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Pack Your Suitcase! 10 Tips for Finding the Best Luxury Travel Deals

According to this report, U.S. residents scheduled 1.8 billion leisure trips last year. In all, these relaxing getaways cost approximately $761.7 billion in a single year.

You don’t have to break the bank to travel in style.

Instead, it pays (literally) to know how to travel while remaining savvy. With these 10 tips, you can discover the perfect luxury travel deals for an amazing getaway.

Travel the world in new and wondrous ways (without settling for less). Explore in luxury with these 10 luxury trip tips!

1. Find a Package

Remain wary when you visit package vacation deal websites. While the sites can help you score a great deal, you also want to avoid paying for unnecessary extras.

Dig around on these package sites and see what appeals to you. If there are extras you are interested in, search for them separately. You might find they’re cheaper on their own.

In other cases, however, it’s cheaper to purchase everything as one big package.

In these cases, finding luxury travel deals on package travel sites proves worthwhile.

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2. Auction Away

Travel auction sites give travelers the chance to bid on hotels, tours, cruises, villas, and more. Bidding at an auction can help you save compared to paying the original full price.

Some auction sites require an annual registration fee, however.

Doublecheck before you sign up for these sites. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying unnecessary fees before you even book your luxury journey. If you’re a successful, savvy bidder, however, you’ll find yourself earning back the registration fee with your booking.

Don’t forget to check the fine print, too!

3. Awesome Aggregators

More than 21 million passports were issued in 2018, setting a record high. As more people start traveling overseas, travelers are also using aggregator sites to discover the best luxury travel deals.

Aggregators score through hundreds of other travel sites to show you the best deal. From an aggregator site, it’s easier for you to compare deals. If you choose to use the package site or auction option, you can also use an aggregator to make sure you’re getting a decent deal.

Aggregator sites also check with third-party sites. That way, you’re finding the best possible deals you might miss out on when searching alone!

4. Trust a Travel Agent

You don’t have to worry about finding the best deals on your own. If you’re looking for luxurious vacation spots, a travel agent can steer you in the right direction.

Though booking luxury tours in Spain or a hotel in France no longer requires an agent, they can still help you travel in style on a deal.

Travel agents have industry insights about the latest deals and best times to travel. They can help you build a customized package that includes your flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Working with a travel agent to plan your luxury trips can help you save money, so you can spend more during your journey!

5. Book Basic

Remember, you probably won’t spend a lot of time in your hotel room. After all, the point of traveling is to see the world! You’ll more likely spend time exploring luxurious vacation spots than getting cabin fever in a hotel.

Instead of overspending on a hotel room, choose a basic room with a lower rate.

You can still enjoy 5-star services, amenities, and all the hotel has to offer.

Meanwhile, you can spend the money you save on your hotel room exploring a new city. That way, you’re saving money while spending it on luxury!

6. Check Your Points

When was the last time you checked your credit card points?

Indulging in luxury travel trends doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re using your resources. Take a look at your credit card points and see if you can put them to good use. After all, loyalty has its rewards.

As a loyal customer, you can collect loyalty points for travel and hotel. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can use them to travel in luxury without overspending!

7. Cash When You Can

When traveling abroad, use cash instead of your credit cards.

Exchange rates fluctuate all the time. A small dinner might end up costing more than you realize if you use your credit cards.

It also helps to pack any essentials you need, instead of buying them from a resort gift shop (where they’ll cost twice as much). Make sure to grab everything from shampoo to band-aids before you fly off on your luxury vacation.

8. Stay on the Outside

Regardless of where you go, staying in the city center or within tourist districts can ramp up the price. Instead, consider staying a little beyond the city center.

You can still enjoy all fo the tourist attractions without overspending on a hotel room.

9. Sign Up for Exclusives

Many luxury hotels offer their own membership programs. Subscribe to their newsletters and see if they’ll offer any exclusive deals before your stay!

As a subscriber, you might also receive additional benefits, such as room upgrades, access to exclusive lounges, or priority check-ins!

10. Rent Instead

You don’t have to stay in a hotel room to feel like you’re staying in the lap of luxury. Instead, consider renting a home or apartment during your stay.

Then you can save money and spent it visiting luxurious vacation spots instead. Plus, staying in a rental provides you with the privacy you can’t find at a resort. Look for a place with gorgeous views or even a pool.

Now you won’t have to worry about kids running around or crowded communal areas.

Instead, recline, soak in the sun, and put your luxury travel deals to good use.

Jetset on a Budget: 10 Tips for Finding the Best Luxury Travel Deals

Ready to experience luxury without breaking the bank? Put these 10 tips for finding the best luxury travel deals to the test! Now you can plan luxury trips without wasting away your travel budget on unnecessary expenses.

Discover more wicked good travel tips by exploring the Travel Styles section of the blog today!

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