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ReGenHope Initiative, Formerly The Securus Foundation, Is Revamping to Champion the Power of Second Chances

ReGenHope Initiative (RHI) refocuses effort to enrich the reentry experience and empower justice-involved citizens to redo life in a constructive, fulfilling, and responsible way.  


Dallas, TX, February 9, 2021 – ReGenHope Initiative (RHI), formerly known as The Securus Foundation, announces its new mission, to connect justice-involved citizens with the resources they need while empowering them to lead constructive, fulfilling, and responsible lives.

RHI will redirect its focus away from creating new technology that streamlines the reentry process and toward enhancing an innovative model for strengths-based programming to deliver the necessary skills and support for a successful reentry experience. RHI leaders say this pivotal move will enable them to pursue ever more effective reentry strategies and partnerships, which the organization will continue to promote in podcasts, press opportunities, op-eds, and public policy discussions.

“This is a major revitalization for our organization and it allows our mission and voice to be heard differently by a broader impartial audience,” said Dawn Freeman, Chief Executive Officer of RHI.  ” Justice must be a bi-partisan concern and as such, justice reform is not a singular issue owned by any one party or sector, it is a community responsibility”.

Freeman went on to explain how the organization’s new name, ReGenHope Initiative, better reflects its revised vision,  to harness the power of second chances, fueled by hope and grounded in transformational change.  “For all of us here, regenerate and hope are two simple words that when combined, convey a truly dynamic concept we like to call the power of Re, as in renew and reinvent, reform, and rebuild in the belief that anything is possible.”

In stressing the importance of a refocused effort in the wake of COVID-19, Dr. E. Carolina Montoya, the newly elected President of the RHI Board of Directors, pointed to the many challenges this pandemic has created for jails and prisons.

“These facilities have had to shut down the educational, substance use, and life-skills programs that have traditionally helped prepare incarcerated individuals for the community reintegration experience; in-person services such as those our organization previously provided.  So, we took advantage of our time in isolation to rethink how we could use other channels to safely offer programming behind the walls, and we decided to host a virtual REAL Workshop via DVD”.

This highly inspirational DVD encourages individuals to accept responsibility, embrace empowerment, perpetuate accountability and leave a positive personal legacy.  It is now available to correctional facilities across the country, as long as supplies last.  Simply request a copy by emailing: [email protected].

In forging ahead, CEO Freeman reiterated RHI’s commitment to engaging whole communities in breaking the destructive cycle of involvement with the justice system, by providing individuals with both the tools and the motivation they need to transform their future.  “For several years now, we have focused on changing the reentry narrative, by developing relatable and relevant solutions that empower people to re-do life.  And as the organization evolves, we will continue to expand our efforts, knowing that we can make a big difference for so many going forward.”


Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, ReGenHope Initiative (RHI) is redefining the way government, communities and justice-involved individuals think about second chances. As a 501(c)(3) Organization, RHI will bring awareness to the community and skills and resources to justice-involved individuals to lead constructive, fulfilling, and responsible lives.  To get involved or learn more, please visit

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