays, old cabinets look dated which is why homeowners are switching to open bottom vanities.

Open shelves make your small vanity sink and space look more luxurious, spa-like and inviting. You can either choose a vanity with an open shelf at the bottom or build in extra open shelving on the walls.

3. Vessel Sinks

These have slowly become more popular because they give your bathroom a unique flair and can act as your bathroom’s focal point.

4. Floating Vanities

Floating sinks for small bathrooms or floating vanities give the illusion of more open space. Also, it’s possible to adjust their height to your preference. You’re spoiled for choice as many options are sleek and look like a piece of art in themselves.

Another plus is that floating amenities makes the floor easier to clean. It’s a win-win!

5. Marble or Quartz Sinks

These are the most popular type of materials for bathrooms and kitchens as they add brightness to the room. They are also compatible with any vanity color.

6. Brushed Nickel Hardware

When brainstorming half bathroom vanities, consider brushed nickel for hardware. The color goes well with cooler tones, popular for vanity colors, tile floors, and paint.

And as brushed nickel works well with any color, they work as a timeless addition to your powder room.

7. Repurpose Your Furniture

You don’t need to break the bank to create a stylish bathroom. For example, get that mid-century cabinet out from the attic and add a little drama to your bathroom.

When converting a vanity, find a piece of furniture you want and design the space around it. It’s also important to know the dimensions of the vanity, alongside the spout reach and faucet height, so you know this piece of furniture will work.

8. Built-In Lighting

Before Googling “vanity for small bathroom”, consider your lighting options. A great way to maximize your space is by installing an electric mirror as it will not only make it easier to get ready, but you won’t need to browse for additional light fixtures.

9. Corner Storage

Putting your vanity in the corner gives you more storage space. For example, you can install a wall-mount cabinet next to the sink and recess it so the bathroom stays uncluttered.

10. Small Double-Sink Vanity

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a double-sink vanity because you think your bathroom is too small.

Instead, use a long, narrow sink and mount a faucet on either end. The vanity can run the bathroom’s length and angle the faucets so you can fit everything in.

11. Swap Out Doors for Drawers

Depending on how small your powder is in, pick drawers over doors. Cabinet doors may not be able to fully open against the wall but drawers let you squeeze as much in as you need. You can even add a storage basket for extra space.

12. Take Advantage of Mirrors

The ideal small-bathroom vanity will be stylish and functioning. For example, you can install a cabinet with mirrored doors to create the illusion of a bigger room and remain practical.

13. Make Use of the Nook

If you’ve got an impractical nook in your bathroom, install a made-to-fit vanity. Use a wall-mount faucet to work in the narrow area if there isn’t room for a sink and fixture.

You can also add quirky towel hooks beside it to add a touch of personality and prevent them from taking up valuable space.

14. Go Round

Swap out your industrial-looking square vanity and choose around one. A petite unit will also take up less room and offer plenty of storage underneath.

Match the vanity’s base with a round sink and install a wall-mount faucet so you have enough room.

15. Add a Fancy Flourish

You don’t have to tone down your personal flair because you have a small bathroom. Get creative by covering the front of your vanity with colorful wallpaper.

This is also a great way to revamp an outdated unit and you can always swap out the wallpaper depending on your mood.

16. Less is More

Minimalism is a popular trend and is extra important when dealing with a small space. Keep the area decluttered to ensure it looks sophisticated and inviting.

Which of These Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas Are Your Favorite?

There are many small bathroom vanity ideas to help craft the perfectly petite power room. Maximize your storage space with drawers or open shelves for a sophisticated look and ensure it’s always uncluttered.

Don’t be scared to get creative by creating a custom-built vanity so it can squeeze in an awkward nook. Also, ensure you have built-in lighting to save space and for a sophisticated style.

If you’re looking for custom vanities to add to your bathroom, we’d love to chat. Contact us here for more information.

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