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What’s the Best Coding Language to Learn First?

Coding is a kind of language that is becoming more prevalent with each passing year. More schools teach coding to students than ever before and its importance is only going to keep growing.

That’s why it’s a good idea to jump into learning code as soon as possible.

When you first approach the topic, it’s a little overwhelming. There are many different coding languages, so which one is the best coding language to learn first?

Keep reading to learn more about the ones you should take a look at as a beginner.


Python is one of the best programming languages to learn if you’ve never taken a look at codes in your life. It’s easy to learn because it follows the same language cues as English, making it a breeze to read.

Even when you first start, you’ll have no trouble getting the idea of the code without getting lost in the minute details. It’s an important coding language because of its growing popularity.

This code is the ideal choice for anyone looking to get into creating GUIs, web development, and software development.


This is a base coding language that every good coder should try to learn. It’s not easy, with lots of details that need to be exactly in the right order for the code to work. You’ll also need to understand the way a computer functions to get the most out of C.

Learning it opens up a whole bunch of other avenues, such as C++ and C#, both of which are very popular and powerful coding languages. The best part about C is its versatility.

Don’t forget to find out more about how C works in tandem with many other functions.


Even people who know nothing at all about coding has heard of JavaScript. It’s used in many of the biggest sites around, such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. It works together with CSS and HTML, making it the perfect code for anyone wanting to create all kinds of different websites.

The best part about JavaScript is that it comes readily available for anyone to jump into and learn. It’s a base part of all browsers these days, so you don’t need to download or install anything at all to get started.

Although it’s not the simplest of languages to learn, it has a key advantage.

Due to its vast popularity, there are countless tutorials and lessons available all over the Internet. With a little research and studying, you’ll have no trouble learning this code at a rapid pace.


At the end of the day, the best coding language to learn isn’t set in stone. The ones listed above are the ones you should focus on, due to their popularity and prowess, but they’re not the only languages.

Take some time to research which coding languages are the best for your chosen career and then start with those.

When in doubt, follow down this list to give yourself the best coding start possible.

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