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Why Is It Cheaper to Mail My Prescription Than Pick It up in Person?

Prescription drugs have never been more expensive.

For example, someone prescribed 4.5 medications now spends 3.5 times more per year than they did in 2005.

Nobody should be forced to choose between their financial and physical wellbeing!

It makes total sense then that people are searching for ways to save money on their medication. Acquiring them online and having them delivered to your door is one way to do it.

But why? Allow us to explain.

Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why the “mail my prescription” option saves you money.

1. Lower Co-Payments

First things first: Many online pharmacies simply offer discounted rates on your copays. For example, it isn’t unheard of for them to provide 3 months of medication for just 2 copayments.  

Such significant reductions might not always be possible. However, you’ll often find at least some level of discount on mail-order prescriptions.

Why? Because just like any business, pharmacies are competing for your patronage. This incentivizes discounts, coupons (such as from this resource), and promotions to undercut their competitors.

2. Generic Brands

In the past, people were limited by the medication available in their local brick and mortar pharmacy.

With only name-brand drugs available, they were forced to pay a premium. After all, this was the medication available, meaning there was no other choice.

These days, though, online pharmacies often have generic brands on offer as well. These medications have the same ingredients but lack the fancy names.

Assuming the online pharmacy is well-reputed, choosing these non-branded drugs can provide reasonable financial savings.

3. Reduced Pharmacy Costs

Online pharmacies can afford to lower the price of their medication.

Why? Because they lack many of the overheads that brick and mortar stores have to cover. For example, everything from rent and staff salaries to materials and equipment can be costly.

Pharmacists have no choice but to raise their prices in order to make a profit.

With fewer employees and no physical establishment, online stores rarely have the same level of monthly outgoings. As such, they can afford to drop their prices and still make a profit.

4. No Transport Costs

The practical advantages of mail-order medication save you cash too.

Indeed, your local pharmacy might still be a considerable distance from your home. Not only is this a challenge for anyone with physical and mental health issues, but it also costs money to get there.

Driving or taking public transportation both cost money. Sure, it might not be much, but it’s sure to add up as the weeks and months pass by. Having medication delivered means this is one less cost to cover.

Please Doc, Mail My Prescription Instead!

Medication isn’t cheap, which presents a horrible dichotomy to millions of Americans. It’s a choice between seeing their bank balance or their wellbeing take a turn for the worse. One way or another, suffering is involved.

Thankfully, though, the “mail my prescription” option solicits the help of online pharmacies that can reduce the levels of expense.

Hopefully, this post has explained why this approach can cut your prescription costs. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable source!

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