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Pests Be Gone: How to Keep Critters Out of Your Home

Ticks, ants, fleas, roaches, mites, and mosquitoes.

Oh my.

If there’s one thing that everybody can agree on, it’s that bugs are gross.

Nobody wants to stumble upon a roach while making dinner, see a spider when going to sleep or deal with a fly constantly buzzing in your ear.

Bugs are annoying and gross, plain and simple. You don’t want them around, your family doesn’t want them around, your guests don’t want them around.

If you’ve got them, you want them gone. If you don’t, you fear the day that they start to invade.

Luckily, there’s a few more preventative options other than setting fire to your house the instant that a bug crawls on you at night.

We’ve got your back with plenty of tips and tricks to get the critters and ticks out of your home.

Take out the Trash

We’ll start things off nice and simple: Maintaining a clean house is an essential way of dealing with bugs.

If you take care of the dirty stuff inside and outside your house, you won’t attract gross things into it.

Bugs thrive off trash, old food, and any kind of mess that they kind find in your place. Even if you regularly take out bags of trash, there might be something hidden or forgotten in one of your rooms that’s bringing those little guys in.

Meat and fruit are two of the biggest offenders, and just because you threw them away in a fancy ol’ scent-free trash bag doesn’t prevent decomposition.

If you had a big steak dinner, don’t let them sit in your trash can all night. If you’ve got leftovers, make sure you properly store them.

The best offense is a great defense

Taking precautionary steps will go a long way to keeping creepy crawlies away.

Most are pretty easy. Don’t leave doors or windows open. Keep outside lights off at night when you don’t need them.

A big place that bugs gather is in any standing bodies of water. If you’ve got pets, make sure you empty out their food dishes.

There are more advanced steps, like putting down bug zappers or even scheduling preventative sprays.

Services like Natura Pest Control are capable of coming into your house and laying the trap to keep nasties out of it. Summertime is when bugs start to really come out, and if you notice a few popping up here and there you should try to stop things before they become out of hand.

If you want to use your own pesticides, make sure you do a little bit of research into them. You don’t want to get anything that could be harmful to your family, lawn, or home.

Buggin’ out

When it comes down to it, cleanliness and forethought are the two commandments of keeping bugs away.

If you focus on the small steps of keeping trash out of the home and putting in preventative measures, then it’ll go a long way in the endless war against bugs.

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