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Creating a Tenant Base: How to Boost the Power of Your Rental Advertising

Did you know the digital advertising market is worth over $192 billion?

Are you having trouble finding new tenants with your rental ads? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over some tips on rental advertising and help you find new renters.

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Rental Advertising: A Guide

Tenants searching for a new home need a place to find your information. They won’t know you’re renting unless through word of mouth. Let’s take a look at some different methods you can use to reach more people.

Use Social Media

Millions of people use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have a rental company, consider creating a Facebook page or Twitter account.

If not, you can use your own personal accounts to let people know you have a spot available for rent.

Use Rental Sites

A site like Craigslist is helpful because you can post free rental listings. They are visible to anyone who’s looking for an apartment in your area.

Potential tenants can narrow their search criteria based on specific factors. They can search based on the number of rooms or the rental price.

Use Your Newspaper

Some tenants look for potential rental places in a newspaper. Advertise your opening on the weekend. More people will read the paper on the weekend and see your rental.

Rental ads are small. Make sure you use the proper abbreviations to save space. An ad in a newspaper costs a bit, but you’ll have increased exposure to your property.

Post Flyers Throughout Your Community

Putting up signs or flyers about your rental will help get the word out. You could place notices in laundromats, bus stops, grocery stores, and colleges.

People will pass the flyer if it’s not bright. Add in some photographs and bold headlines to catch their attention. Include a tear-off at the bottom with your contact information.

Word of Mouth Works

Let your current tenants know that you have a vacancy. They might know a friend or relative who is looking for a new place to live.

Tell your own family and friends. They will pass it on to their private network. For greater inventive, consider offering a referral fee.

Use a Rental Sign

Tape one of these signs onto the window of your building. For anyone passing by, they might take down your telephone number or tell a friend. Make sure the number is easy to see from the street.

Get a High-Quality Website

Get a quality website to advertise your rentals. A site is a great spot to share all the essential information about your property. Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

Make sure you take quality photos of your property to showcase on your site. If you want help, get property management marketing here.

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We hope you found this article on rental advertising insightful. Let your personal network know about your vacancy through social media.

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