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About Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Did you know that stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in a commercial kitchen? You undoubtedly know that stainless steel is a dependable and fashionable material. This is particularly true for kitchen appliances and work surfaces.

But what else is there to know about commercial kitchens and the food service industry?

Commercial equipment and kitchen items need to be specially catered for in this industry, excuse the intended pun! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about specialized commercial cooking equipment and more.

What Does My Commercial Kitchen Need?

The correct restaurant kitchen equipment must be chosen for success! This is true whether starting a new restaurant or taking an existing one and changing it. One way to ensure that everything is taken care of when setting up your kitchen? Take note that our team of specialists put together a list of the needed restaurant supplies.

It’s vital to remember that different kinds of restaurants could call for different styles. Also, additional pieces of equipment are not included on this list. Instead, this list is intended to incorporate necessities for any restaurant. It gives you a starting point to tailor to your unique requirements.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

The essential component of any business kitchen is cooking equipment. Consider which pieces of equipment you’ll use the most frequently. Smaller pieces of equipment could be less expensive, if you plan to use them frequently, they might not be able to satisfy your capacity needs. This would end up costing your organization more in the long run.

Here is the list of necessary kitchen supplies for commercial kitchens and restaurants:

  • Oven: This multipurpose appliance can be used for braising, roasting, and baking, among many other things. Because of this, having an oven (or several ovens, depending on your business) is necessary
    Depending on your tastes and kitchen layout, you can pick between gas and electric stoves
  • You may use deep fryers to cook a range of items as they are best for creating client favorites like chicken tenders and french fries
  • Grill and griddles: give food a charred, smokey flavor that is ideal for a variety of recipes and griddles have a flat metallic surface but are the same
  • Toaster: A commercial toaster is a necessity for your bread and bagels if your restaurant will be open for breakfast
  • Devices for storing food until it is time to serve it. Or places to keep dry goods and holding cabinets retain your food at a certain temperature
  • Salamander or a broiler are the ideal appliances for adding the final touches to meals, toasting bread, or melting cheese
  • Even if you aren’t starting a cafe or bakery, coffee is a well-liked beverage! It is a terrific addition to your beverage menu so you’ll need a coffee machine or brewer
  • Microwave: Using a microwave to reheat food, heat sauces, and defrost frozen items is practical

It’s critical to select the proper power type for your kitchen when purchasing culinary equipment. Also, keep in mind that you could need extra gas hoses and other parts to effectively install your kitchen equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

The sort of refrigeration equipment you select will depend on the type of restaurant you will be running. This determines what your unique refrigeration requirements are. However, the following are some examples that a typical restaurant might pick:

Walk-in coolers! Reach-in refrigerators! And pass-through models and prep fridges are a few examples of typical refrigerators kinds. Your restaurant will probably need a blend of various types.

Freezers: Similar to refrigerators, freezers are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Ice makers: Ice makers are a necessary part of any restaurant’s beverage service. Additionally, ice may be used at cafes, bars, and supermarkets to create smoothies or mixed beverages.

Drink Dispensers Self-serve beverage dispensers may be found in some places. Places such as fast food and fast casual restaurants, however, they may also be found at wait stations in other places. Consider how many different soft drink options you want to provide, as well as the soda brand, before selecting a dispenser.

Other Necessary Commercial Kitchen Equipment

You’re also going to need commercial equipment for food preparation as well as dry food storage. Steel shelves with closeable doors are ideal for dry food storage requirements.

Food preparation requires large, flat surfaces for chopping and preparing food. There should be enough space for chopping boards, bowls, and other food-preparing appliances. Things such as commercial blenders and mixers, and industrial-level food containers.

Depending on the type of cuisine the commercial kitchen will be serving, you might need more food preparation counter space. For example, a pizza place will have large surface areas for rolling out dough and spreading toppings. The same goes for the number of items on your menu, different meats and fish need to be prepared on different surfaces so more space is required.

Creative Commercial Kitchens

Your commercial cooking equipment is vital to creating a kitchen space that works well for your restaurant. It also needs to work well for your team and your type of business.

It’s imperative that you plan out the space according to everything that you need. Storage is so important! You need to adhere to food health and safety regulations while still giving your staff a safe and clean environment to work in.

For your restaurant to be successful, your commercial kitchen equipment needs to be among the best in the industry. Don’t economize. Your bottom line depends on quality and consistency when it comes to commercial fryers, refrigerators, and ovens. You’re in the right place for that level of commercial equipment, check out our brands’ page to see all the great equipment we have available for you.

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