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Scottsdale SEO: Rank On Google Today

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Scottsdale SEO services that fail to first emphasize content marketing aren’t doing your business any favors. That’s because content marketing can help businesses maintain exposure and connection to their audience, especially during struggling economic times.

In the following article, we’re going to discuss some of the specific ways that content marketing can work for your business. First, however, let’s clear up some of the misconceptions, excuses, and points of intimidation that are keeping you from going all-in with the CM experience. There are three big ones, in particular.

Scottsdale SEO: You Do Not Have Time to Create the Content

Time is one of the biggest factors holding back most of us who’d like to enact sweeping positive changes in our lives or businesses. There’s a sense of, “Sounds great, but I’ve got responsibilities.”

You also may be hesitant to turn over your business to a content creator who doesn’t really understand your industry. God forbid you to end up paying for a bunch of worthless, unusable content!

The reality is that you have more time to create content than you think because you’ve got a field of expertise. You know your business and your local market better than other people do, and once you start creating content, it’ll come easier for you. More on that in a moment!

You Are a Poor Writer or Technologically Deficient

Who cares if you’re a bad speller or cinema-level videography isn’t your forté? You know how to string sentences together, use a spell-checker program, and work a smartphone. You can do this!

What your audience wants the most online is value. They’ll forgive your shoddy content production skills if you’re helping them solve a problem or revealing something to them they didn’t previously know. Keep this in mind before being too hard on yourself.

You Would Rather Spend Time Working on Your Business

Content marketing is working on your business. In fact, it’s a more economical way of doing so than the generic advertising that hard times like the present are forcing you to cut. Capitalize on “slow times” to figure out how you’re going to use content to stay in front of the Scottsdale community and surrounding areas!

Now that you know there is no place for excuses in content creation, let’s look at the specifics of how it actually drives traffic. It does it in the following seven ways.

1. Content Marketing Can Create Value

When looking into SEO services, don’t overlook the value that content marketing can create in this regard. Search engines provide us with unique insight into the types of questions and phrases that users are searching for.

Tailoring a piece of content that answers those questions authoritatively and with a unique voice can help you get to the top of the engines. From there, your numbers will go up.

2. It Can Help Further Define Your Audience

The advent of local SEO services has helped businesses use the Internet to build more meaningful connections with the audience right outside their door. In fact, local SEO has been one of the most critical tools ever for leveling the playing field between large and small businesses.

Using content marketing on what your local audience is searching for gives you the ability to further define who your audience is. The more you know about them, the stronger those connections will be!

3. It Can Help You Establish a Voice

For more affordable SEO services, it’s always better to take an active role in learning the technology behind them. This protects you and helps you embrace the content creation process with an eye for what does and doesn’t work on the web.

In the process, you’re going to harness your expertise. That’s going to make you sound more like you know what you’re talking about and less like a random copywriter or videographer mimicking what he or she has seen from someone else.

This act of being uniquely you is called building a voice. Google loves unique. Don’t be afraid to bring your personality into play. This is an easy tip to help increase your brand within the Scottsdale SEO ranking factors!

4. Content Marketing Makes You More of an Authority

Any Arizona SEO company worth its salt will tell you how effective content marketing is to get results at a fraction of the price. Cost-cutting, however, is not the driving force of why you do it.

You do it to establish your authority. Consumers want to buy quality. They don’t want to throw their money away on a whim, and your established authority will give them the confidence they need to buy.

5. It Helps You Across Multiple Platforms

You might be a little nervous to get into the content creation game because of the fear that you have to create volumes of content for every place your brand exists. The website, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

Take a deep breath. You do need unique content on all your platforms to increase traffic to your website, but it’s easier to pull off than you think. Create a piece of pillar content for your site; then repurpose it in smaller chunks that are unique to wherever you’re posting.

6. It Allows You to Connect With Your Local Market

We’ve already touched on this some, but it bears repeating. Local SEO is a major strategy that you should have already been using.

Content marketing to a local audience keeps you fresh on their minds, and it gives you the ability to show that you truly know the Scottsdale community. Most consumers want to support local, so the more brand identity that you can create around that the better!

7. Content Marketing Helps You With Mobile

Despite mobile usage surging since 2013, there is still a contingent of small businesses that haven’t gotten around to the transition. They see their business and technology platforms as two separate entities instead of extensions of one another. Staying ahead of your local competition will help you with mobile search results, and content marketing is a great way to do it.

Scottsdale SEO Solutions Can Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Are you ready to up your Scottsdale SEO game with content marketing and a focus on local optimization? It’s time to give Go Phoenix SEO a call. We can help you establish a content marketing system that works.

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