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Top Trending Jewelry Pieces for Fall

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You know it’s time to think “fall fashion” when local cafes start stocking up on pumpkin spice everything. But what will set this season apart from previous ones in terms of trending style?

From stacked piercings to studded chokers, influences from the 1970s punk scene will infuse trending jewelry with some much-needed attitude.

Earring trends will also prove excessive and extravagant. Think oversized chain-link necklaces and glittering pearl and rhinestone earrings! Although a variety of different trends will rock the fashion world as the temperatures drop, jewelry trends will prove definitive.

Read on for everything you need to know about rocking this year’s edgy looks.

Get Punk with It

Let’s start with the biggest game-changer when it comes to jewelry trends 2019: over-the-top, punk-inspired silhouettes. What’s the key to bringing out your inner style rebel?

Think boxy, androgynous designs and prints that figuratively evoke the London punk scene of the late 1970s and Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell.”

But the nod to youth-inspired fashion won’t stop there. You’ll also see clear nods to the grunge scene of the 90s.

What’s the best way to capture this look? Spiky, bondage-style chokers and stacks of piercings along with plenty of denim and flannel.

Make a Statement with Rhinestones

Let’s talk a little bit more about those statement earring trends that we keep mentioning. What will set them apart from earrings from previous years?

Plenty of shiny, glamorous rhinestones. After all, these are statement earrings with an exclamation point. That means going bold, very bold.

Mismatched earrings also prove stunning together. And jewelry that channels crazy, contemporary chandeliers — the type you’d find at modern art museums — will dominate the scene.

If you can’t look away from the earrings, then buy them. This year is all about the kinds of statement earrings that hit you over the head.

So, get that ear party started now with the boldest pair you can find. And leave all sense of subtleness at the door.

Neo-Parisian Playground

This year’s fashion runways turned into virtual Neo-Parisian playgrounds as Classic Parisian jewelry trends also dominated the scene. These pieces take full advantage of cameos, pearls, gold chains, and more.

Unlike the statement earrings described above, if you go the Neo-Parisian route, you’ll have more room when it comes to wearing smaller, more subtle earrings and jewelry. But there will remain an unmistakable level of daring in combinations.

For example, the catwalks recently revealed Givenchy models wearing asymmetrical pearls with fine gold anklets. And Dior put its fashion foot forward with pearl necklaces dramatically adorned with rhinestones.

Even Parisian chic will enjoy some serious twists this year, with plenty of rebellion just simmering beneath the surface.

Vibrant Bursts of Color

Another fun take on 2019 jewelry trends and the statement earring, in particular, will be massive, color-forward pieces. These will include plenty of bold jewel tones and even pops of neon, a fun homage to the carefree energy of the early 80s.

Stella McCartney took full advantage of the color wheel in crafting her latest round of trend-forward jewelry, which included massive tassel earrings in a variety of bold hues. And Jacquemus went straight for the hoop earrings during their show.

These oversized hoops evoke early trends of the twenty-first century continuing the anachronistic theme. This, along with in-your-face designs, remains one of the few unifying threads for this year’s wild, yet opulent, looks.

Pile on Those Statement Rings

Besides rebellious boldness and plenty of nods to recent decades, there’s a heightened obsession with jewelry of every type.

One of our favorite looks when it comes to this season’s edgiest trends? Layering plenty of silver rings for women. This look evokes the late 80s and early 90s and works so well with grunge clothes that we can’t get enough!

What’s more, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to piling on these lovely little accessories. Just remember, like everything else this season, go bold or go home.

That means layering rings by the droves. And don’t forget about lots of thumb rings, one of the sexiest accessories of the season.

With a fierce manicure and some punk-inspired threads, you’ll be ready to drink that pumpkin spice latte in style.

Logomania Takes Hold

Fashion houses didn’t let the big jewelry moment pass without getting their logos out there in plenty of creative ways. These logos appeared in everything from rings with jewels formed into tiny initials to long draping necklaces molded with logos.

Logo-inspired jewelry not only allowed these famed fashion houses to give a nod to the past, but they also look impossibly sophisticated and fashionable when paired with the right clothes and other accessories.

Giant Chain-Links

When it comes to hitting viewers over the head with fashion accessories, the top fashion houses didn’t stop at rhinestones and logos. They also shook up the scene with some of the biggest chain-link designs we’ve ever seen.

If we didn’t know better, we’d think this jewelry came straight out of Gulliver’s Travels. Whether earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, these pieces are all defined by the same thing – their oversized, unmistakable appearances.

If you don’t look like you’ve been dressed by giants, then you’re not doing this look right. You should be dwarfed by this year’s chain-link designs. Or, you’re not going big enough.

This Year’s Trending Jewelry

From rhinestones to punk-inspired studded chokers, giant chain-links to silver rings piled high, you’ll need to spend some serious time accessorizing before you step out this fall. Trending jewelry for autumn 2019 should channel a gaudy, rebellious vibe.

It should also provide quirky nods to the recent past, whether that be the 90s grunge movement or the Noughties Style of the early twenty-first century. That means more fun than ever mixing and matching decades-worth of funky designs.

And whatever you do, make sure each outfit that you craft contains a heavy dose of late 70s punk star. You won’t go wrong this year if you do some borrowing from Joan Jett and Siouxie Sioux for your own “Cherry Bomb” appeal.

Looking for more stylish tips to make sure you stay on top of this year’s trends? Browse our blog now for the news you need to stay on point when it comes to remaining impossibly fashionable.

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