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Residential Telescoping Flagpole Buying Tips: How To Choose The Right One

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Every residential home in America should have a flagpole. Flagpoles are a great way you show your patriotism, rep your favorite sports teams, and honor American Holidays.

If you are thinking of installing a residential flagpole, you should check out this guide.

No longer is flag technology limited to a pole with a rope and pulley system. That system is passé.

The latest evolution is the Titan telescoping flagpole. The Titan, regarded as the best flagpole on the market, is changing the industry.

So, before you choose a flagpole for your home, take a look at these tips for buying. This article will examine the specs and benefits of the Titan telescopic pole.

The Residential Telescopic Flagpole

Whether you plan to raise the American flag, a branch of the military, fire department, or any other affiliation, you’ll want to be proud of the pole. After all, the flagpole will tower over the neighborhood, visible by all.

Correspondingly, Flagpole Farm is synonymous with quality. All of our products are top-of-the-line make and model. And no product expresses this distinction like the Titan telescoping flagpole kit.

How It Works

The design is like that of a spyglass. A telescopic flagpole consists of tubes that collapse in on themselves. The patented interlocking sleeves provide excellent stability at each joint.

The beauty of telescoping flagpoles is in the ease of access. Instead of untangling a traditional pulley every time a flag knots up, the telescoping arms lower to you.

Perhaps you don’t want a flag up year-round or choose to remove them at night. You can lower the telescopic pole to the ground during these times. Now, you won’t have a naked flagpole standing in your yard.

Residential Installation

The installation process for the Titan flagpole is a breeze. The first step is finding the perfect spot in your yard to raise a flag. Be sure no nearby trees are the same height as the pole.

With the spot in mind, dig a fence post hole. The hole will contain the ground sleeve included with the kit.

From there, you will pour concrete around the base. The entire operation should take less than an hour.

It is okay if you don’t have experience with this type of work. We at Flagpole Farm offer you an in-depth step-by-step video explaining the process.

Material and Features

Built with anodized aluminum, this flagpole is built to last. This material won’t rust, the finish won’t chip, and it won’t fade from sunlight. The titan can withstand the harshest elements (more on this later).

Another neat feature is the swivel rings that clasp to the flag. With a 360 degree field of movement, the wind can toss a flag in any direction without twisting it up. Nothing looks worse than a knotted and wrapped flag thrashing in the wind.

Though the ground sleeve is a permanent installation, the telescopic pole is removable. This allows you to fold the pole up and take it places. Imagine bringing it along to tailgates, rallies, or parties.

Sizes and Strengths of Flagpoles

Now that you know what the telescopic flagpoles are capable of, it’s time to think about the size. We at Flagpole Farms offer a variety of heights.

Depending on the sizes of flags you plan on flying, the height plays a factor. There are two main groupings.

15′ and 20′ Light-Duty

These are the two smaller and lighter gauge telescopic poles. The heights of the two are 15 and 20 feet tall. However, they are not as thick.

Pressed at 14-gauge, the light poles can withstand 75 MPH wind. The two joint construction is capable of flying two 3’x 5′ flags.

20′ and 25′ Heavy-Duty

The heavy-duty telescopic flagpoles have a 3 joint construction. The extra joint allows the poles to rise higher than the light-duty. These are rolled from a 12-gauge metal which is considerably thicker.

This stronger design yields two new benefits. The heavy-duty Titans can withstand 95 MPH winds. This means your flagpole will be capable of enduring a category one hurricane.

Furthermore, a heavy-duty telescopic flagpole lets you hang two large 4’x6′ flags.

Flagpole Finishes 

If you have a size in mind, the next aspect to consider is a finish. There are three finish options for the Titan telescoping flagpole kit.

Though they are all dazzling, your setup may call for a specific color. Matching the motif of your house, the colors of your flags, and the wow factor all play a role. The three options are listed below:

  • Silver
  • Light Bronze
  • Black/Bronze

Do you want the silver to glint in the sunlight? Would you prefer the subtle black bronze to take a backseat to the flags? Determine what look you want for your home and choose accordingly.

More Than Just Flags

Let’s discuss a few final notes on the Titan home flagpoles. Beyond flying multiple flags, these poles are also customizable. We at Flagpole Farm also offer a series of accessories and add ons.

For example, you can add solar lights, flagpole toppers, and even a Christmas light tree installation. For an idea of how Titan telescopic flag poles look, check out our photo gallery to see what is possible.

Fly Your Flags High

After reading this guide, you’ve probably now realized what flags you raise are as important as what you raise them from. A Titan is the ideal telescopic residential flagpole. Now that you know some of the styles and benefits, you are ready to buy.

Proudly wave your flags from a Titan, the industry best. Check out our flag selection if you want to hoist some new threads.

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