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Hemp 101: 5 Tips for Writing About CBD

CBD is all the rage these days, but a lot of people still don’t know how to write about it! Making sure that you write about CBD successfully in your blog can attribute to profits and sales in your product. 

In this article, we will explain the 5 top tips to think about when writing about CBD. This will help you with readership and equate to success in your new venture. Read on to find out more. 

1. Choose Your Keywords Carefully 

When thinking about constructing an article, keywords will play a big role in helping your blog get up the search engine algorithms. Pick one keyword such as ‘CBD oil’ and try to include it as much as possible in the blog post. 

However, don’t overdo it so the blog post appears unnatural. It’s about finding a balance between informative and interesting but also hitting the keywords that people regularly search for.  

2. Check That Your Internal and External Links are Relevant

This is another thing to think about carefully. Internal and external links contribute to your blog posts corresponding better with internet traffic algorithms. For example, you can write, ‘to find out more about feminized hemp seeds, click this link! 

It means that your readers are encouraged to search for the appropriate products, through click-driven internet traffic. They are on your blog to read about CBD, so the likelihood is they are also interested in products that are adjacent to CBD. 

However, if you were using external links to link to things like carwashes or property prices in Hawaii, this is completely irrelevant to your blog post. Choose your links so they reflect the topics you are writing about.

3. Post Regularly

You don’t need to be churning out content every day, as that would be exhausting. However, try and post a blog once every week so that you are responding to the internet algorithms and keeping your page relevant. 

Try and tie your CBD posts to current affairs or various times of the year. Allow people to relate to your blogposts and allow room for discussion.

4. Make Sure Your Posts are Easy to Read 

The temptation when writing content is to get out the thesaurus and use lots of elaborate and fancy words to appear intelligent and knowledgable on your subject. 

Readers don’t actually want this and will end up feeling alienated if they don’t understand something. Use simple sentence structures and regular vocabulary in your blog posts. 

They say that you should write articles so that a 9th grader could easily read the blog post. There are plenty of online tools and apps that can help with keeping your readability in check.

5. Use High Definition Images to Accompany Your Posts 

 If you are describing or reviewing a certain CBD product, make sure that you use an accompanying high-quality image to go alongside it. By showcasing the product in the best way it will ensure that your product is viewed in the best light by the reader. 

If you aren’t a photographer, don’t worry, there are often plenty of images you can use of CBD products online. Just check the copyrighting requirements on the images you select. 

Writing About CBD: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope these 5 top tips on writing about CBD has given you more of an idea on how to go about writing your blog posts.

Good quality content and some optimization is the best way to get your blog noticed.

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