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The 3 Benefits of Hiring a Keto Coach

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Regardless of whether you are starting out on a keto diet for the first time or if you already have some experience with it and know what to expect, partnering with an experienced and well-trained keto coach, keto nutritionist, or keto dietitian can improve your chances of success for a wide range of reasons.

Here, we will be exploring the top three benefits of hiring a keto coach so that you and everyone else can weigh the benefits and decide whether this is right for you.

Realistically, you don’t need a keto coach in order to start your keto diet. There is so much information on the internet that many people are able to go online, do some thorough research, and put together an entire meal plan that puts the body into ketosis where it starts burning fat stores.

Unfortunately, the wealth of information that is on the internet is often contradictory which can lead dieters down the wrong path and ruin their chances of losing weight or even putting their health at risk.

But hiring a keto coach is more than finding someone who can give you access to the right information, and here is why.

A Keto Coach Gives You Motivation and Accountability

Whether we are hiring a keto coach, a fitness coach, or even a personal development coach, some of the core things that these professionals help us with is maintaining our motivation and being accountable for our own actions.

When we go at it alone and try to improve ourselves, our health, and our lives without anyone else’s help, it can become all too easy to simply fall off the wagon, lose motivation and interest, and let our goals for a better future fade into the distance.

One of the most valuable things that someone else can give us when we undertake a massive lifestyle change, like going on a new diet, is encouragement, support, and a continuous reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.

This is extremely important especially at the start of the keto journey, because as your body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fats for fuel, it is common for people to experience low energy levels and physical weakness. This only happens in the initial stages of the diet, but it makes quitting seem like an attractive option in order to avoid the burden of fatigue.

In order to make it through the initial stages of the keto diet and to increase your chances of achieving your goals, having a keto coach by your side means that you have someone who you can talk to if things get difficult, and who can make sure you can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be sure to check out some of our success stories.

When you hire a keto coach, nutritionist, or dietitian, by letting someone else become a key part of your journey who you can talk to about the challenges you are facing, you will also find that it makes you more accountable for your actions and decisions.

When you form a genuine relationship with your keto coach, their opinion of how you are progressing with the keto diet and the decisions that you make along the way will help you to see how your actions and decisions are affecting your health.

When nobody is watching, it is all too easy to cheat and let ourselves down without any immediate consequences (aside from reducing the benefits of the diet itself). When we have a keto coach monitoring our progress however, and they can see when we slip up and fall off the wagon, it is so much harder to ignore our failures.

They might even tell us exactly what the effects of our bad decisions are to reinforce how important it is to stick to the diet, all of which makes us more accountable for our actions and more responsible in our day to day lives.

A Keto Coach is Going to Know All of the Tips and Tricks of the Diet

The sheer amount of knowledge that a keto coach or dietitian has at their disposal means that they will know some of the smaller but still important details about how to navigate the world of the keto diet.

Because the keto diet is not quite the same as other diets due to the fact that it needs to switch your body into a full state of ketosis, insider tips and tricks may make the difference between struggling through such a big physical change in your body, and thriving at each stage in the process.

Whenever you feel a little confused regarding what you can eat or when, or if you feel like you are going to break and eat a ton of carbs out of desperation, your keto coach can provide you with a list of useful answers for all of your questions along with tasty alternatives to carbs and other foods that you should be avoiding but still crave.

A keto coach is also going to know about all of the pitfalls and struggles that you will likely face while on the keto journey, so your problems and the things that you find difficult might already have solutions before they arise if you just let your keto coach know what’s going on.

If your meal plans become boring and repetitive which can make continuing with the keto diet a real struggle, then they will likely be able to provide you with a full menu of new and amazing things that you can try in the kitchen. And if there are any ingredients that you have never heard of before and would like to try but don’t know where to begin, chances are they will have at least heard of it if they haven’t necessarily tried it themselves.

And because exercise is so important when undertaking the keto diet, a keto coach or keto nutritionist is going to know exactly which exercises are going to help you see results faster, and which ones will take too much of a toll on the body during ketosis.

Generally speaking, workouts that involve plenty of cardio and focus on burning fat are appropriate for the keto diet, while exercises that require fast bursts of energy, like weightlifting may be more difficult than usual. In some cases, doing too many strenuous exercises while on the keto diet can actually be too taxing on the body, leading to longer recovery periods and additional fatigue.

When working with a keto coach, they are going to be able to help design your workouts around your keto diet and lifestyle to ensure that you are able to see all of the progress you had hoped for without running yourself into the ground.

A keto coach may recommend that you swap heavier exercises for lighter ones that have a longer duration, they might see if you can reduce the number of reps for each exercise, or they might just be able to recommend the best foods for before and after your workouts so that you can get as much done as possible while maintaining the diet.

Depending on your particular lifestyle, daily energy demands, and your level of motivation regarding how hard you are willing to push through with the diet, a keto coach can also recommend the right type of keto diet for you so that you can continue with life as normal, lose weight and reach your goals all with a much lower likelihood of crashing or feeling overwhelmed.

Some people benefit the most from the strict keto diet which is exactly what it sounds like, while others may find that going a little slower and following a lazy keto diet, a dirty keto diet, or just a simple low carb keto diet fits in much better with their lifestyle as well as work and family obligations.

It is all about balancing everything so that you have the energy to continue living a good life, and a keto coach will be able to see when a change to a different variation of the keto diet is necessary or when you need to push a little bit more so that things get easier. We also have fantastic and delicious keto recipes you need to check out.

Additionally, it can be quite difficult to get into the habit of calorie counting and keeping track of your carb intake while on the keto diet, especially if it is your first time doing so. Measuring out all of your carbs and calculating the number of calories that you are consuming can be a real headache if you haven’t done it before and aren’t familiar with how many carbs and calories are contained in food portions.

With a keto coach by your side, you will have access to all of the educational materials along with tips, tricks, and a wide range of recipes that already have all of this planned out. This is a much better option than spending hours on the internet trying to find calories and carb ratio information for each food that you want to consume, and the keto coach will also likely have all of this information relevant to particular brands for greater accuracy and results.

And finally, as you move through the beginning phases of the keto diet and into full ketosis, it can be common for your appetite to change and begin to slow down as a result of the ketosis. When this happens, it is extremely important that you keep getting all of the right nutrients, electrolytes, and satisfy all of your dietary needs so that you don’t lose muscle mass, strength, or run into some side effects that could have been avoided with the right health advice.

A keto coach can continue to monitor your diet, energy levels, and more and will be able to see exactly when your body has entered into ketosis so that your diet can be mindfully adjusted to keep you healthy and feeling good.

A Keto Coach Can Track Your Health and See if There Is Anything Wrong

Diets have for a long time earned the reputation as being the healthy dietary options for people who want to improve their physical health and fitness, however like with every type of lifestyle change, there are pros, cons, and important things that you need to watch out for.

As much as we wish that the keto diet could be safely done by every person on the planet, there are some health issues that are simply incompatible with the keto diet and therefore will need to be screened before even starting.

For example, if somebody is suffering from conditions that affect the pancreas, liver, thyroid, or gallbladder, then they should not try going on the keto diet due to the strain that the diet might put on these parts of the body. Information like this is not always readily available through a quick Google search, but a keto coach will make sure to ask about your medical history in order to identify exactly how your body will cope with the diet.

It could simply mean that you need to go on a less intense form of the diet to ensure that your body is not overloaded, or that some keto-friendly foods are not going to mix well with your particular health condition. In this respect, a keto coach can tailor the diet to your specific health needs.

But regardless of whether someone has pre-existing health conditions or not, even perfectly healthy people may experience negative side effects from the keto diet if it is not managed properly.

One of the most commonly known side effects from the keto diet is the “keto flu”, which is experienced at the very beginning of the diet by roughly 25% of people. This often involves feeling fatigued and having stomach problems, all of which can be alleviated and completely avoided by working with an experienced keto coach.

A  ketogenic, low carb diet can be hugely beneficial for all diabetics, and active Type 1s will not be encouraged to do any intermittent fasting that is typically beneficial for the Type 2s.

An experienced keto coach (like Kristina Hess) has already worked with several diabetics and has partnered with their medical professionals. It is best to work in an integrative and functional way to assist anyone on the keto journey to ensure that they remain healthy, safe, and can alter their diet to adapt to their body’s needs and health in general.

There are many other benefits to hiring a keto coach, keto dietitian, or a keto nutritionist, such as connecting with someone, and through them, an entire community of like-minded people who are all on a similar keto journey.

A keto coach can provide people starting out with the diet with all of the guidance and support necessary for success, especially if they are surrounded by people who aren’t as excited about the keto diet.

Sometimes, following a strict diet to improve our health and lose weight can feel alienating when we can’t connect with others about something that is important to us. A keto coach can provide that feeling of connection when you embark on a keto diet, but when you take a long, deep look at the three benefits we have covered above, the benefits of hiring a keto coach definitely outweigh the benefits of going at it alone.

From giving you the motivation that you need and making you accountable for your decisions and actions so that you can think more critically about what you consume to providing a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to navigate the waters of the keto diet, hiring a keto coach is by far one of the best decisions that you can make if you want to really be successful with your keto diet and get the results at the end that you have been dreaming of.

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