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Septik Safe Provides Major Savings for Clients

Septik Safe, a North Jersey-based septic installer, is pleased to provide major cost savings for clients by identifying and addressing costly issues before they escalate. Those looking to buy or sell their homes can get peace of mind that their septic system is in topnotch condition by contacting Septik Safe for an inspection. 


New Jersey, USA – April 17, 2020 – Septic installer expert, Septik Safe, is pleased to help clients recognize major savings by proactively catching potential problems before they escalate into costly issues.

Those who are looking to sell or buy a home can contact Septik Safe beforehand to ensure the septic system is free of concerns. The company prides itself on its honesty and integrity and ability to connect with customers and put them at ease during the process.

Septik Safe performs an in-depth septic inspection for every customer. The inspection starts in the home with an examination of the interior plumbing. The company then inspects the exterior components starting with the septic tank. From liquid level to the conditions of lids, risers, and baffles, each aspect is checked. If this proves to be satisfactory, a fiber-optic sewer camera is then used to inspect the condition of the line from the tank to the house, to ensure it’s in top condition.

This is just a part of the thorough process that Septik Safe uses to ensure the integrity of each customer’s septic system and to help save money by identifying and fixing potential problems in the early stages. By staying on top of inspections, homeowners can save up to $30,000 on a full septic system in the future.

Regular septic system inspections are key to preventing costly replacements in the future. Septik Safe aims to help clients’ keep costs down and give them peace of mind that their septic tank is in excellent condition during real estate transactions.

Septik Safe is backed by more than 12 years of experience in septic systems and vast knowledge of septic installation. Anyone who is buying or selling a home is encouraged to have a septic inspection done. Septik Safe ensures a high-quality inspection process. Every inspection is done right the first time, and all questions are addressed during the process.

About Septik Safe 

Septik Safe is a North Jersey-based business specializing in septic inspections for real estate transactions and condition reports for homeowners. Septik Safe is backed by more than 12 years of experience in septic installations and a strong knowledge of what makes septic systems work, as well as what makes them fail, providing customers with a major advantage by proactively addressing potential issues before they become major, costly problems.

Septik Safe provides preliminary inspections for customers that are planning on selling or buying a home. This allows them to get ahead of any concerns or repairs that may arise in the septic system. Preliminary inspections enable buyers and sellers to address problems beforehand, leading to a seamless transaction in the real estate transaction.


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Septik Safe
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