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What Does Your Sydney-Based Business Need From A Corporate Video Production Company (Besides Awesome Videos)?

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As a Sydney video production company, we often speak with companies on the fence about working with a video production company like Young Buck Media.

So, before we delve into what you need for a video production company in Sydney, we’ll examine why you need these services.

Blogs and Other Written Content Aren’t Enough in 2023

Blogs are great for marketing. The same can be said for any type of strategically-inclined and skillfully crafted piece of online writing–that’s why we have a journal at Young Buck Media.

Yet, 4.4 million blogs are published every day. The market is oversaturated, and standing out among a nearly infinite number of blogs has its challenges.

So–should you give up on the marketing blog (or other written content) altogether? Absolutely not.

Instead, your approach to blogging needs to evolve with the times. Part of that approach means ensuring your written content isn’t doing all the heavy lifting with branding and marketing.

Your written content is one component of a successful marketing approach. When writing is your only (or primary) form of advertising or branding, you limit your potential to reach your target consumer with your message.

As time passes, blogs often function best as supplementary or deeper-layered marketing tools. That isn’t to say your first point of contact with a lead (and soon-to-be customer) couldn’t be a blog. With some expertly incorporated SEO, you could be in the ideal spot for a Google query and gain a crucial click.

At the same time, a successful clickthrough rate for blogs is 2%. Relying solely on those percentages to generate buzz, brand recognition, and conversions doesn’t sound promising or enticing.

One could argue that combining text with still visuals and graphic art could be more effective. However, banner ads don’t yield many clickthroughs either, and that’s expected to worsen in the future.

Written–and other still-motion–content often functions at its best when customers are already invested in a brand. The more connected someone feels to your organization, the likelier it is they’ll click on your blog updates or sales pages when you post links or banners on social media.

What’s the best way to gain that level of interest and connection from your target audience? Videos, of course.

Videos Put Eyes on Your Brand, Products, and Services

There is no comparison between videos and text (or graphics) regarding clickthrough rates. According to studies, videos receive 380% more clicks with calls-to-action than written text or buttons.

To the above point, studies find that only 10% of a message can be retained through text. Conversely, 95% of a message is retained when seen on video.

Moreover, nearly three-quarters of surveyed businesses claim videos have improved their conversion rate. Also, 82% of all traffic on the internet will soon revolve around video.

We’ll then point out how videos help superpower your blog articles and other forms of written content.

Adding your branded or corporate videos to written web pages is a best-practice strategy of many online marketing thought leaders.  Doing so will help your blogs rank in video-based search content, increasing your reach across search engines.

Plus, people will spend more time on your blog pages (or other written content pages) because they’ll be watching your videos. Thus, this strategy also helps SEO because search engine crawlers detect how much time people spend on your pages.

Not All Branded or Corporate Videos are Created Equal

In today’s climate, videos are an absolute must for any company that wants to set itself apart.

Videos give your audience something tangible about your company.  They transform brand identities from a ho-hum logo and tagline to a living, breathing entity with character and personality.  As Forbes points out, people who remember your videos will remember your company.

Still, you need to be careful of the type of video content you make visible to the public.

LinkedIn published an entire article discussing why DIY videos can do more harm than good for your brand. Audiences are more discerning than ever regarding online video content. Digital video creation isn’t new and fresh anymore, so viewers are far less forgiving when they see something mediocre.

More to the point, audiences–including your target market–think poorly made videos are amateurish.

Even then–DIY videos aren’t the only kinds that come across as second-rate.

Full disclaimer–Young Buck provides some of the most top-tier event video production Sydney has to offer. We’re not the only ones, though. There are other choices out there.

However, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a Sydney video production company with the skills, philosophy, and approaches to give your organization what it needs.

Read on as we explore what traits your business should prioritize when embarking on corporate video productions in Sydney.

Corporate Video Productions Sydney: What Should Your Business Prioritize?


What video production house best fits your company’s needs? That’s for you to decide–but we can offer insights into vetting and finding the best available corporate video productions Sydney offers:

Your Chosen Video Production House Should Have A Proven Track Record

Salespeople can be slick. They can say all the right things like offering a world class cinematic video production company Sydney and leave you thinking their company is on par with Universal Studios. Fast forward to the end product, and you’re stuck with half-finished, unedited videos that look like they were filmed on a tin can.

We’re being dramatic in making the point that anything less than videos that generate clicks is unacceptable. Your company deserves content that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience.

So, how do you avoid being sold a bill of goods during a pitch? How can you ensure your success with a corporate video production house before they’ve even produced one of your videos?

The proof, and the truth, will exist in a video production company’s previous work.

In other words, run for the hills if a video production company is vying for your business but lacks a portfolio of featured corporate videos. They might be the next Baz Luhrman, but you can’t afford to take the gamble if they don’t have the resume to back up their bluster.

Alternatively, a company–like Young Buck–that’s a proven entity in their industry will have readily available samples of corporate videos for you to examine.

A production company giving you access to previous work tells you a few things about its values and attitude. For one, they’re transparent and not trying to hide anything from you. They’re showing you point-blank what to expect, removing the element of unwanted surprises.

Additionally, by showing you their work, production houses display self-assuredness and confidence in their abilities. They know they can bring your vision to life and have the resume to back up that claim.

Another advantage of seeing previous work is you’ll learn the names of their clients. Thus, you can do more research, reach out to these clients, and ask them about their experiences with your prospective production company.

Seek Versatility In Your Choice Of Video Production House

Corporate videos are helpful for businesses looking to educate potential clients about their products or services. They’re also highly effective for internal communications and ensuring your team is on the same page in working toward your shared vision.

While its benefits are undeniable, corporate video is only one type of content. Video marketing offers so much more than one specific style or method.

Take testimonial videos, for instance. Nearly 80% of people have looked at testimonial videos to gather more information about a company or its products/services. Moreover, almost 70% of people are likelier to purchase a product or service after watching a previous customer’s testimonial.

Then, there are social media videos.

85% of social media users want more videos from brands on their platforms of choice. Nearly half of Facebook users use the platform specifically to watch videos (there are 1.5 billion users on Facebook, for further context). Moreover, an average of 100 million hours of video are viewed daily on Facebook.

Also, a well-rounded video production company can offer your Sydney-based business branded web videos. While not directly advertising your brand, branded web videos give your target audience insights into your business’s values. This helps establish positive associations with your company.

Over 80% of surveyed consumers need to trust a brand to purchase from them. Therefore,  the positive perception stemming from well-received branded videos can do wonders for your bottom line.

We haven’t even mentioned TVC or event videos–but our point stands firm. A video production company worthy of your investment can help create all the available types of video to benefit your company.

A Reliable Corporate Video Production Company Understands Your Business Needs

Many different types of marketing and branded videos were mentioned in the above section. Not all of them will apply to your business. However, one–and likely several–could make a significantly positive impact.

A top-tier video production company understands the nuances discussed above.

For example, Young Buck Media takes the time to develop a thorough knowledge base around our clients’ businesses. We research their target markets, delve into the benefits of their products and services, and sink our teeth into their brand’s rich history.

Through tireless legwork, we help our clients decide what kind of video(s) can most benefit their company.

We won’t suggest taking on projects that don’t align with your needs. While some companies might want the extra billings, our success depends on your success. We can only flourish in our partnership by producing videos that generate concrete results for your business.

Furthermore, when a video production company like Young Buck becomes an expert in your business, every decision we make comes from a place of knowing. Seemingly granular details like camera angles, lighting, or compiling b-roll footage can then be used to better your branding. Each added insight about your company informs every technique we apply.

Your Go-To Corporate Video Production Company Offers Prices That Make Sense

You get what you pay for. Opting for an overly discounted video production company will yield results reflective of those prices.

Still, the agreed price points should be cost-efficient and align with your business’s budget. Cash-strapped companies need to be careful how they dole out much-needed capital. Overspending on videos while struggling to make payroll isn’t advisable.

Research is integral to figuring out the most suitable price for your company. This way, you’ll have projections that help you predict ROIs. You’ll also garner an idea of when you can expect your returns to cover the initial investment.

Upon doing your due diligence,  you can set your video production budget. Your ideal video production house will offer you an initial quote that’s–at least–nearing that number.

There’s always the chance that you’ll like a company’s pitch, but their price isn’t in line with your budget. Any production company worth its salt will be open to a conversation. We’re not saying they’ll bend on their price, but they’d give a concise breakdown of their pricing to help you better understand what you’d be investing in.

Video Production Services Sydney

Are you seeking corporate video productions in Sydney?

Young Buck Media can produce corporate videos that heighten brand recognition, improve brand perception, and drive conversions.

We’ve spent our time in the industry helping clients like you take their businesses to skyscraping heights with videos that leave a lasting impact on targeted viewers.

Every new client offers us a fresh chance to help a business thrive and develop a personality that resonates with the masses. Our work speaks for itself, and our attitude revolves around making our clients happy.

If you’re new to video production, we understand your hesitation. Your tried and true blog, email, or even traditional marketing approaches like direct mail have taken you far. However, working with us will help you create video content that’s rocket fuel for the rest of your marketing initiatives.

It’s time for your brand to harness the full power of video. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Are you still having doubts? Then feel free to reach out for a chat.

We’d love to discuss your company and vision and explore all we can do for you. No pressure and no pushy sales tactics–just experts in their given fields talking about the potential for brand-inspired magic.

The Top Web Video Production Sydney Has To Offer Is At Your Finger Tips

The advent of online videos means audiences expect more from branded or corporate videos. Fortunately, meeting and exceeding those expectations is a matter of a few clicks of a mouse and a couple of presses of your keyboard. Learn more about Young Buck Media and what we can do for you.

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