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Skills Every Woman In IT Should Know (Alaska ‘19)

In the information technology world, technical skills are very much the name of the game. A woman who works in IT can make or break her career according to the breadth and depth of the skills that she possesses.

However, it’s not always easy to know what skills are the ones that are truly valuable and beneficial to progressing a career forward. Developing some skills is just a waste of time. There’s no doubt that you’ve been hit up by a hundred and one different training websites and tools advocating their services. But which ones of that myriad of offers are ones that you should seriously consider?

In this article, we will shed some light on this issue. We hope to make clear some arguments on why you should pursue certain skills in IT, and why the others can fall to the wayside. By prioritizing these crucial IT skills, you can ensure that your resume beats those of your peers. In no time at all, you’ll get the career that you’ve always dreamed of.


The most basic IT skill that every woman should possess is coding. The languages that you should be able to code in will depend heavily on the industry you work in and the products you work on.

However, having a basic understanding of how to write code, coding syntax, how to debug code, and the like will give women in IT a fundamental grasp of what the day-to-day looks like for those on the frontlines of IT.


Networking is a massive consideration, especially in 2020. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is all about how machines and computers can connect to and network with each other, a fundamental understanding of how networking functions and what its applications are is crucial.

Remember that the applications of networking will be extremely industry-specific. The manufacturing industry, for instance, can benefit from the Internet of Things by analyzing big data across the machines involved in an assembly line manufacturing process. The accumulation of the big data over this network will provide key insights for those managing and optimizing the process.

The application of the same concepts in the healthcare industry, however, will obviously look very different.


Besides basic IT Training, it’s also important to think about the soft skills that are critical for women in the industry. And there’s no doubt that the most important of all soft skills is communication.

After all, you may have the greatest product feature or idea in the world. But if you can’t communicate it to your colleagues and up the chain in a manner that convinces them of your idea’s greatness, then what’s the point?

Excellent communication will advance your career far faster than any other skill can. So keep those technical skills in mind, but also remember to practice developing your communication ability.

Technical Skills for Women in IT, Made Simple

With these technical skills and soft skills that you need to know under your belt, you’re all ready to go out there and conquer the field of information technology!

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