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All You Need To Know About Tallahassee DUI Laws

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Have you ever been charged with driving under the influence (DUIs)? We hope it does not happen to anyone, but the circumstances are not always in our favor; sometimes, we have to face these unpleasant situations.

So what if we confront charges of driving under the influence, and what kind of precautions we must take to avoid this situation.

Tallahassee driving under the influence (DUI Laws) are so strict about breaching, and there are different precautions to avoid coming under any charge of driving under the influence(DUI).

You have to face severe consequences for violating Tallahassee DUIs laws. For example, there would be some situations like fines, suspension of driving license, jail time, the requirement to complete community services, and installation of the ignition interlock device( IIDs is breath analyzer; you have to analyze your breath through an ignition interlock device and if you drunk and drugged will be unable to start your vehicle)

This was just an overview of Tallahassee DUI laws. There are different types of driving under the influence laws and variations in punishments and penalties, so we all must be aware of these types of Tallahassee DUI laws. Some punishments and penalties are severe, and some are minor; here are those details.

Types of driving under the influence (DUIs)

When discussing types of driving under the influence, these laws are divided into various categories by calculating your law’s offense.

Types of offense deal with your punishments, and penalties are measured through these types of driving under the influence and which kind of DUIs was violated.

So here are some types of driving under the influence that can be avoided and save yourself and others from damages by breaching DUIs laws.

First-time DUIs offense

The first-time DUIs offense must surprise some of us; when we drive, it seems everything is fine, and we can not be subject to a DUIs offense, but the Tallahassee government’s driving under the influence laws are strict. They use different technical methods to test blood and breath alcohol levels below 0.8; if you are arrested for having a blood and breath alcohol level of 0.8 or above, you will confront heavy consequences given below.

  • Fine 
  1. The first time DUIs offense confronts a fine of $500 if BAL is below 0.15.
  2. If it is above 0.15, the fine will increase to $1000.
  3. There is the third category of fine; if you face a DUIs offense for the first time and have a passenger below 18, the consequence will be different and increment in fine.
  • Jail
  1. A first-time DUIs offense can cause being in jail for six months.
  2. If BAL is above 0.15 and has a minor passenger, it can be increased to 9 months.
  • Probation 
  1. First-time DUIs and Probation up to a year.
  • License Suspension
  1. First-time DUIs and under 0.15 suspension of license for six months.
  2. BAL above 0.15, then the rest of the permit of 1 year.
  • Impound
  1. First-time DUIs and will face Impoundment of your vehicle for ten days.

Multiple time DUIs offense

The Multiple time DUIs are further categorized into the second DUIs and the third DUIs.

The state will treat you as multiple offenders with harsh charges, including mandatory jail, heavy fines, and license suspension for a more extended period.

  • The second DUI

If you are arrested for a second DUI, the penalties would be harsh.

  1. The second time DUI fine would be $1,000 to $2,000 if the driver had a BAL of 0.15, and If BAL is above 0.15, then a penalty would be $2,000 to $4,000.
  2. Jail up to nine-month
  3. License suspension: minimum 180 days and maximum can be permanent license suspension.
  4. Installation of the Ignition Interlock Device for one year.
  • The Third DUI
  1. The fine would be $2,000 to $5,000, and if BAL is above 0.15, then the penalty would not be less than $4000.
  2. Jail up to a year.
  3. License suspension: minimum 180 days and maximum can be permanent license suspension.
  4.  Two years of installation of the Ignition Interlock Device.

Felony DUI

  1. Fine, not less than $1000.
  2. Permanent Suspension of license
  3. Up to 5 years in jail.

DUI with Property damage and Serious Bodily Injury

If a person is arrested for property damage or serious bodily injury, they will confront severe penalties and increment in penalties mentioned above.

Also, face enhancement in penalties after measuring property damage or severe injury caused by the driver.

What is the best way to deal with Tallahassee DUI charges/penalty?

Best way to deal with DUI charges is to get in touch with in Tallahassee DUI Lawyers.

Final verdict

These laws are for your safety and others, so be careful while driving, and there should be a BAL level below as mentioned by Tallahassee DUIs laws.

If you have a commercial driving license, then a violation of Tallahassee DUI laws, you can lose your job.

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