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BlueChip Pros Announces Bundled Facility Services

BlueChip Pros is proud to announce Bundled Facility Services, which handles janitorial, commercial cleaning, security, and facility management services.


Cincinnati, OH, June 15, 2021- Taking care of your facilities can be a daunting task. Whether it be maintenance, cleaning, or security, the number of responsibilities seems endless.

BlueChip Pros is here to make your job easier with their bundled facility services! The BlueChip Pros team offers commercial cleaning, security services, facility management, and janitorial services all in one package!

It takes a lot to keep your facility up and running. Let BlueChip Pros keep your facility clean with their janitorial and commercial cleaning services.

“I was blown away at how good of a job BlueChip did with my building,” recalled one building manager.

Security services are just as important as having a well-maintained facility. BlueChip Pros Security Services strongly believes in the promotion of a happy and healthy work environment driven by hiring security professionals that have the highest levels of training so they meet the BlueChip standards for safety, compliance, and conscientiousness.

“BlueChip Pros Security Services knows how important it is to proactively keep a safe and secure environment while maintaining a positive rapport with the people that occupy it,” said Dan Hopkins, the CEO of BlueChip Pros.

You can sleep better at night knowing highly qualified professionals are protecting your facility.

Maintenance is also a highly desired service offered by BlueChip Pros. Maintenance is not just fixing something that is broken. The BlueChip team puts a heavy emphasis on preventative maintenance.

In order to avoid emergencies, the BlueChip team has established a schedule in which routine maintenance tasks are taken care of. Among these tasks are pressure washing, duct cleaning, and high window washing.

BlueChip Pros can and will keep your building in tip-top shape. With 35 years of experience, the BlueChip team has mastered their craft while at the same time expanding and growing the brand. They have served clients in 45 different states across the nation.

For more information, you can visit the BlueChip Pros website. Here you can find an in-depth breakdown of the various services offered by the team, as well as the bundle options. This allows you to get the most out of your money.

You can also learn more about the company’s history and BlueChip’s goals. When it comes to facility services, nobody beats BlueChip Pros!

About BlueChip Pros: BlueChip Pros is a facility management, commercial cleaning, and security services company dedicated to the highest standards of quality and integrity. It was founded in 1986 with five hundred dollars in capital and a few small Cincinnati clients. Since then, it has grown nationally to thousands of client sites that span across 45 states. Our Bundled Facility Services plans are introduced to offer you the ability to simplify your facility management duties and save you some money in the process. You will have a single point of contact that will manage all of your projects with the highest standard of professionalism that people have come to expect from BlueChip Pros.

Contact Information:

Shaheen Mojibian
BlueChip Pros
12110 Ellington Ct. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

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