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Lash Stuff Offers Free Lash Lift Training for Professionals

Lash Stuff is now offering free lash lift training for professional cosmetologists and estheticians who meet qualifications.


Ogden, UT, February 12, 2021 – Professional estheticians and cosmetologists who want to learn how to provide lash lift services to clients can now receive free lash lift training from Lash Stuff. To qualify for the free training, the purchase of a lash lift kit is required.

Lash Stuff, a respected provider of eyelash extension supplies, is proud to announce that any trained cosmetologist or esthetician who wants to learn more about lash lifting can now receive the training they need for free. All that is required to take advantage of this offer is to purchase a lash lift kit from Lash Stuff. In a time when COVID-19 restrictions make opportunities like this challenging to come by, Lash Stuff aims to make the training sessions as safe and comfortable as possible. The company offers the training online, so enrollees can watch it from the safety of each their own homes.

Learning how to provide lash lift services to clients may be one way beauty professionals who are currently out of work can expand their service offerings and potentially gain more business. The beauty services industry has been hit hard by restrictions and temporary shutdowns related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Beauty professionals who offer a wide range of popular services may increase their ability to bounce back from a tough year and attract more clients.

Lash lifts are highly popular right now, especially for clients who are looking for alternatives to lash extensions. A lash lift is basically a perm for the eyelashes. But instead of causing the eyelashes to be curly like a normal perm would do, a lash lift causes the lashes to sweep upward. The process also involves tinting each lash to provide a thicker, darker look that draws more attention to the eyes. The procedure is not too difficult to perform once initial training is received, and many people seek beauty professionals who are qualified to offer it.

As with any other beauty procedure, the lash lifting process has the potential to go very wrong if it isn’t done correctly. Any beauty professional who plans to offer this service needs to undergo sufficient training to protect clients and to protect his or her own financial interests. As a leading provider of lash lift products, Lash Stuff is proud to offer this training at no cost to beauty providers. The only thing that’s required is for the course enrollee to purchase a 20-application lash lift kit. Once the kit is purchased, the buyer receives access to a complimentary two-hour online instruction course. The course provides detailed directions for how to complete a lash lifting procedure from start to finish.

The training is live and features a professional instructor applying a lash lift to a live model. Any enrollee who is virtually attending is free to ask questions in real-time and receive answers right away. Once the enrollee completes the course, he or she is sent a printed, signed certificate of completion. An esthetician or cosmetology license is required to receive the Lash Lift Certification. Interested individuals are invited to email [email protected] to receive answers to their questions about the lash lift training.

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