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10 Tools Every Construction Worker Can’t Live Without

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Construction workers, bricklayers, and landscapers need better tools than you’ll find in your average hardware store. They need tough and specialised builder’s tools that can handle the daily wear and tear of a builder’s lifestyle.

Whether you’re a master or an apprentice, here are 10 tools that every builder and construction worker needs.

Trowels For Every Occasion

Professional builders need to be smooth, and not just with the ladies. Laying bricks isn’t easy, and trowels help keep everything level and smooth. We’ve all seen jobs done without the proper tools, and odds are you’ve had to fix others’ mistakes.

People in the know understand that one trowel won’t cover every need, and professionals must have specialised tools for a specialised job. Caulking trowels and gauging trowels can turn a boring fireplace into a work of art.

They’re used for jobs you’d never think about as well. Landscapers, concrete workers and more keep a bricklaying trowel or two around.

Level: The Essential builder’s Tool

No work is exceptional if it’s not straight…except the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but that was an accident. Cupboards installed crooked come away from the wall and look horrible. Bricks placed at even slight angles look odd and can lead to early damage.

No builder, landscaper, grinder or construction worker should leave their home without a high quality level or two. There are many different types of level lengths and accessories to make your life easier. It’s your reputation on the line, so make sure you have a quality level that suits the job.

Power Drills Make Life Easier

Can you imagine the days before electricity when masons and construction workers used manual drills and screwdrivers? Thankfully, the world has changed, and a power drill is a must-have tool. Diamond core drillers can work in dry or wet environments.

Impact drills, standard drills and many more types are available for specific jobs and needs. Every construction site and commercial building project has multiple drill types for whatever may arise.

Extension Cord To Power Builder’s Tools

No construction tools list is complete without this gem. The cords on power tools and even the radio you use to pass the time never have long enough cords. On construction sites, power outlets are at a premium and can be few and far between. When you need power tools and the outlets too far away, extension cords come to the rescue.

In fact, many sites don’t have power, so a generator or two, along with power cords, give you juice all day long. Few tradesmen head to a site without a few extension cords in their tool box.

You Need A Shovel, Ya Dig

Landscapers understand the importance of a good shovel. Whether it’s a square shovel or a rabbiting shovel, it’s essential to many sites when digging is needed, but a backhoe isn’t.

Your standard shovels are fine for loose dirt, but when you trying to clear away broken concrete or dig through rock-filled dirt, they can’t hold up. They’ll bend and break, but a good quality shovel can take on almost anything and are pretty inexpensive.

It’s Hammer Time

If there is one tool every tradesman, landscaper and construction worker owns, it’s a hammer. When you need a nail driven into a house frame or roofing shingle, or a board needs to be a tad bit straighter, you can’t go wrong with the firm touch of a hammer.

It’s not just the ball peen either. Chipping and sledge hammers have multiple uses on a job site from demolition to whatever your imagination can come up with. It’s a necessary construction worker tool for every jobsite.

Tape Measure: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Nothing can increase the cost of a building or landscaping project more than redoing work. Reordering supplies and the time required to take everything down and put new up can be a nightmare. We’re taught to measure twice and cut once, so your tape measure is a money saving tool.

It makes sure cabinets don’t overshoot the wall and boards fit into frames. The cheap tapes made from plastic can’t take the abuse, and many workers prefer the metal tapes with magnetic ends.

Industrial Heaters Keep You Warm

It’s hard to drill when you can’t feel your fingers, but that doesn’t stop many job sites requiring work during cold months. It may not be -30, but 4 degrees with no heat makes work difficult. Industrial heaters are perfect for maintaining a workable temperature at a work site or workshop. It’s one of the best tools to own during the winter.

When you’re working with temperature sensitive materials that harden when cold, an industrial heater ensures they remain pliable. Keep one in the back of your truck in for when you need it.

Power Saws Get The Job Done

A hand saw is fine if you’re cutting a board or two, but if you’re cutting dozens of boards for a frame or need to cut through concrete, then a power saw is your tool of choice. Whether it’s a block or brick saw or a freestanding power cutter, it’s the power you need.

Today’s power saws deliver precision cuts and powerful blades that can cut through anything. Every construction worker or tradesman uses a power saw during a job. They’re reliable and save you time and effort.

Safety Gear: Keep All Your Fingers

Construction, concrete work and landscaping can be dangerous jobs. You’re working with blades and tools that can slice through bone and tissue like butter. Safety gear like goggles and gloves help keep you on the job site and out of the emergency room.

Every jobsite needs hard hats, gloves, goggles and even hearing protection to make sure you can go back to your family at the end of the day in one piece.

Too many injuries happen because people don’t wear proper safety gear, so always have it with you, preferably along with a few extras.

Every professional builder and landscaper needs the proper tools of the trade. You can’t complete the job unless you have quality builder’s tools that not only work, but are durable.

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