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Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Fence Like a Pro

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Fences are subject to deterioration as they get older. We take care of them by maintaining them as they age. There are so many options for upgrading your fence to make it your own. Most of those upgrades strengthen your fence or make your space more private, but they also put your personal touch on the fence. Here are some easy ways to upgrade your fence like a pro so you can know what you might want to do moving forward.

Wash and Stain

After having your fence up for a few seasons, you might notice mold and dirt build up on the planks. This is normal, no matter how clean and neat you keep your yard. An excellent alternative for this is a nice power washing to strip all that unnecessary gunk off your fence. Then, you can reapply the same stain on it that you had before for a complete restoration. That will last another couple of years before you’ll need to do it again.

New Paint

Many people say that paint is one of the best finishes out there, and for a good reason. Paint can genuinely withstand the elements for years without chipping or peeling. And when your paint does start to chip and peel, you can power wash all the weak paint off and repaint it to make it look brand new again. In addition to paint being attractive, it’s a cheap alternative for a finish, so you’ll have plenty of options when you’re using it.

Add Height

You might want to add a little extra height to your fence and a trellis as an artistic touch. This can give your fence that extra push to make it stand out and look unique. Or maybe you’re doing it to beef up your security and privacy. You’ll be happy with this upgrade because it will have your fence looking classy.

Grow a Garden

Some people opt to use their fences for privacy and security reasons. Then, they grow their gardens into their fences to utilize space and use their fences to their fullest potential. This is a great way to grow more produce, save space, or both! Whatever the case, you can grow many different types of plants, especially vines. The upright plants can use the fence as their trellis to help them stand straight once they get too tall to support their weight. Add hog panel fasteners to your fence for extra security.

We have listed a few easy ways to upgrade your fence like a pro so you know what to do with your fence when you need to repair or add to it. At Cat’s Claw Fasteners, we hope that you take this opportunity to make your fence dreams a reality. Contact us if you have any questions about how our fence products can help achieve what you want.

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