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Making time for IT training can boost your ‘F-IT-ness’ in the work field

Did we try to include a cheesy fitness pun about the importance of IT training? Yes. Does that make the actual training less important? Absolutely not. In fact, we’re glad we grabbed your attention because if you feel like you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technological demands of your job, the answer could be simple; you need to make time for IT training.

As an IT specialist, you likely already know the importance of keeping up with digital trends and advancements in technology. But, between a full work schedule, deadlines, and life’s responsibilities, you might think it’s impossible to fit in the training you need to keep your skills relevant.

Many IT specialists are freelancers who get hired out to businesses when problems arise or to make sure everything is running smoothly. That means you have to remain competitive. Making time for continual training is essential when it comes to boosting your business and getting consistent work.

So, how can you fit this kind of training into your already-busy routine?

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Do It Digitally

Though all of those advancements in technology might be overwhelming to keep up with, they can also make life easier for you when it comes to training. The days of having to travel out of town or take off work to attend classes are long gone.

Truthfully, many of the advancements and changes taking place in the world of IT can be researched online. If you want to get more specific and take the professional route, virtual training and online IT courses are available through many different colleges and tech schools. You can usually complete these courses at your own pace, or at the very least on your own time.

The benefit of taking classes online is that you have something to add to your resume once you’ve completed them. That can go a long way whether you work for a specific company or you’re self-employed and need consistent work.

Fit IT Into Your Routine

You wouldn’t leave for work in the morning without brushing your teeth, right? But, you probably don’t plan it out the night before or think too much about it in the morning. That’s because over the years, brushing your teeth has simply become a part of your routine. You might not realize it now, but at one point it took a lot of repetition to make it a daily habit.

Think of IT training in the same way. If you fall too far behind with your skills, it can feel daunting to play catch-up with the things you have to learn. So, instead, make a point to learn more about your field and what’s changing in the world of IT every day. Set aside an hour each day specifically for training, or make a training schedule that works for you until it becomes a habit that makes your day complete.

Having a routine helps with efficiency, they save time, and they allow you to focus on what’s important. When you’ve made IT training such a priority that it becomes a normal part of your routine, you’re more likely to consistently sharpen your skills and have an edge over your competitors in the field.

Brag About the Benefits of Training

If you’re not a self-employed IT tech and you work for a specific company, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss about the importance of continual training. Most business owners recognize the importance of making sure their employees have what they need to succeed. After all, when employees succeed, the business succeeds. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you explain the benefits of sharpening your skills with training, you may be able to get your company to pay for some of your training, or at least allow you some time off to complete it. Some companies even have benefits already in place for training hours or tuition reimbursement. Take a look through your employee handbook to see which training benefits you might be entitled to that have gone unused.

It’s important to keep the benefits of continual training in mind when it comes to your own success, too. This is especially true if you’re a freelancer. The more you can stay ahead of the curve of technology, the more likely it is for your services to be in demand. Not only will it make it easier for you to find more work, but it may give you the opportunity to boost your fees and charge more to the clients who need your services.

So, whether you’ve been in the IT industry for one year or twenty, you should never stop learning, growing, and training in this ever-growing world of technology. By staying “fit” within the industry, you’ll feel more confident in your work and you’ll have more job security for years to come.

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