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Reasons Why You Need an Alarm System for Your Home

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Reasons Why You Need an Alarm System for Your Home

Does an alarm system make sense for the safety of your family? Why should you own a home security system? What are the perks you will be enjoying from such a system?

These are some of the common questions that occupy the mind of a homeowner in this day and age. Getting a home alarm system is a significant investment, so understanding its benefits is crucial to making this decision for your property.

To help you determine whether an alarm security system will meet your requirements, %COMPANY% has jotted down below a few advantages you can entertain. If you have any queries surrounding your alarm system needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at %PHONE1% for expert advice.

Securing Family Safety

The first thing that would come to anyone’s mind when thinking of an alarm system is the safety of their family.

According to a recent study, a home burglary happens every 13 seconds in America, and about two million burglaries occur in the country every year. Approximately 33% of assaults in homes take place during burglaries. To put it into perspective, the risk of your house getting robbed is three times more if you don’t have an alarm system.

Your property and family need protection, and an alarm system can substitute for the expensive costs of hiring a security team to survey your home at all times.

Remote Monitoring

Whether you are away on business or on a pleasurable vacation, as a homeowner, you will experience a severe disruption in your peace of mind regarding your home security when you go out of town if your home isn’t secured. When burglars notice no lights or signs of life or movement on the property for an extended period, they take it as a sure sign that they can intrude without the danger of getting caught.

With an alarm system’s classic automation and live monitoring, you can keep a close eye on any individuals or activities on your property from anywhere in the world. With a monitoring system, you can view and review remotely. Your mind can be at ease to enjoy your time away from home.

Minimizing Homeowner’s insurance

As a homeowner, it is obligatory to have an insurance policy on the property and possessions that belong to you. Now the monthly cost of your insurance policy depends on a variety of factors, including the standard of housing, proximity to a crime-ridden neighborhood, whether you will have a person house-sitting when you are away etc. A secure alarm system for your home is one such determinant, and if you have one installed, it can reduce your insurance payments up to 10 – 20 percent!

Saving on your monthly bills while increasing your family’s safety has never been easier with intuitive home alarm systems.

Fire Protection

Did you know that an average of seven people die every day from house fires in America alone? House fires are a significant source of stress to every homeowner, as they should be.

Whether you are in your house or away, the risk of a fire is a severe threat to your home’s integrity and your belongings. Even with house insurance paying you out, your precious family possessions have a lot of sentimental value that isn’t compensated and are unique pieces you can never replace.

So it is essential to have a monitored alarm system integrated with a smoke-fire detector to provide an early warning service of a potential fire breaking out within your house.

Protection Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide can be released from heating systems, burning wood, stoves and other equipment that can generate fire. But the catch is that it is a deadly gas with no odor or color. So it becomes impossible to detect by the naked eye or nose.

Fortunately, a CO detector system is a key component of an alarm system to provide all-around security to your house nowadays. This life-saving device can conveniently identify if there is a carbon monoxide leak in your space and will alert you immediately upon detection.

Preventing Home Invasion

A comprehensive alarm system in your home can work effectively to deter burglars from gaining entry into your house. The common alarm system consists of a control panel, door sensor, window sensor, motion sensors, strategically placed security cameras and a high decibel alarm.

While the motion sensors will advise you of any movement near your property, the door and window sensors will alert you if they have been touched or broken into. At this stage, you can easily check your surveillance camera to understand if it was just a girl scout selling cookies or a home invader with malicious intent before you notify the authorities. Even if you aren’t home, you can monitor the activities around your property and anticipate your security needs accordingly.


When you own a property and are responsible for your family, you inadvertently become accountable for them. Several things can go wrong with the people or possessions surrounding you while you’re not always physically present to identify or rectify the challenges.

It all comes down to a matter of risk management. For instance, in case the worst happens, how would you overcome the chance of intruders? Or if you were facing fire or chemical hazards? Every type of risk mitigation has its own cost involved. And your largest concern begins and ends with the security of your family members.

This is when an alarm system comes in extremely handy to protect your loved ones and valuables. With a home security system in place, you are essentially constructing a safety barrier around your property and family aligned with your personal needs and goals. If you want to find out the type of alarm system that would fit your requirements best, call %COMPANY% at %PHONE1%, and we can help you!

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