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Revel Media Announces Coley’s 1st Movie

Revel Media is excited to announce its upcoming purpose driven comedy, “Jebus”, which is set to be released in 2023.


United States, February 20, 2023— “Jebus” is a political satire that follows the storyline of a beach bum named Jebus, sent by God during times of great division to reteach Americans how to love each other again. The movie is a spiritual manifesto that uses humor to satirize the divisiveness and disinformation of the health crisis era and offers healing and laughter as Americans navigate past their divisions. “Jebus” stars Coley who plays 5 roles and wrote, directed, produced and performed the soundtrack for the movie. The eccentric creator looks up to multi-hyphenate artists like Tyler Perry, Jay Z and Sasha Baron Cohen and founded Revel Media as its CEO and lead “Enlightainer”.

The movie stars hilarious inspirational comedian Rodney Norman as God, political comedian Walter Masterson as Judas and infamous New York City actor Wayne Diamond as Joseph. It celebrates diversity with a cast & crew that includes human beings of all stripes featuring women, people of color, latin, asian, native american, LGBTQ, local homeless performers and artists with disabilities. “It was a labor of love, everyone performed for the cause with creative license to play their characters however they wanted. The improvising, natural performances of a diverse group of comedians is what really makes this movie so captivating,” says Coley.

While some have called the movie “blasphemous”, Coley insists the movie celebrates spirituality of all kinds and honors Jesus’ message of love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. “The movie is like a modern retelling of the bible set in a weird, bohemian beach town. With the rise of Christian nationalism and political violence, I thought it was a good time to channel “what would Jesus do?” about the political fighting in our country. He certainly wouldn’t have condoned violence. To me, that’s what’s blasphemous.”

Coley wrote the first draft of Jebus via a quick shamanic download when he nearly died of health crisis in March 2020. Shaking in bed with pneumonia, seizures, severe fatigue and breathing difficulty, Coley says the message came in an instant. “God / Tao / Universe / Infinite Love / Whatchamacallit told me to make this movie. The message was clear – all human beings need to come together to heal our society and our planet or we are going to descend into more suffering via effects of climate change, political violence and war.” And that’s exactly what happened as the Jebus Co-Op manifested when Coley went to Gulfport, FL from Philly to heal from health crisis.

The feature film promises an exceptional and unforgettable experience putting fans on the edge of their seats with beautiful cinematography, an epic story, hilarious performances and timely satire of modern times. The soundtrack is also edgy and hip and is Coley’s 15th album as a music artist. Next on Coley and Revel Media’s slate is Season 1 of the Coley TV Show which follows the behind the scenes of the Revelutionary artists as they build a movement around conscious Enlightainment, more podcasts from Coley’s “revelutionary” podcast, more music albums from Coley and the Revelutionaries and more movies to come as Coley has 10+ scripts ready to go.

For more information about the movie and to watch the trailer, visit

About Revel Media:

Revel Media is a vertically integrated production company that produces purpose driven movies, TV shows, music and podcasts. The company and its “Revelutionary” conscious creators aim to make “Enlightainment”, conscious content in the film industry that entertains and enlightens. For the Jebus movie, Coley and Revel Media created a community owned co-op of over 100 cast and crew members who all invested energy and time into making the movie and co-own the film sharing in the profits. It’s a true movement intended to show other creators and communities how they can come together to make purpose driven content and share in the profits. This same model can be used in local communities or companies to balance growing income inequality by allowing co creators to co-own the results of their work. It also leads to better art as all co-op members are vested in the big picture. It’s this team magic that made “Jebus” a classic movie.

Contact Information:

Organization: Revel Media
Contact Person: Sarah Cantero
Address: Gulfport, FL
Email: [email protected]

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