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How to Find and Land the Best Gap Year Jobs

What do you do with 12 months of seemingly endless free time, where you can go and do anything you choose? That answer depends on what kinds of activities you love to do!

However, in order to go to cool places, do fun things, and save for college, you will first need a job that can support those endeavors. And while your local fast food joint is an option, it is not at all your only option. 

Here’s how to find and land some of the best gap year jobs so you can make the most of every minute!

Build On a Skill You Already Know

One of the best ways to land fun gap year jobs is to simply make one of your own. The easiest way to do this is to build on a skill you already know or become an expert at a new skill. 

For example, if you have or are taking a foreign language in high school, you could use some of your gap year time to become a certified expert in that language.

Then, you can offer your services to others. 

Another option is to become a writer or a web designer. If you already blog or code on a regular basis, then one of these options might be perfect for you.

With these kinds of skills, you can work wherever you’d like so long as there’s an internet connection. This can be quite useful if you plan on traveling frequently.

Use That Skill to Earn Money

Once you’re advanced enough in your skill, you can use it to earn money through your gap year work.

You can work for a company, work for yourself, start an online business, etc. The opportunities to choose from are nearly endless! 

Speaking of business—if you’re looking for business cards, check out these awesome business card templates.

Things To Consider

You may be super excited, but before you jump into your gap year work endeavors, here are some things to consider.

Know the requirements for your college scholarships. Some scholarships allow enough time for you to explore various gap year jobs. Others require that you start school the semester after spring graduation. 

Before you take your gap year, make sure to do your research to ensure you aren’t accidentally losing any funds you’ll need later on in college. Another gap year option to think about is graduating a semester early from high school. 

Avoid unnecessary debt. When you’re making plans to begin college next year, debt is the last thing you need.

To make the most of your budget, consider taking a finance course by a financial expert you trust advice from. 

Final Thoughts on Gap Year Jobs

A gap year is one of the best timeframes to explore and learn new skills, and by following the advice above, you’ll be setting yourself up for gap year jobs you’ll truly enjoy. 

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