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How to translate documents to English

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When it comes to translating documents to English, there are hundreds of options online. Some, however, are more reliable than others, and some could lead to frankly catastrophic mistakes. So how do you make an informed choice and ensure you receive the best possible translation of your original document, resulting in a polished, accurate English text?

Choose a trustworthy translation agency

Capital Linguists understands the importance of an accurate, culturally appropriate translation of your source documents. Choosing a professional translator with trustworthy five-star reviews guarantees your original source document will be faithfully translated into English – whatever your translation preferences. Capital Linguists can provide you with an abbreviated version of your original source, or a complete translation of the full document, whatever that may be. English language translation requires knowledgeable interpreters and translators who are also adept in the writing process, so your final outcome is a true representation of your source document.

Capital Linguists has experienced, accredited language professionals from all over the world, so whatever your source language, they are sure to be able not only to help, but also ensure a high-quality outcome. Capital Linguists can also provide you with a translation certification and take into account any individual translation preferences you may have. This highly professional, tailored service means you can be certain of a reliable, high-quality outcome.

Why should I avoid machine translation services?

Machine translators are just that: they are machines, with no understanding of the nuances or complexities of language. Although they cost less initially, choosing automatic translation to translate your foreign language documents into English can lead to costly mistakes. The accuracy of machine translators also varies enormously across different languages, and of course, they have no understanding of context. While the likes of Bing Translator or Google Translate can be helpful for ascertaining a rudimentary outline of a document’s meaning, these tools are not suitable for the translation of a formal letter, official original documents, or anything where a highly accurate translation is required.

So when nothing but a reliable, careful and exact translation will do, stay away from that translate button, and make sure you choose an experienced human translator. Whatever your language pair, Capital Linguists can help, ensuring you end up with something to be proud of: a faithful and correct translation of your original language document, in the exact format you require.

What can Capital Linguists offer you?

Out of the dozens of translation providers out there, it is important to choose a trustworthy, reliable agency, backed up by testimonials from satisfied customers. Capital Linguists can offer just that – as well as providing you with peace of mind that you have a faithful translation, endorsed by a host of five-star average reviews from satisfied customers across the world.

Capital Linguists has over 20,000 skilled translators and linguists, ready to help with your document translation from its original language into English. A skilled linguist is not only highly experienced and knowledgeable in the nuances of the source language, but also in transposing documents into the English language, selecting appropriate vocabulary for the context.

Certified Translation

Professional translation services are paramount when it comes to translating common documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers or death certificates, where only the most accurate version will suffice. A single word mis-translated in such a crucial official document can prove costly – and even transform the meaning to something else entirely; we’ve all seen examples online, where machine translation services have made unfortunate mistakes. English translations of these source documents – whether they’re certificates, or sensitive documents for applications – must be carried out using a service provider who can guarantee an accurate certified translation, handled with sensitivity and the utmost confidentiality.

The final word on translating documents to English

When it comes to accurate English translations, make sure you consult a reputable agency such as Capital Linguists. Approach automatic document translations with a high degree of caution, and consult the expertise of quality linguists instead; whatever your original source document or language, translating documents into English is a skill which needs to be carried out by a team of experts. Taken from the ranks of academia, Capital Linguist language providers are selected to match your project’s unique needs, and will supply you with an English translation of your entire document that is accurate both linguistically and culturally. Give yourself peace of mind and ask a reputable, qualified professional!

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