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10 Backyard DIY Projects You Could Start Today

Science shows us that creative projects and outlets help us manage our stress. Finding the time to create something unique and useful in your backyard is the perfect stress-relieving DIY project for you to tackle today! 

We have put together a fantastic list of the top 10 best DIY projects for your backyard. From zen gardens to entertainment stations these projects are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Let’s take a look!

1. Edible Gardens

You can turn your backyard into your private grocery store with the addition of an edible garden. Start small by adding a raised garden bed in an area of your backyard that receives ample sunlight.

When choosing what to grow you will want to have a variety of herbs and vegetables, however, if you are new to gardening start with easy to grow crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. as these will be easier to manage.

Plan your garden out before starting to help you decide how many crops you will be planting and what varieties. Be sure to invest in good soil so your plants grow strong and big, and don’t forget to purchase some good gardening gloves as well! 

2. Outdoor Bar 

An outdoor bar is a fun way to create an entertainment station for your friends and family. For this DIY project, you can either buy a bar stand that is already put together or you can give building a custom bar a try. This service area will be the perfect spot to host parties and backyard BBQs.

Consider things like seating and ice and beverage storage when creating the space. Adding the appropriate outdoor lighting will help the area feel more inviting for you and your guests. 

3. Gazebo 

A Gazebo is a beautiful structure that will add beauty as well as functionality to your backyard. You can use your Gazebo to host outdoor dinners or turn it in do an outdoor studio. If your yard gets a lot of sun a Gazebo is the perfect structure to get relief from the heat. 

Another option to the traditional Gazebo is an open-air Gazebo. This style of shade structure allows for some sun and rain to come through making it a good option for those who wish to keep plants growing inside of the structure. 

4. Zen Garden

Creating a zen garden in your backyard is a beautiful way to create a meditative and relaxing space. The components of a zen garden are meant to inspire tranquility and appreciation for the beauty of nature. Before you get started on your garden you will need the following items:

  • white gravel
  • Metal rake
  • Wooden zen rake
  • Variety of rocks in all shapes and sizes
  • Landscaping plants 
  • Gloves 
  • Shovel
  • String and string level

These items are essential to building your zen paradise. Once your garden is built you can use it to find relaxation and meditate. The act of raking the garden is meant to bring peace or zen to your state of mind which makes this DIY project beautiful and helpful!

5. Backyard Fountain 

A backyard fountain is a great way to upgrade the aesthetic of your space. The sound of the flowing water is relaxing and will attract birds to your yard for great wildlife viewing. Before you start, consider the size and shape of the fountain.

Depending on the size of your yard it might be a good option to do an above ground DIY option for your fountain by creating a fountain that flows into a galvanized tub or a DIY fountain box. These above-ground options are simple and inexpensive to create and easy to maintain. 

6. Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can make your backyard feel like a secluded oasis if done correctly. When planning a privacy fence consider things like material, color, and size. There are a variety of options to choose from when installing your fence that are already pre-stained and ready to install.

If you are feeling extra creative you could try making your fence by buying the raw materials and then customizing the color and shape to your liking. No matter which route you choose the adding privacy will be a great luxury. 

7. Update Lighting 

The right lighting in your backyard can turn it into a paradise retreat. Consider using a variety of light sources in your backyard to layer the lighting.

For example, along the pathways in your yard use ground stake lights to illuminate the path. In areas where you entertain consider hanging string lighting above the area to create depth and add soft lighting.  Outdoor candles are another great source of mood lighting that can also be beneficial for managing those summer pests like mosquitos.

8. Landscaping 

Updating the landscaping in your backyard is an essential DIY project for anyone looking to give their yard a facelift. You can start by clearing out any built-up brush or leaves that have accumulated in the yard. Then diligently weed all flower and garden beds.

Once you have weeded and cleaned up the space then you can decide on planting ornamental plants like rose bushes or vibrant lavender. Consider edging your flower beds and framing them with stone or wooden frames for a polished look.

9. Patio

If your yard doesn’t have a patio already then consider installing one. A patio can be used as a relaxing outdoor area, outdoor dining room, area for potted plants, etc. the options are endless!

Consider the material you would like to use for the base such as concrete or wooden decking. Once your patio is finished you can begin to decorate with outdoor furniture and ornate plants to create an aesthetic in the area. To add shade to the area a retractable canopy is another simple DIY project that can turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary. 

10. Sheds

Gone are the days of the old paint-chipped sheds that were eyesores to our backyards! If your shed is looking a little worse for wear it is time to give it a makeover.

To start sand the shed down to remove any rough edges or flaking paint. Then access any areas that need repair such as broken boards, holes in the roof, broken doors, etc. Next, you will need to choose a color of paint or stain for your shed and get painting!


Simple Backyard DIY projects 

These simple DIY projects are affordable and easy to do! You can change the whole vibe of your yard with any one of these unique projects today.

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