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Words of Encouragement: For Someone in Rehab

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Did you know on average, 44,000 people die every year from a drug overdose, and it has become the number one injury-related death in the United States? The use of alcohol and drugs can be very detrimental for someone’s life as they leave their loved ones behind, and many people who go through rehab or therapy sometimes relapse or do not finish the program. Finding the words to say to someone who is seeking help and needs encouragement to complete the program and be free from their addiction can be tough, but it is not impossible. Here are a few questions and words of support you can say to someone who is going through rehab.

Encouraging Words For Someone in Rehab

How Are You Doing?

This question may seem like one of the most obvious questions or things to say to someone who is going through therapy, but it can be overlooked at times. When you do not know what to say, start by asking about their well-being, and let them know you are not looking for the primary responses everyone gives. I’m ok, or I’m doing good. Let them know you want to know exactly how they are feeling, and if anything is bothering them, you are there to listen.

How Can I Support You?

Asking someone going through therapy how they are doing may open up a hard conversation. They may tell you things are tough for them, or perhaps they are wanting or thinking about giving up. It is essential to let them know they have your full support, so if you do not have a solution on how you can support them, do not be afraid to ask how you can help them. They may enjoy your presence or your company. It can allow them to feel at home. You may be able to do outside things that are stressing them out; they may need you to do something such as giving a message to a loved one or checking on their home while they go through therapy. It is never a bad thing to ask someone directly how you can support them.

I Am Proud of You

Hearing the words, I am proud of you can give someone great strength and encouragement. Even if they mess up, or if this is their third or fifth time going through therapy, letting them know that you are proud of them can mean so much to them. Let them know the reasons you are proud of them. This will help them to see their strength. They may not have done it right the first time, or maybe they relapsed, but they had enough power to go back and try again. It takes a lot of courage and strength to try something again after failing the first time. It takes a lot of courage and strength to admit you need help, so no matter if it is their first time or their second or third time, they had enough courage to walk through that door and say, ?I need help,? and that is worth something to be proud of.

Just Take Things One Day at a Time

Sometimes people may feel overwhelmed with all the things they have to do to recover. They have to go through withdrawal, etc. They may even start to feel anxious about getting through the program, but you tell them not to focus on what they have to do tomorrow but to focus on what they are doing today. Tell them to take things one day at a time, and over time they will see all the hard work they put into getting better. Worry about today’s troubles because tomorrow will have their own.

I Am Here For You

Sometimes people may feel like they are alone while they are going through recovery, but you let them know they are not alone and that you are there for whatever they need. Even if you cannot be there physically, let them know they are in your thoughts. However, you can contact them, do so, and cheer them on. This will help build them up and give them the strength to continue.

What Have You Been Learning

Asking your loved one what they have been learning allows them to see you care about what they are getting out of their recovery. This will let the two of you discuss their growth. You will also be able to learn something about them as well. You two may be able to come up with a plan to help them improve their living situation when released from therapy.

It Always Seems Impossible Until One Day It Isn’t

Many people think things are easier said than done, but sometimes it is the opposite. Sometimes things are easier done than said. When we say things, we think about what we have to do instead of just doing it. This can lead to overthinking and psyching ourselves out of doing something, but once we do it, we realize it was impossible, and we are a lot stronger than we anticipated. Encourage your loved one to keep going because one day, they will understand how strong they are, and they will be able to see they can live a sober life.

What Are Some of Your Goals and Desires in Life?

Having goals and good desires can help encourage your loved one to finish their program, and saying yes to a new adventure can give someone hope. Let your loved one know that this is their opportunity to gain a new fresh start. This is their opportunity to learn new things about themselves and to find new healthy habits to help them cope. Help them to build up the excitement. Your loved one has the rest of their lives to live free from their addiction. The possibilities of who they can be and what they can do are limitless. Remind them of who they wanted to be and what they wanted to do before their addiction started. They can still be that person.

I Believe in You

Sometimes it takes someone else to believe in a person before they begin to believe in themselves, and sometimes it is the belief that someone has in that person that will motivate them to believe in themselves. They will start to desire to see what you see in them, so even if they do not believe in themselves, let them know you believe in them even if no one else does. This may give them the extra push they need.

What Has Been Hard for You

Asking your loved one has been hard lets them know you genuinely care and want to support them through the good and the bad. If they tell you something hard and can encourage them, then do so, but if it is something you do not have an answer for, do not be afraid to help them to open up to someone in the rehab facility to support them. For example, if they tell you it has been tough being away from home and they miss everyone, you can encourage them by reminding them this is a temporary situation. This, too, shall pass. They will not be in that situation forever and remind them of all the hard work they are putting in to get them through rehab, but if they tell you something more complex, encourage them to speak with someone who can help them find a solution.

Having a hard one go through rehab can even be hard on you, so as you continue to encourage your loved one, remember it is ok for you to seek encouragement and support yourself. We hope these words of encouragement will help you and your loved one as they go through rehab.

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