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How Much is a CWI’s salary? The Facts Revealed

Are you looking for a career change? Whether you’re currently in a career or just getting started, it’s wise to consider your options.

One job you may have considered is a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). But how much does this job pay, and what does it entail? These are important details to hash out before you set your sites on being a CWI.

To help you get all the info you need, we’ve created this handy guide. Keep reading to learn all about what your CWI salary could look like.

The Basics of Being a CWI

As a CWI you’d be working in construction. This means you’ll have good job variety because you’ll probably work on numerous projects. You’ll get to apply your expertise in many different settings, which could keep the job interesting.

This job will keep you moving, but you may love that. No more staring at a computer screen all day!

As a CWI you’ll make sure that the welding codes and workmanship of welds are properly adhered to during construction.

You’ll also make sure all materials, equipment, and plans are up to par. And you’ll verify that all procedures are carried out correctly.

Multiple Work Options

As a CWI you’ll have a several options to choose from when it comes to your workplace and amount of travel.

For example, one option is working for what are called independent 3rd party consultants or more commonly referred to as testing labs.  These companies perform inspections for several different industries such as aerospace, commercial construction or oil and gas.  Working for one that focuses on commercial buildings or aerospace, mostly keeps the CWI centered in a major city with minimal out-of-state travel.  A company that focuses on oil and gas will result in more travel to various states and potentially overseas.

Another option is operating as an independent contractor.  In this role you pick and choose jobs on a contractual basis which typically results in higher pay and much more travel.  These types of jobs are more prevalent in the oil/gas pipeline and power production industries.

Contract work may take you all over the place. You’ll go where you can find projects that need a CWI. This could be tons of fun, but it’s probably not the best option if you’re a homebody.

As a CWI you are not limited to which industry you can work in.

How Much do Welding Inspectors Make?

Your salary will depend on who you work for, where you’re working, and various other details. In general, though, you can expect to make some good money.

On average you can expect to be paid around $61,000 per year. You may also receive overtime on top of this amount, depending on your projects. You may make much more than this depending on your location.

Whether you work as an independent contractor or an employee will affect how much you make. Contractors stand to make much more per hour, but that work may not be consistent and it doesn’t include employee benefits.

The CWI Salary is Worth Talking About

The average CWI salary isn’t worth gawking over, but it certainly is worth talking about. This job is more than capable of bringing you a pretty comfortable income.

If you’re interested in welding, have some leadership skills, aren’t afraid to take charge, and are looking for good money, being a CWI could be the career for you.

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