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Should I Replace Or Repair My Broken Phone Screen?

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Having a broken screen is one of the most common experiences encountered by every mobile phone user. Next to this is water penetration from spills and then phones falling into the toilet. For sure, you may have already asked yourself whether it is worth repairing a damaged phone screen or replacing it with a brand-new device. Your decision may depend on several factors, such as possible unforeseen expenses and the extent of phone damage.

As long as you can use the phone, for sure, you don’t want to give up and replaced it with a new one. But you don’t have to think twice if you’re no longer comfortable using your communication device with a defective screen. The following are factors that may influence whether you should have your damaged screen repaired or consider investing in a new phone:

1. Age Of The Phone

Phone age is a huge deciding factor in whether you’ll have your broken phone screen repaired or not. The availability of the phone screen assembly also relies on the phone age since screen replacement parts for older models are more difficult to find, particularly those three years old and above. In general, newer smartphone models are easier to repair because screen parts are readily available from authorized service centers and typical third-party repair shops.

2. How Extensively The Damage Is

Service technicians charge based on the extent of damage over your phone screen. There are difficult to repair damages because the troubleshooting and repair procedures consume more time, especially if liquid immersion or overheating is the primary reason. In other instances, technicians also find it challenging to repair a broken screen when highly sensitive parts become damaged due to high impact. The extent of phone screen damage may determine how long you should wait to get it fixed. Total screen replacement usually takes an hour or less, while in-depth screen repair may take more than an hour.

3. Whether Damage Is Covered By Insurance Or A Warranty

You must not make rush decisions to have your broken screen repaired, especially if the mobile phone device is still under manufacturer warranty. In most cases, the manufacturer warranty becomes automatically voided once you have your phone repaired by a third-party repair shop. You need to verify if your phone is insured or has a warranty so that you can avoid costly screen replacements. It’s a good idea to bring your broken screen to an authorized service center in your area to ensure quality workmanship.

4. Repair Cost

The repair cost will directly affect your decision, whether to have your phone screen repaired or replaced with a brand-new device. Repairs for older models are apparently more expensive than the updated phone version. In most instances, phone screen replacement parts are difficult to find and often require direct ordering with the manufacturer, which further increases your expenses.

The factors mentioned earlier may greatly influence your final decision. For instance, if you purchase a new phone, the repair cost is much more economical, especially if the phone has insurance coverage or a warranty. If you’re using an older phone at present, however, upgrading it to a newer model is considered a smart move.

Some mobile phone users still prefer screen repair since they don’t need to make adjustments over certain phone features, unlike when they get a new device. But there are instances where the phone is no longer restored to its previous form due to the quality of workmanship and installed parts. You may possibly notice the difference in touch response and processing performance once your phone screen has undergone repair.

For users who don’t have warranty protection or insurance, you can try repairing your broken screen on your own. However, suppose you don’t have enough equipment. In that case, it’s better to take your phone to a reliable service center, whether you prefer technicians from authorized service centers or third-party service providers to handle it. Some DIY tips include using water-resistant clear tape or installing a screen protector. If you have your own equipment, you can buy a replacement screen and repair the broken screen yourself. Unfortunately, there are potential risks involved, such as causing further damage to your phone or spending on tools and accessories.

If you decide to have your screen repaired, verify with your phone manufacturer if authorized service centers offer quality phone repair Montgomery. Only work with a trustworthy service center that employs experienced technicians who are competent enough to handle various smartphone models. However, if you want a reliable third-party repair shop, you can bring your broken screen to Tech Repair Depot. At, you can meet highly qualified mobile phone technicians capable of handling comprehensive repair services, including screen replacement. They can clearly explain the actual and exact damage to your phone and the pricing model to be used.

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