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Put a Ring on It! 8 Incredible Proposal Tips That’ll Make Her Say Yes

19% of wedding proposals in the US occur in December. Whether you’re waiting for a scenic winter wonderland or a temperate summer day, you want your proposal to feel perfect.

From a sparkling ring to the ideal scene, there’s a lot you need to consider before you get down on one knee.

Here are eight proposal tips that can help you seal the deal! With these tips, you can determine the details ahead of time. Make it such a special proposal that your beau can’t help saying yes.

Pull off your proposal without a hitch using these eight engagement proposal tips!

1. Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

Long before you start planning the perfect proposal, you need to make sure you and your partner are imagining the same future. Do you both want to get married? Are you ready for that step now?

Talk to your partner about the future.

Let them know that you do want to get married one day, and ask if they feel the same way.

If you’re nervous the conversation will hint at your impending proposal too much, keep the conversation broad. Maybe discuss a friend’s recent engagement to lead into the conversation.

It’s usually best to have this conversation in private. Having friends bring up the topic could put too much pressure on your partner. Instead, wait until a private moment.

Then, lead into the conversation naturally.

If you’re on the same page, great! You can use the rest of these proposal tips to start planning. If not, you might want to wait until the moment is right.

2. Ask for Their Hand

While this might seem old school, it’s still important to some parents. If your partner hinted that you would have to ask his or her parents, pay attention!

Asking for someone’s hand doesn’t mean you see them as property. Rather, you’re respecting your partner’s family and their wishes.

Think about how you’ll lead into the conversation.

Let their parents know how much you love their son or daughter. Then, explain that you want to live the rest of your life with them. Let their parents know that you’re planning to propose and want to keep them involved.

You can also speak to your partner’s parents about planning the proposal. They might have insider information (such as your partner’s dream proposal) that you can use.

3. Buy the Ring

Only one in four grooms say they “meticulously” planned their proposal. The average proposer spent 4.4 months planning their proposal as well.

Whether you’re a planner or not, there’s one step most people don’t wing: getting the ring.

Your partner will wear that engagement ring for the rest of their life. You’ll want to get a sense of what they’ll love beforehand. You can start by:

  • Taking photos of the jewelry they wear every day
  • See if they have a secret Pinterest board
  • Ask their friends or family members to help

You can also head to the jewelers for some recommendations.

Make sure you’re choosing a trusted store. Ask friends or family members where they purchased rings in the past.

You’ll need to know your partner’s ring size as well. If you want to go the surprise route, check their jewelry. Make sure you know which finger they wear the ring on.

Then, you can take that ring to a jeweler to determine the size.

If you can’t get the ring size ahead of time, that’s okay. You can always get it resized. In the meantime, consider this stunning wholesale jewelry to find the perfect bauble!

4. Make it Personal

As you use these proposal tips, you’ll want to make the proposal personal and fitting for you both.

Do you want to make a grand gesture or plan for a more intimate moment? Maybe you want to make a nod to a moment in your shared past. For example, you might return to the restaurant where you had your first date.

Next, consider what you’re going to say.

You don’t have to write out a whole speech. However, if you want to say something more intimate than the classic, “Will you marry me?” write down notes. Consider your partner’s best qualities and why you want to marry them.

Taking these notes ahead of time will help you organize your thoughts.

5. Choose the Spot

The next step of your marriage proposal plan is to determine the when and where.

Do you have a spot where you and your partner love spending time together? Maybe you have a favorite hiking trail or restaurant. Either way, consider where you want to pop the question.

You might want to consider whether you’re planning a public or intimate proposal as well.

As for the “when,” don’t feel the need to rush yourself. Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect moment. When the timing is right, you’ll feel it.

6. Dress for Success

How you dress usually depends on where and when you’re proposing. However, you still want to look your best.

Otherwise, make sure you’re keeping the ring box safe!

7. Have a Backup Ready

If you’re planning an outside proposal, the weather might not cooperate with you. Don’t stress it. Instead, have a backup plan in place.

If the weather doesn’t work for an outdoor proposal, have an indoor backup plan. Otherwise, remember you don’t have to rush it. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait a day or two for everything to fall into place.

8. Keep the Secret

The more people who know and help you plan, the more likely you’ll risk ruining the surprise. When enlisting help, make sure you only ask the people who need to know.

Make sure not to tell any friends who have a difficult time keeping a secret.

Otherwise, you might end up ruining the surprise.

Put a Ring on It: 8 Proposal Tips to Seal the Deal

Ready to pop the question and seal the deal? Make sure to review these proposal tips beforehand. That way, you can plan the perfect proposal and seal the deal!

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