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Alcohol addiction affects men and women differently. This is why there are programs exclusively for either gender. Women’s alcohol rehab focuses on the specific needs of women to help them gain lasting recovery. These programs also help women start fresh in sobriety with the support and knowledge they need for a real chance of a better life.


Women tend to develop addictions for different reasons than men. They have different backgrounds, histories, experiences, viewpoints, and mechanisms than their male peers. One reason for this is that women are more likely to suffer emotional and physical trauma than men. According to the journal Child Abuse and Neglect, 27% of women suffer sexual abuse, compared to 16% of men.

Undergoing abuse or attack and surviving can leave deep emotional and physical scars. Often, individuals who have dealt with these types of issues choose to self-medicate, leading to alcoholism.

The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment recently revealed that women have a higher chance of feeling shame and depression for attending addiction treatment than their male counterparts. Men tend toward detachment, instead. These are key differences in how men and women accept treatment, making it even more important for women to attend specialized women’s alcohol rehab.

If women go through rehab without gaining important trauma treatment specifically for their needs, they’re more likely to relapse. Healing of underlying trauma is critical. For this to happen, it’s crucial for women to feel comfortable, safe and secure in treatment. Often, some separation from men in treatment is the only way true, deep healing takes place.


Women’s alcohol rehab programs address key differences for female clients, providing them with appropriate care. This care includes therapies for trauma, depression, shame, and low self-esteem. At Crestview Recovery, we design programs according to how women communicate. Women typically need more affirmation and interpersonal support than men.

Women in group therapy with female peers form tight bonds. These relationships fulfill deep needs for acceptance and friendship in treatment. Women more readily share stories and speak about their issues around other women. Additionally, women also respond well to a sense of community, openness, acceptance, teaching and leading in treatment.

In a men’s and women’s addiction rehab program, women suffering past trauma from men may not participate as they should toward recovery. But in the absence of men in female-only programs, they feel more comfortable being open about these traumas. Only by addressing trauma can healing for lasting recovery begin.

Women’s alcohol rehab works because it offers unique treatment approaches for women, addressing female-specific needs. These needs include:

  • Focus on whole-person health
  • Support, relationships, and connections with others
  • Fertility issues
  • Childcare and parenting issues
  • Help for low self-esteem and relationship problems
  • Addressing past sexual assaults and childhood trauma
  • Treating co-occurring eating disorders

In female-specific alcohol rehab, women feel more comfortable addressing these issues. However, in co-ed treatment, they tend to hide some problems due to shame or embarrassment. Without treating these problems, relapse is imminent.


Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon provides rehab for men and women. Therapies uncover gender-specific issues among peers and individuals. Addiction treatment at Crestview includes:

Women aren’t alone in recovery at Crestview. We create personalized treatment plans that address women’s unique needs. Call Crestview Recovery for the help you need today at 866.262.0531.

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