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3 Tips for Starting and Maintaining Your Minecraft Server

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Did you know that 126 million people play Minecraft every month? With those numbers, you must know at least one or two people who play.

If you are considering starting a multiplayer Minecraft game, you should look into starting your server. With your server, you and your friends can create without having to worry about anyone else crashing your gameplay.

This article will delve into some tips and tricks to help you get your server up and running.

1. Tips to Start a Minecraft Server

If you want to start a private Minecraft server, you have a few options. You can make a server yourself with a great high-spec computer, or you can also use a server rental for a plug-and-play option.

Both have their pros and cons. Let’s get into them!

Set Up Your PC as a Host

You can set up your home PC as a server. To do this, you’ll need a pretty beefy computer, depending on how many friends you want to add.

To run a game server from your PC, you’ll want it to be dedicated to that task alone. If you have set up your home PC as a server, you may experience lag issues or server crashes.

You will also need a very fast internet connection. We’re talking a minimum of 12 MBps.

If you want to host your Minecraft server, purchasing a dedicated PC for this task would be recommended. Buying a new PC might not be in your budget, though, if you want a more cost-effective solution, renting a server might be the way to go.

Rent a Server

You may not realize you can rent a private and dedicated game server for you and your friends.

When you rent a server, it takes all of the complicated configurations out of your hands. You don’t have to worry if your PC is up to spec or how fast your internet connection is. These servers are top-notch and will run your server with little to no issue.

Renting a server makes it easy to scale if you add more players. They also come with DDoS protection, something you may not be able to do on your own.

2. Benefits of Renting Your Own Server

Configuring your own server can be time-consuming. If things go wrong, you’ll spend a decent amount of time trying to untangle issues on your end, which can take you and your friends away from the game.

Renting a server allows you to spend most of your time playing, not worrying about the back-end stuff.

There are quite a few fantastic benefits when renting a server. We’ll go into a few of them, so you can better understand how easy it is to start up and maintain a rented private server.

Server Maintenance

A server hosting service is constantly adding to their network. They want to ensure their customers have a high level of service, and so they do everything they can to keep their servers up at all times.

Easy Set-Up

As soon as you pay, your server on AleForge is up and running within one minute. Once you select the perfect type of server for you and your friends, and you are minutes away from immediately play.


You can bring in your own maps and mods. The server is fully customizable to your gameplay needs. Choose how much disc space is provided to you, the number of CPUs, and the amount of RAM you want.

When you have selected the server you want, you can also choose which server location and if you’re going to add a dedicated IP as well.

3. Troubleshooting Your Minecraft Server

When things go wrong, it can be frustrating to figure out what the problem is. If you are running your own server, there is an extensive checklist to determine the issue.

If You Are Running a Home Server

First, you’ll want to determine if your issue is PC-related or not. You can run your repair tool to rule this out.

Once you have ruled out PC-related issues, you’ll need to try and narrow down what your server problem might be even further. If it is game-specific and you can’t connect, you could be running outdated server hardware. Check to see if there is a newer version available and install that.

If that doesn’t work, try disabling your firewall or your antivirus software. Sometimes this can cause issues.

The next step is to sign in and out of your Minecraft account, quit, and restart. Sometimes this is what the system needs to get going again.

If you are still having issues, you can try resetting your modem as a last resort.

Problems can also be a result of whatever third-party mods or software you have downloaded. Double-check to make sure everything you downloaded for your server is up to date.

Most of the above steps will help get your Minecraft server going again. If there are still issues after all of that, you can check forums like Reddit for an answer.

If You Are Renting a Server

Troubleshooting server issues with the company you are renting from is easy. Contact their 24/7 customer support, and they will help you figure out what the problem is ASAP.

Starting Your Own Gaming Server is Easy!

If you are looking to start a Minecraft server for you and your friends, renting one through Aleforge is an affordable and easy-to-use option.

Sign up today to get your 10-day free trial!

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